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More items:
Do not pass up the dead ninjas that are lying around. They have items on them.
Armlet Of Benediction: Give 15 Scarabs to Muramasa.
Armlet Of Fortune: Give 30 Scarabs to Muramasa.
Armlet Of Tranquillity: Give 40 Scarabs to Muramasa.
Dabilahro Sword: Give 20 Scarabs to Muramasa. Note: In successive mode you do not get it again until you give 43 Scarabs to Muramasa.
Dark Dragon Blade: Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. Start an already completed game and kill anything in your path. The more people that you kill, the more likely you will get the Dark Dragon Blade. When you reach the part to upgrade your Dragon Sword to the final level, jump into the open house and stay on the top level. The Dark Dragon Blade should now be into the ground, ready for you to unleash its power.
Healing Bracelet: Give 40 Scarabs to the shopkeeper for a healing bracelet that will slowly replenish your health. If you donot care about time, you can just stand in a no enemy area and just heal away.
Life Of The Gods: Give one Scarab to Muramasa... When you reach the broken bridge in Hayabusa Village, there is a chest behind some debris. To reach this, rapidly press A when you touch the water, and you will walk on it. You will be rewarded with a Life Of The Gods.
Sprit of the Devils: Give 10 Scarabs to Muramasa.
Unlabored Flawlessness: Upgrade the wooden sword completely to receive its true form, the Unlabored Flawlessness. It is a large weapon which you swing like the war hammer and Dabilahro, and has a very powerful Ki attack. This weapon makes Boss fights easy.
War Hammer: After defeating the flying female Boss that breaks through the stained glass, immediately when you start the next level run back into the doors. Go past all the debris and you can find the War Hammer in the area where you fought the Boss.
Windmill Shuruken: Go to Han's bar but do not go in the front of the club. There is an alley that has blue striped walls. Run on these blue stripes and it should lead you to a platform with an silver Xbox that replenishes your health and a metal plate that holds the Windmill Shuruken.

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Click here to go to the Ninja Gaiden game help main menu

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