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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats

Shenmue II

Shenmue 2

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With this cheat you will get 100 missiles when you play Afterburner in the arcade:
Get to level three, then press:
Left + X


When you arm wrestle anyone, just before it starts press (very fast):
X, Y, X, Y


Sega Saturn FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to complete. An FMV sequence showing Shenmue under development for the Sega Saturn will begin.
Shenmue Side Story Volume 1 (Gui Zhang and Joy) option: Complete page one of the secret picture album.
Shenmue Side Story Volume 2 (Ren and Wong) option: Complete page two of the secret picture album.
Shenmue Side Story Volume 3 (Xiuying and Ziming) option: Complete page three of the secret picture album.
Shenmue Side Story Volume 4 (Ryo and Chai) option: Complete page four of the secret picture album.


Use the following trick on the first two discs for easy money. Go the worker's pier and move crates. When you shift is done, leave then go back in. You can do this three to four times in one day.
2. Go behind warehouse #8 on Fortunes' Pier (the one with the red doors). There is a set of Lucky Hit tables there. Choose the second table from the left. The board features a tiger with wings, and the bet is $20 to win $60. You should drop the marble fairly close to the left side of the table and win about 60% of the time. You can easily make $1,000 in a day.
3. Go to warehouse #8 after work. Win until you have $50, then go to warehouse #13 and win until you have $100 or more. Go to warehouse #10. When you are asked to place a bid, choose the one with 4 times (the bottom one), but do not press A yet. There is a turning triangle in the bottom right. Wait until it turns to a straight line, then press A. You will win most of the time. It is possible to win over $13,000 after one hour of playing.
4. To safely make a lot of money, save before you gamble. If you lose, use the in game reset then reload your game and try again. The best places to use this tactic are Wan Chai: Roll it on top, Lucky charm Qr near Three Blades street; Kowloon: Big or Small, Old Government Building, Dim Sum Qr. (Go through the underground walkway).
5. To save money on Disc 1, because you will be robbed go to a peddler on the street and spend all of your money on Zippo lighters. When you get robbed, you will only lose 16 yen. Later, after getting your room at the Come Over Guest House and your first day of work, go to the Pawn Shop. Pawn off your entire collection of characters, toys, and lighters (except for one). You will make 295 yen back, and thus 40% of your money (losing only 205 yen). This will help you survive the cost of boarding until you get past Disc 1. Note: You need to keep at least one Zippo lighter for an event in Disc 2 when you and Shenhua are in the cave, in order to see.


The big fat man:
When you are fighting on the 40th floor of the Big Ox building, you will meet with a big fat man. To defeat him, use the basic kick and punches (mostly punches). Powerful moves take too long to complete, leaving it easier for him to make his moves. Grabs will not work against him because he is too big. Continue landing punches and kicks on him as much as possible, and listen to Wong and Joy when they let you know when to watch out for his grabs. At this point, press Y to duck and get away from his powerful throws.
Yan Ren: After you learn Brawling Uppercut, go to the battle against Yan Ren (the wild man in Kowloon). Position yourself between him and the edge of the ring with enough room to be able to use Brawling Uppercut. Keep repeating this to defeat him.
The acrobat fighter: When you fight the acrobat fighter in Kowloon, you must time correctly to catch him. Press B immediately after he lands from one of his flips.

Free rent:
When staying at the "Come Over Guest House", the rent is $38 per night. To avoid paying, do not pay it in the morning then stay out until 11 o'clock.
Free rent (2):A very simple way to avoid paying at the Come Over Guest House is to walk all the way to the side of the stairs. Walk as far away from the clerk as possible to go to your room, or going outside.
Wan Chai: Secret Toy Capsule locations: When you first start the game, go into the Freestay Lodge. Go into the left corner of the room and find a blue forklift on the bed. There is a winning can beside the bed on a shelf. Inside it is a ferry. On the right of the shelf is a desk with a flier (which you can take). Under the flier is a drawer with a red forklift in it.
Kowloon: Secret Toy Capsule locations: In the God Of Wealth Building (go through Ghost Hall Building) on the tenth floor, there is an AM2 Machine.
Kowloon: Powerful fighting scroll: After you get all your money from fighting the three fighters, go to the Thousand White building. You will see the knife shop, and directly across from it is a weapons shop. Go there. When you arrive, there is a shelf by the old man with the scrolls on it. Buy the the fanciest and most costly one there to get the Tiger Swallow technique.

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