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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats

Quantum Redshift

Quantum Red Shift

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To unlock the cheat menu, enter your profile name as the name below:
Go to options and select the 'Cheat' tab.
You can now enter one of the case-sensitive passwords below to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
Unlock all pilots .... Nematode
All tracks .... headSLAP
Unlimited turbo .... FishFace
Unlimited shields .... ThinkBat
All ships upgraded .... RICEitup
All speed categories .... zoomZOOM
All easter eggs .... CHOCchoc
All Multi-player maps .... JORG SACUL
Bonus Objectives complete .... GIMME

Winning in master mode:
Upgrading the ship is crucial to finishing this game. The basic premise is to have the racer's ultimate weapon by the end of your first master race. Follow any course you can, but that weapon is crucial to winning the races ahead. The premise is this. Race smart, but not hard. Stay in the back of the pack building up your weapons. You have five laps to eliminate five people. On the tracks such as Fuusoka City, where they all bunch up in the turns, it is possible to remove every other racer by the third lap.


Nemesis pilots:
Successfully complete amateur, expert, or master modes with each of the seven original unlocked pilots to unlock their nemesis.
Ka Hekili: Successfully complete master mode with each of the seven original unlocked pilots to unlock Ka Hekili.
Kutoo: Successfully complete master mode with Ka Hekili to unlock Kutoo.
Easter Eggs: Successfully complete expert mode with each nemesis pilot (bottom row) to unlock the eight Easter Eggs. They are unlocked in the following order: Ultra Focal Length, Super Blurrrrrrrrrr, Atlantis mode, Fruity Fruit, Always Raining, Blur, Slide
Redshift mode: Successfully complete master mode with every pilot to unlock Redshift mode.

Submitted by: AJ and CheatBookJon and 'MAQ'

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