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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats

Unreal Championship

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When your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, quickly tap one of the button combos below to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Button combo
Agility power-up .... Down, Down, Down, Up.
Regeneration power-up .... Down, Down, Down, Down.
Invisibility power-up .... Right, Right, Left, Left.
Berserk power-up .... Up, Up, Up, Up.


Wall jump:
If there is a wall is to your right, jump up and to the right, then jump off the wall to your left.
Alternate rocket launcher firing: When using the rocket launcher, hold Alternate Fire. Once you load two rockets, hold Primary Fire until all three are launched. This will make the three rockets launch in a tighter formation and will cause them to fire in a circular motion instead of going straight.
Avoiding rocket attacks: When you get locked on by another player with 3three rockets, dodge to the left or right and keep circling the Analog-stick used to move your character. They will not hit you, but will keep circling around. After you see the rockets passing by, move towards a wall and run the rockets into it.
Easy flag win: When you get the other team's flag use your shell gun and make your team defend your team's flag. Run for your base. If there are people from the other team shooting you. the shell gun should give you time to get to your base if you have full life. Do this repeatedly and you will be winner of the flag champ.
Easy flag win (2): When playing on Xbox Live and your team has the enemy's flag and are running to score, go to the enemy's base and stand on top of the flag post. As soon as your team scores, you will be there on the flag. It will then say that you have the flag. However, look at the flag post and you will see the flag is still there. You can still score even though the flag is there. The enemy (real players) may not try to get it back because to them, their flag is still in its place.
Easy flag win (3): If you grab the flag, plant a teleporter right by the enemy's flag. When you score, switch to the teleporter gun and press Alternate Fire. Then, grab the flag again and plant another. This also is useful if a partner takes the flag and you want to assist him back. Simply plant one, help him, then teleport back when he scores or dies. Note: Make sure you do not walk over the transporter when leaving -- this will pick it up and you will not transport. Also, if you die the teleport discs reset, and you will be unable to teleport.
Get shot into the air: Play in instant action mode with any Automaton and select Capture The Flag. Go into Mutators and select Low Gravity. Start the Eye Of Jahan level, get out of your base, then go to one of the two pyramids. Double jump forward into the middle of the front of the pyramid. If done correctly, you will keep going up and eventually to the back of the pyramid. Once your character is falling in back of the pyramid, he will be shot extremely high into the air.
Unlimited Tag Rifle ammunition Glitch: Get a Tag Rifle. Hold R and do not activate the rifle until you completely cycle through your weapons and get back to the Tag Rifle. You now have unlimited Tag Rifle ammunition. If you switch weapons or diem you will lose the unlimited ammunition.

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