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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats


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Enter one of the names below, in GameShow Mode as a profile name, to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Name
All arenas, weapons, weapon sets, and FMV sequences .... AROUNDDAWORLD
All weapons and FMV sequences .... TIMEFORCHAOS
All characters, food products, burgers, and FMV sequences .... FOODFIGHT
Unlock the Uber Mode .... UBERHUNGARIAN
All characters and FMV sequences .... DOUBLEDOUBLE

Play as Lance:
Complete stage 1.
Play as Charity: Complete stage 2.
Play as Otto: Complete stage 3.
Play as Van Tastic: Complete the game.. Van Tastic is only playable in battle mode.
Pre-production art: Complete the game then view the credits in the Theater menu. A series of pre-production art will appear after the credits end.

Submitted by: AJ and Ian Jarvis

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