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Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem
Scooby Doo: Mystery Mayhem, ScoobyDoo Mystery Mathem

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How to unlock the mini-games:
Get the five hidden sandwich ingredients in a level to unlock a mini-game: Trap The Fake Ghost mini-game mini-game: Collect the ingredients in level 1. Monster Frenzy mini-game: Collect the ingredients in level 2. Mine Cart mini-game: Collect the ingredients in level 3. Trail Bike mini-game mini-game: Collect the ingredients in level 4. Spooky Science mini-game: Collect the ingredients in level 5.

How to get the red access card in Hi-Tech Terror:
When you need the access card so that Scooby and Shaggy can get through the mist. You must first three mists then go to one of the lockers. One should open and have the red access card inside. Then, go over to the controls so that you can get the robot. Take it over to the red access card door. The door should then open. Go in and turn off all of the knobs. You are now able to go through the door that was blocked by steam.
The elevator in Hi-Tech Terror: When you go in the elevator and go through into the room with the panel of green covering the door, go to the control box on the left. Press the first button once, the second button twice, the third button twice, and the fourth button once. You will be able to walk through.
How to bust Freddy out of jail in Weird Wild West: Once on the other side of main street from the jail where you have to bust Fred out, there will be a small alleyway. Have Scooby crawl underneath the fence to find the liquid soap, then go back to the side of the jail where the hole is blocked by the cart full of gold. Use the liquid soap, and it will slip right over.
The safe code in Weird Wild West: The safe which is in the bank has a three digit code. The code is "1-3-7". It can be found written on the blackboard in the schoolhouse.
How to open the bridge on level two: To open the bridge there are four switches. Press the switches as follows: 1, 2, and 4.

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