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Alternate costumes:
Every superstar has two appearances. The first one being ring attire and the second being backstage attire. If you create a superstar and are planning to put them in a season, you might want to create a second appearance (for example, something casual or formal). Otherwise your superstar will be running around backstage as the generic create a superstar character (even when your superstar is female).
Changing costumes: A lot of wrestlers have alternate costumes in the create a superstar section. For example, Big Poppa Pump's patriotic tights, HHH'S jean jacket, etc. To change these costumes, go to create a superstar and select the desired superstar to change. Go to their appearance. Then, select costume and go through all the types and textures. Select the one you want. You also can change the color.
Brock Lesnar: Shooting Star Press: Once you have your Voltage meter up, Irish Whip your opponent into the turnbuckle. Make sure he is facing you when he is stuck on the turnbuckle corner. Grapple him and Press X + A to do Brock Lesnar's Shooting Star Press.
Chris Jericho: Real pyro timing: Go to Create a Superstar, select Chris Jericho, then go to "Entrance". Set the Pyro1 start time to 12.0 seconds. By doing this, the pyro matches with the music, which is ending the countdown transforming noise.
D-Von Dudley: Real pyro timing: Go To Create a Superstar, select D-Von, then go to "Entrance". Set the Pyro1 start time to 0.1 seconds.
Goldberg: Spear: Once you have your Voltage meter up, punch your opponent near the ropes. When their hands are trapped in the ropes, grapple them and press X + A. Goldberg will Irish Whip them to the other ropes and Spear them.
Kane: Real pyro timing: Go to Create a Superstar, select Kane, then go to "Entrance". Set the Pyro1 start time At 0.1 seconds. Set the Pyro2 start time to 45.6 seconds. By doing this, Pyro1 starts as soon as the music starts, and Pyro2 starts as soon as Kane's hands fall down.
John Cena: F-U Finishing move: Go to Create A Superstar and select John Cena. Go to "Moves", then "Grappling". Go to the move labled "X + A" and change it to the "Death Valley Driver", which is in page 13 of the moves list.
Rey Mysterio: Real mask: Go to Create A Superstar and select "Create". Select Rey Mysterio, then go to "Appearance 1". Select "Mask", and go to "Misc". Select "15". You can change the color if desired. Then, select "Accessories" (still under "Mask") and choose "4". You now have Rey Mysterio's real mask. You can also change it in "Appearance 2".
Rob Van Dam: Real pyro timing: Go to Create a Superstar, select Rob Van Dam, then go to "Entrance". Set the Pyro1 start time to 6.0 seconds. By doing this, when the chorus part of Rob Van Dam's theme hits (One Of A Kind!) when added to the Xbox's soundtrack, the pyros go off.
Doing specials: Specials are based on the meter on the bottom of the screen. Doing different moves will build this up, eventually turning it bright red. Once this is at maximum red, specials can be performed by pressing X + A in a grapple. Some moves require different situations. For example, for Goldberg's Spear, grapple your opponent while he/she is on the ropes, then proceed to press X + A. Note: Doing the same move repeatedly, such as punches, will decrease your bar and turn it blue.
Undisputed Champion: Win both the WWE Championship and the World Championship to be dubbed the "Undisputed Champion".
Momentum by chair: Have a "set up" chair between you and your opponent. Run towards the chair (with your opponent on the opposite side) and press Black to use the chair for additional momentum. Some wrestlers clothesline, some dropkick, etc.
Interfere forget them: When a superstar is entering the ring, repeatedly press X when they are on the ramp. Note: This does not work with superstars such as Undertaker, who is riding a motorcycle.
Prevent Royal Rumble elimination: Any time in the Royal Rumble, just get out the ring. Note: Do not let anyone touch you, or you will be eliminated. Once you are outside, you can put a chair in the ring or enter the ring again. You can do this repeatedly.
Easy season mode wins: Do a move with anyone . Then, do a submission move. Finally, press Start and quit (return to the main menu). You will win every time.
Easy Cage match wins: Grapple your opponent and hold a direction on the D-pad while pressing Black to smash your opponent's head into the cage.
Using tall ladders: In a hardcore or regular match, there is a way to use a tall ladder. When you start, get out of the ring and go to the apron facing the screen (bottom apron). Keep pressing D-pad Up + White. You will soon come up with a tall ladder. On this ladder, you can go on top of it and jump off and be very high in the air.
Win surprise attacks: Surprise attacks can always be won if you press Start and return to previous menu. This works if you surprise attack someone, or if they surprise attack you.
Perform Standing Special/Finishing Move: When your Voltage meter is flashing up and down with the red lines, grapple with A, and press A + X at the same time. This will do Triple H's Pedigree, for example.
Unlocking exhibition mode bonuses easily: Enter exhibition mode and choose Royal Rumble. Start out at the beginning. You must win the match with the wrestler you chose. Go through all opponents and win. Set the number of Royal Rumble participants to 30 . If you win, you will unlock something.

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