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State of Emergency

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During play, enter one of the Button Combos below to enable the Effect you require.
You will see a message to confirm.
*Note: You cannot be holding a weapon when entering the Unlimited Ammo cheat.

Effect .... Button Combo
Invincibility .... White, L, Black, R, A
Get Unlimited time in Kaos mode .... White, L, Black, R, B
Get Unlimited ammo* .... White, L, Black, R, Y
Get All weapons .... White, White, R, R, A
Mission skip .... Left, Left, Left, Left, Y
Mission select .... White, L, L, L, White, A
Punches decapitate .... White, L, Black, R, X
Little player .... Black, R, White, L, A
Big player .... Black, R, White, L, Y
Normal player(1) .... Black, R, White, L, B
Normal player(2) .... Black, R, White, L, X
Looting on the rise .... Black, White, R, L, Y
Unlock the Pistol .... Left, Right, Down, White, Y
Unlock the Tazer .... Left, Right, Down, White, B
Unlock the Pepper Spray .... Left, Right, Down, White, X
Unlock the Tear Gas .... Left, Right, Down, White, A
Unlock the Shotgun .... Left, Right, Down, L, Y
Unlock the Minigun .... Left, Right, Down, Black, Y
Unlock the Flame Thrower .... Left, Right, Down, Black, B
Unlock the Grenade Launcher .... Left, Right, Down, Black, X
Unlock the Rocket Launcher .... Left, Right, Down, Black, A
Unlock the AK47 .... Left, Right, Down, R, Y
Unlock the M16 .... Left, Right, Down, R, B
Unlock the Grenade .... Left, Right, Down, R, X
Unlock the Molotov Cocktail .... Left, Right, Down, R, A

Enter the Button combos below during play, in Kaos Mode.

Effect .... Button Combo
Unlock Bull .... Right, Right, Right, Right, A
Unlock Freak .... Right, Right, Right, Right, B
Unlock Spanky .... Right, Right, Right, Right, Y


Unlock the Chinatown level:
Score 25,000 points in the Capitol City Mall level in Kaos mode.
Unlock the East Side level: Score 50,000 points in the Chinatown level in Kaos mode.
Unlock the Corporation Central level: Score 100,000 points in the East Side level in Kaos mode.
Unlock the Last Clone Standing levels: Successfully complete the three minute and five minute versions of a level to unlock the Last Clone Standing version of that map in Kaos mode.
Unlock Bull: Successfully complete the East Side level in Revolution mode to unlock Bull in Kaos mode.
Unlock Freak: Successfully complete the Chinatown level in Revolution mode to unlock Freak in Kaos mode.
Unlock Spanky: Successfully complete the Mall level in Revolution mode to unlock Spanky in Kaos mode.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Kebablast

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