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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats


Also known as: WWE Raw (EU and Japan)

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Easy items
Go to your match options and set ring out time to none. Have a second controller plugged in and start a versus match. You can basically free roam, smash the boxes and easily collect items.

Use items as weapons

When you hit your opponent and whatever they are wearing falls off, press B to pick it up as a weapon. Press B again to wear it. Your character will wear the item until it gets knocked off again.

Kurt Angle: Unfair opponent advantage

Choose Kurt Angle And with Stone Cold as an opponent. When Kurt appears, he will bring a microphone start dissing Austin. Then Austin's music will start, but he will not appear. Instead, he will appear from the crowd. When Austin makes it to the ring, Kurt will be still looking at where he usually would come from. Then, if Austin does nothing, after a while Kurt will finally turn around and notice you are there. Even if you are Kurt, the game does not allow you to turn around. It does an automatic turn around. Before Kurt turns around, Austin should probably do a cheap shot for a good advantage.

More Create A Superstar items

When you collect an item during a match from the WWF Boxes in the arena, save the game after the match. Go to "Create A Superstar". To equip your character with the item(s) that were collected go to "Extra Appearance." You should be able to select the item that you collected to the body part that it would go on (for example Hat on Head). You can take weapons to the ring by making them your "Favorite Item". You can only choose one "Favorite Item". Do not use the item in a match with DQs (disqualifications).


Win all championship belts to unlock Fred Durst.


Win the Hardcore Title to unlock Shane McMahon.


To unlock Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, win the Woman's Title.


Win the WWF Heavyweight Title to unlock Vince McMahon.

Bubba Ray Dudley's glasses: Attack Bubba Ray Dudley during his entrance.
Christian's glasses: Fight Christian during his entrance. Keep hitting him until his glasses fall off.
Crash Holly's hat: Fight Crash Holly during his entrance.
D-Von Dudley's glasses: Attack D-Von Dudley during his entrance.
Kurt Angle's real gold medals: Fight Kurt Angle during his entrance and steal his medals after they fall off his head. Hit him with them sixty four times, and the real medals will appear. They are gold and have a green band.
Perry Saturn's moppy: Attack Perry Saturn during his entrance. Alternately, fight Perry Saturn in a one on one hardcore match.
Spike Dudley's glasses: Choose a one-on-one match a fight Spike Dudley during his entrance.
Tazz's glasses: Fight Spike Dudley during his entrance until his glasses fall off.
Triple H's water bottle: Fight Triple H during his entrance.
X-Pac's bandanna: Fight X-Pac during his entrance until he drops it.

Tag team entrances
Justin Credible/Albert/X-Pac will appear as X-Factor.
Jeff/Matt Hardy/Lita will appear as Hardy Boyz.
Hardcore/Crash/Molly Holly will appear as the Hollys.
Bubba Ray/D-Von will appear as the Dudley Boyz. This does not work with Spike.
HHH/Stephanie McMahon will appear together as HHH accompanied by Stephanie McMahon.
Taka/Funaki will appear as Kaienti.
Bradshaw/Farooq will appear as APA.
Edge/Christian will appear as E&C

When you are creating or editing your superstar, go to Entrance moves. Select Under Taker to get a motorcycle. Pick Triple H to do his water thing. Raven to get a shoping cart. Perry Saturn to get a mop.

Submitted by: RubberHybrid3451, AJ, B. Taylor, Aziz K and Hells Gardian

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