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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats

Star Wars: Clone Wars

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Enter one of the Passwords below, as a code on the Code Screen, to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
Invincibility .... LORDOFSITH
Unlimited ammo .... NOHONOR
All multi-player levels .... LETSDANCE
Team photos .... YOURMASTERS
Get all bonus materials .... IGIVEUP
Three bonus objectives for current mission marked complete .... ALITTLEHELP
Unlock all FMV sequences .... GOTPOPCORN

Raxus Duel multi-player level:
Collect a total of 5 bonus points.
Thule Moon Control multi-player level: Collect a total of 10 bonus points.
Rhen Var multi-player level: Collect a total of 15 bonus points.
Jedi Academy multi-player level: Collect a total of 20 bonus points.
Unit viewer option: Collect a total of 25 bonus points.
Making Of FMV sequence: Collect a total of 30 bonus points.
CD player option: Collect a total of 35 bonus points.
Sketchbook option: Collect a total of 40 bonus points.
Yoda unlocked in Academy: Geonosis level: Collect a total of 45 bonus points.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, John Wright and MT Warrior

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