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Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Also known as: Silent Hill 2: Saigo no Uta

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Extra Mode
Beat the game for more options. Once you complete the game, you can find several new options in the Options menu, such as Bullet Adjust (2 or 3 times the normal ammo supply), and an option that allows you to deactivate the noise filters in some scenes.

Find the hidden Chainsaw weapon. Once you beat the game on Normal with Normal puzzle difficulty, start a new game and the chainsaw will be hidden in the logs before the cemetary.

Extra Puzzle Difficulties

Once you've beaten the game using the Easy, Normal, and Hard puzzle settings, you will find that playing a new game under Hard mode gives you new puzzles.

Hyper Spray!

Another new weapon? Beat the game twice, then start a new game. Enter the motor home on the southern side of the town and nab the Hyper Spray.

Visible Signs

Reveal All Hidden Signs. Once you've opened up all five of the game endings, you can begin a new game and all the signs will be viewable.

Submitted by: Aziz K

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