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Killing a foe without using Y will give you five times more Essence.
Two: In Chapters 6 and 7, you will encounter the skeleton dino Boss. After you defeat him, climb down towards the new opening he made in the floor, but stop at the save location. Turn around with your Nunchakun and jump up to the bats. Once you reach them, kill no more than two to four bats and charge your super attack taking in two Essence Orbs. Then, unleash the attack and gather up to 2,000 Essence each time. To replenish the bats, jump back to the save point and repeat. The bats will not hurt you enough to kill, and will randomly give you health. Once you gather all the Essence desired, you can whatever desired. The maximum amount of Essence that can be held is 99,999.
Three: In Chapter 6, in the cave before you encounter the skeleton dragon, you can get 99,999 Essence. Enter the bat cave and kill a few bats, then charge up and release your strong attack upon the rest of the bats. You will receive a substantial amount of Essence. Then, run back to the save point area which is a short distance away and continue to do this. If done enough times very quickly, each time hitting as much bats as you can with the attack, you can achieve 99,999 Essence in about 35 minutes. Then, save the game and slaughter the skeleton dragon.
Four: The "Easy Essence" trick that can be done on Chapters 6 and 7 also works on Chapter 10. Go to the room in which you come down the ladder at the start of the level. It is also the room that leads into the first aqueduct.
Five: In the Hayabusa Ninja Village before the fight with the Samurai Horsemen, there are three square targets just beside a dead ninja. Backtrack a little until you see a parallel wood with the three targets. Shoot the first two targets with the bow for easy Red and Yellow Essence.
Six: Go to Han's bar in Tairon, just after the military invades the city in Chapter 8. There will be four soldiers that you can kill there. Use the Vigorian Flail to kill them all, using only the Cremator attack to kill each one. You will typically gain 1,500 to 2,000 Essence for killing all four of them. Enter Han's bar, then exit it to have them respawn. You can repeat the process as many times as desired. There is also a save point next to Han's bar. Save the game every few times you do this in case you die.
Seven: In Chapter 12 when you enter the room that you put the iron in the vat to make the cog, there is a little tunnel that bats regenerate in. Use the Amulet Of Benediction and you can get about 4,000 Essence each time. The Nunchaku or Vigorian Flails work best. Equip either one, then throw two shurikens to kill two bats and absorb the Essence.
Eight: There is a location in the Labyrinth of Vigor that can be used to get easy Essence. There is a tunnel just after a save point, Muramasa statue, and chest and just before a warp stone. Bats regenerate in the middle of this tunnel.
Nine: Once you begin on Chapter 10, you will start down the manhole where there is a save point. Ten bats will fly down. With your Dragon Sword. slice only once and you should kill two or three. Then, do not slice anymore. Instead, hold Y and do an Ultimate attack to kill the rest of them. You should usually get at least 1,500 Essence. Go back up the ladder then drop back down. Ten more bats should be there. Repeat the process until you get 99,999 Essence. You can keep going back to this location to refill on Essence throughout the rest of the game; once you hit Chapter 10, you never have to worry about running out of Essence again.

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