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Skip FMV sequences:
Press Start, A, Start to advance past an FMV sequence. Note: This does not work all of the time.
Less battle damage: When you are grabbed by an enemy or a Boss such as the Dragon, mash the buttons quickly to escape without taking full damage.
Special attack: Press Y + B to unleash a super attack that will seriously hurt anyone.
Kill enemies quickly: To kill an enemy very fast, jump towards them fairly close using A, then quickly tap Y immediately before you hit them. You should either throw them with the guillotine throw or slice their heads off. If they keep trying to get off the ground, tap Y again to pin them down or cut their head off. This is useful when you need some extra money, are almost dead, or when you just simply want to get through the section quickly because of frustration.
Finishing kill: While a foe is on the ground, walk up to it and press Y. This will instantly kill almost any foe.
Obtaining rewards: Talk to the shopkeeper every time you see him. This is when he will collect your Golden Scarabs. He will give you rewards after every several Scarabs.
Longer wall running: When you are about to fall from wall running too far, jump forward towards the wall again. You will start to wall run again.
Hidden Underground: Bridge: After fighting the Skeleton Dinosaur there is a long bridge. Do not pass through it or you will fall after it crumbles down. Instead, jump down after saving and later it will be available for saving or for buying items.
Unlocking the safe in the monk's room:
To unlock the safe in the monk's room for the first time you need to enter this combination: press Analog-Stick Left until you reach "2", then press X. Press Analog-stick Right until "7", then press X. Press Analog-stick Right until "1", then press X. Press Analog-stick Left until "2", then press X. If done correctly, each time you press X a blue light should turn on, until you see four blue lights and the elevator to the underground cemetery opens. The combination is the Monk's birthday as he states in the diary (27th day on the 12th month). You can now get the Book Of The Eons from the safe.
2. When opening the monk's safe for Life Of The Gods, the combination is different. The code is left to 1, right to 4, left to 1, and right to 0.
3. After the flood drops you into the room with the elevator and the long tunnel you can swim through, take the underwater elevator up to the monk's room. Dispatch the three Spider Ninja and go to the safe. The new combination is right to 1, left to 4, right to 1, left to 0. If you also reread his diary, it will mention that you ripped him off and will then tell you that the new password is his daughter's birthday.
Absorbing Essence: It takes one Yellow Essence to do a medium ultimate attack and two to do the max ultimate attack . However, if you absorb one Red or Blue Essence, you can do an ultimate attack.
Playing classic games easier: Instead of going to the first floor of Han's Bar, use the following trick to start the games from the main menu. Successfully complete the main game while any classic Ninja Gaiden disc is in Ryu's inventory. This will unlock another main menu option that will allow you to play the classic games from there, without going to Han's Bar.

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Click here to go to the Ninja Gaiden game help main menu

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