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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats

Robotech: Battlecry

Robo Tech Battle Cry

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Start a new game or load a previous one.
Highlight "Options" then hold L + R and press:
Left, Up, Down, A, Right, B, Start
The code entry screen will now be open.
You can now enter one of the Passwords below to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
Invincibility .... SUPERMECH
All models and awards .... WHERESMAX
Level select .... WEWILLWIN
All multi-player levels .... MULTIMAYHEM
Gunpod ammunition refilled faster .... SPACEFOLD
Missiles refilled faster .... MARSBASE
Gunpod and missiles refilled faster .... MIRIYA
One shot kills .... BACKSTABBER
One shot kills in sniper mode .... SNIPER
Alternate paint schemes .... MISSMACROSS
Upside down mode .... FLIPSIDE
Disable active codes .... CLEAR


Meritorious Service Medal: Unlock ''Izzy'' Paint Design
Distinguished Service Medal: Unlock ''Rick'' Paint Design
Master Airman Medal: Unlocks Nothing
RDF Flying Ace Medal: Unlocks ''Max'' Paint Design and ''Debris Field'' Versus Map (this medal is achieved by getting 3 ''Master Airman Medals'')
RDF Starburst Medal: Unlocks ''Flood City'' Versus Map
Titanium Medal of Valor Medal: Unlocks ''VF-1J''
Bronze Cross Medal: Unlocks Nothing
Silver Cross Medal: Unlocks Nothing (Achieve by getting 3 ''Bronze Cross Medals'' and killing 75 Battle Pods)
Gold Cross Medal: Unlocks Nothing (Achieve by getting 3 ''Silver Cross Medals'' and killing 100 Battle Pods)
Southern Cross Medal: Unlocks ''Armored Varitech'' and ''Factory'' Versus Map (Achieve by getting 3 ''Gold Cross Medals'')
Silver Shield Medal: Unlocks ''Miriya'' Paint Design and ''Graveyard'' Versus Map (Achieve by Completing ''Graveyard'' With VF-1A)
Superior Defense Medal: Unlocks ''Greystone'' Versus Map
Gold Nova Medal: Unlocks Nothing
RDF Supernova Medal: Unlocks ''Patriot'' Paint Design and ''City in Space'' Versus Map (Achieved by receiving 3 ''Gold Nova Medals'')
Robotech Marksmen Medal: Unlocks ''Stealth'' Paint Design
Wolf Leader Medal: Unlocks ''VF-1R'' and ''Wolf'' Paint Design
Tuna Head Medal: Unlocks ''Female Armor''
Jolly Roger Medal: Unlocks ''Skull-One'' Paint Design and ''Bursting Point'' Versus Map

Submitted by: L. Parry and CheatBookJon

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