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Outlaw Golf

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To unlock everything, all golfers, courses and clubs, start a game with the name below:


With this cheat, you will not slice or hook your shot and will always hit at the set power percentage of your club.
During play, hold R and press:
White, Back, White, Black, Back
You will hear a sound to confirm.


On the Character Selection screen, hold L and press:
Y, Y, White, Y, Black, Y
You will hear a sound to confirm.

During play, hold R and press:
Up, Up, Up, Down
You will hear a sound to confirm.
You can re-enter this code to increase its effect.


During play, hold R and press:
Down, Down, Down, Up
You will hear a sound to confirm.
You can re-enter this code to increase its effect.


With this cheat there won't be any wind.
During play, hold R and press:
Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, X, X
You will hear a sound to confirm.


This only works if you do not have any Beating Tokens.
During play, hold R and press:
Black, X, Black, Black, X
You will hear a sound to confirm.


Atlas Fairway Woods: Complete the Not-So-Goodfellas event.
Atlas Irons: Complete the High Rollers event.
Atlas Putter (Black): Complete the All The Marbles event.
Atlas Putter Gold: Complete the Suave's Revenge event.
Atlas Wedge: Complete the Pretty In Pink event.
Boiler Maker Fairway Woods: Complete the Hole Lotta Luv event.
Boiler Maker Irons: Complete the Jersey Ball Bash event.
Boiler Maker Putter: Complete the Sun Stroke event.
Boiler Maker Wedge: Complete the Back 9 Shuffle event.
C.C.: Complete the Hot, Hot, Hot event.
Cincinnati Balls: Complete the Rough Riders event.
Cincinnati Driver: Complete the Ol' Blood and Guts event.
Cincinnati Fairway Woods: Complete the Full Frontal event.
Cincinnati Irons: Complete the Stroke Me Again event.
Cincinnati Wedge: Complete the Blister In the Sun event.
Coiler Maker Driver: Complete the Money Talks event.
Doc Diggler: Complete the Ladies Night event.
Ecstasy Balls: Complete the Scorched Earth Classic event.
Ecstasy Putter: Complete the Motley Crew event.
Killer Miller: Complete the Test Drive event.
Nelson Balls: Complete the Different Strokes event.
Python Driver: Complete the Heat Rash Invitational event.
Python Fairway Woods: Complete the Tough Crowd event.
Python Irons: Complete the A Hole In The Sun event.
Python Wedge: Complete the Garden State Stroke Fest event.
Scrummy: Complete the Odd Ball Classic event.
Suave's Balls: Complete the Garden State Menage a Trois event.
Suki: Complete the Baked On The Bone event.
Trixie: Complete the Chicks With Sticks event.


Start a game with two or more players.
While the other person is hitting the ball, press the A button to say things to distract them.

Submitted by: T. Linus, Mark G, David P and CheatBookJon

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