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Chapter 1:
1. Ninja Fortress
Chapter 4: 2. Area of Tairon near Lily Door (hang from blue rail, then cross on blue wire). 3. After defeating Chapter 6 Boss
Chapter 7: 4. Kill 60 Fiends in the area where you got the Holy Grail (before flooding). 5. After defeating Suspension Bridge room Boss
Chapter 10: 6. Kill 60 Fiends in the Peristyle Passage (Hall of Balance 1)
Chapter 12: 7. Kill 60 Fiends in the area that you fought Doku (platform puzzle). 8. Kill 60 Fiends at the bottom of stairway to Imperial Palace (long stairway). 9. After defeating Flame Dragon Boss
Chapter 13: 10. Tairon - after portal activation (go into portal near Great Bridge)- kill 60 fiends


Chapter 2:
1. Broken bridge (just before Hayabusa village, water jump to get across). 2. Hayabusa Village (place statue head on statue)
Chapter 3: 3. Main Deck (small room). 4. Fore Cabin
Chapter 4: 5. Flip over blue rail (next to note Ayane gives you about paying attention to the color blue). 6. 1, 2, or 3 Scarabs
Chapter 6: 7. Monastery Annex. 8. Underground Cemetery (upper area)
Chapter 7: 9. Suspension bridge room. 10. Monk's safe (second time)
Chapter 9: 11. Military Warehouse (break box on floor). 12. Military Base (bottom of stairs in control room). 13. In chest after train wreck
Chapter 10: 14. Hall of Balance 2 (in chest). 15. In worm hole after defeating two worms. 16. Entrance to Underground Sanctuary (wall run across door)
Chapter 11: 17. Moat of Zarkhan (next to save point). 18. Moat of Zarkhan (underwater labrynth, right before silver medallion)
Chapter 12: 19. Room you fought Doku (upper level). 20. Room you fought Doku (upper level). 21. Break statue head with hammer. 22. Underwater near Zarkhan Falls. 23. Magma Cavern (Path of the Flame)
Chapter 13: 24. After defeating Flame Dragon (Magma Cavern). 25. In chest after breaking door near Great Bridge (wall run). 26. Pyramid (in chest)
Chapter 14: 27. Labrynth

Chapter 7:
1. Suspension Bridge Room (throne)
Chapter 10: 2. Aqueduct 3 (take elevator down)
Chapter 11: 3. Monks safe (third time)
Chapter 12: 4. Ice Cavern (after defeating ice beast)
Chapter 13: 5. Hayabusa Village (break door with hammer). 6. Pyramid (light altar with Fire Ninpo)


Chapter 2:
1. Bow (Hayabusa village, same room as Masamura's shop icon)
Chapter 4: 2. Nunchaku (found on dead ninja near clock tower). 3. Windmill Shuriken (alley near Han's Bar)
Chapter 6: 4. Vigaroon Flail (Underground Cemetery; near Ritual Room)
Chapter 8: 5. War Hammer (go back into Monastery after defeating Alma). 6. Strongbow (across from Military Gate, get there with Skull key)
Chapter 9: 7. Dabilahro (received after 20 Scarabs)
Chapter 11: 8. Speargun (on dead ninja near Masamura's shop icon)
Chapter 12: 9. Kitetsu (pick up after defeating Doku)

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