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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats
The Simpsons: Road Rage
Simpsons The Road Rage

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On the Options menu, hold L + R and press one of the Button Combos below to enable the Effect you require..
You will hear a sound to confirm.
Multiple cheats can be entered simultaneously. Cheats are only active for the next game session. All cheats will be disabled once you return to the main menu. Note: When any cheat is enabled, no money can be earned in Road Rage mode.

Button Combo .... Effect
A,Y,Y,A .... Get Turbo Boost.
B,B,Y,A .... Drive Nuclear Bus.
B,B,Y,X .... Drive Red Soapbox Car.
B,B,X,A .... Unlock Halloween Bart.
B,B,X,Y .... Unlock Happy New Year Krusty.
B,B,X,X .... Unlock Marge's Thanksgiving Car.
X,X,X,X .... 2D Cardboard People.
Y,Y,Y,Y .... Cars in Slow Motion.
B,B,X,B .... Unlock Christmas Apu.
B,B,A,A .... Unlock the Debug Mode.
A,A,A,A .... Drive at Night.
Y,Y,Y,Y .... Unlock more Camera Views.
X,X,X,Y .... Unlock the Overhead View.
B,B,Y,Y .... Play as Smithers.
Y,Y,Y,Y,A .... Show Collision Lines.
X,B,Y,A .... Unlock the Stop Watch Mode.


Marge the Pilgrim

To see Marge all gussied up like a Pilgrim, set your Xbox's date to Thanksgiving day (November 22). Marge will be selectable at the character select screen.

Halloween Bart

To unlock a Halloween version of Bart Simpson, set your Xbox's date to 10/31. Bart will appear as Frankenstein on the character select screen (under the ? category).

Holiday Krusty

To unlock a special holiday outfit for Krusty, set your Xbox's internal clock to January 1. Krusty, in his spiffy duds, will be selectable from the Character Selection screen.

Santa Apu

To see Apu dressed as Santa Claus, set your Xbox's date to December 25. The jolly Kwik-E Mart owner will then be available on the character select screen.


Homer's Secret Ride

Complete all 10 stages in Mission Mode to unlock a hidden car. You can pick this car in any mode by selecting Homer's picture at the car selection screen.

Submitted by: Robert K and CheatBookJon

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