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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003
Tiger Woods 2003

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Go to the options screen, select Cheat Codes and enter one of the passwords below to enable the Effect you require.
You will hear Tiger say Oh yeah to confirm.

Effect .... Password
All golfers .... ALLTW3
All courses .... 14COURSES
Super Tiger Woods .... SUNDAY
Brad Faxon .... XON
Cedric "Ace" Andrews .... IAM#1
Charles Howell III .... BANDPANTS
Dominic "The Don" Donatello .... GODFATHER
Hamish .... MCRUFF
Jim Furyk .... THESWING
Josey "Superstar" Scott .... SUPERSTAR
Justin Leonard .... JUSTINTIME
Kellie Newman .... COWGIRL
Mark Calavecchia .... CALCULATE
Mark Omeara .... TB
Melvin "Yosh" Tanigawa .... YOYOYO
Notah BeGay III .... NOTABLY
Solita Lopez .... SOLITARY1
Steve Stricker .... SS
Stewart Cink .... SINK
Stuart Appleby .... ORANGES
Takeharu "Tsunami" Moto .... 2TON
Ty Tryon .... TYNO
Val "Sunshine" Summers .... VALENTINE
Vijay Singh .... VJSING

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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