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Choose an agent at the start of the game and select an empty slot and enter one of the Names below to enable the cheat you require.
The name will disappear and a clucking sound will confirm.
Now, enter your own name and start the game.
To view the FMVS: Select System Options, then Extras, then Movie Player.
To play the Mini-game just enter your own name and start the game.
The Keys for the Mini-game are: Change speed: Press R. Gas: Press L. Use offensive weapon: Press A. Use defensive weapon: Press X.

Effect .... Name
Unlocks The Making Of Spy Hunter FMV sequence .... MAKING
Unlocks The Saliva: Spy Hunter Theme FMV sequence .... GUNN
Unlocks the Saliva: Your Disease FMV sequence .... SALIVA
Unlocks the Spy Hunter Concept Art FMV sequence .... SCW823
Unlocks the Early Test Animatic FMV sequence .... WWS413
Unlocks the Classic Spy Hunter mini-game .... OGSPY

Cheats are unlocked by completing all mission objectives within a set amount of time. To activate the cheats, enter "System Options", then choose "Extras", and "Cheat Grid". To play the FMV sequences unlocked in the cheat menu, choose the "Movie Player" option that is above "Cheat Grid"

Saliva Spy Hunter Video: Complete level 1 in 3:40.
Green HUD (Heads Up Display): Complete level 2 in 3:35.
Saliva Your Disease Video: Complete level 3 in 2:40.
Night Vision: Complete level 4 in 3:15.
Early Test Anamatic Video: Complete level 5 in 3:25.
Extra Cameras: Complete level 6 in 3:45.
Rainbow HUD (Heads Up Display): Complete level 7 in 3:10.
Inversion Camera: Complete level 8 in 3:05.
Concept Art Video: Complete level 9 in 3:45.
Fisheye View: Complete level 10 in 3:15.
Camera Flip: Complete level 11 in 3:10.
Puke Camera: Complete level 12 in 3:30.
Making Of Video: Complete level 13 in 2:15.
Tiny Spy: Complete level 14 in 5:10.
Hover Spy: Complete the entire game.
Super Spy: Complete all 65 objectives in the game for unlimited ammunition and invincibility for your car.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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