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Steel Battalion

Also known as: Tekki

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Unlock all VT's and maps in Free Mission mode
Move the tuner to the following positions at the title screen in order, with a one second pause before moving to the next position: 1, 9, 7, 9, 0, 9, 0, 6. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: Position "0" is on the left end of the dial, position "4" is at the top of the dial, etc.


Unlock the Full Screen Mode:
Reach Lieutenant Colonel rank (550000 Command Points) to unlock this trick. Press Ignition and Start to remove the cockpit view and play in full screen mode.
Unlock Desperado Mode and Voice Select: To unlock the Desperado level of difficulty and unlock the voice select option in the config menu beat mission 23 on Veteran difficulty. The voice select will be available for Japanese voice mode only and will allow you to select two new voices for your player.
Unlock the Hidden Quasar VT: On mission 7 or 17: Enter the small room to your left as you enter the second floor of the enemy base, after you beat the defending VT inside you will find a VT-sized box with a switch in the back of the room. Inside is the Quasar VT. You'll receive a COM from Argus then the Quasar will be useable from the next mission.
Movie viewer option: Successfully the game under the normal difficulty setting. The "Movie Viewer" option will be unlocked in the configuration menu at the main menu.
Lower mech: Successfully complete the game under the desperado difficulty setting. Press Hatch + Start during game play to lower your mech.
Remove HUD: Get to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Then, press Ignition + Start during game play.
Black and white graphics: Win mission 23 under veteran difficulty setting. Press Start + Night Scope during the mission loading screen to switch between black and white and color graphics.
Jump flight ability: Win mission 23 under the magnum force difficulty setting. Press Start + F3 during a mission and repeatedly jump to get higher.
Juggernaut mech: Get to the rank to Colonel to unlock the Juggernaut VT.
Rapier mech: Win ten decorations to unlock the Rapier VT.

Submitted by: Marcus Lyon and CheatBookJon

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