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TOCA Race Driver

Also known as: Pro Race Driver

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Enter one of the Passwords below as a code, on the bonus screen, to enable the Effect you require. 
Please Note: Only some of codes the codes will work in all games. Passwords are different from game to game, depending on your bonus number... Give them a try.

Effect .... Password
Unlock all cars .... XKIMCF
Unlock all cars .... LEZEJD
Unlock all cars .... SAFREA
Unlock all tracks .... QTRIKX
Unlock all tracks .... TMYTKO
Unlock all tracks .... NIQHLT
Unlock all tracks .... NPXOOY
Unlock all tracks .... MPXOOY
Unlock all tracks ....  HZCGYP
Unlock all championships .... QTRRDJ
Unlock all challenges .... LSDUXH
Pro Race Driver tracks .... LQJFFA
Realistic handling .... SIM
Realistic handling .... VIBAKH
Realistic handling .... LJLZEL
Enhanced damage .... DAMAGE
No damage .... IHHBIV
No damage .... OATRYU
No damage .... MMMFJL
View credits .... CREDITS
View credits .... XQIXCJ

Bonus competitions: When you complete the LOLA World championship, you need $8 million to unlock two more competitions involving the cars you win in one-on-one challenges. The class "B" championship involves all cars from the row with the Mini Cooper S, while the class "A" championship involves the last row of cars with the Tuscan speed 12 and Toyota GT1. Make sure you have as many cars as possible as these race are tricky and you will need a balanced car.

Submitted by: AJ, Carlos J and Matt Williams

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