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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats
Ninja Gaiden

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To defeat Alma (red greater fiend), equip the Vigorian Flails. It is recommended that they be completely leveled up. With the Vigorian Flail, you can still hurt Alma greatly even when she is in the air. Note: The shuriken, incendiary shuriken, and bow cannot hurt her; they just bounce off.
Alma (2): In order to defeat Alma's second form you must be patient and dodge her attacks as in the first form. Wait for her attack dodge, then attack with a three to five hit combo. Beware of her grapple attack, as it is more powerful than before.
Black Spider Ninjas: Jump off the wall and use the X attack to smash down on top off them. Use this repeatedly, but be careful of the incendiary shurikens that they throw.
Doku: Keep using the Flying Swallow attack (A towards the enemy, then Y). Every time you hit him, roll back, then jump. After that, try the Electric Ninpo attack. Then, repeat the process. If Doku keeps blocking the Flying Swallow attack, keep attacking him with it until it hits him. When he throws his sword, you can either jump over it, or roll and jump backwards. When he is doing his combo attack, attack him when he is at the last attack of his combo.
Red Dragons: When you get to the coliseum where you first fought Doku, there are sixty Red Dragons. Stand on one of the lower platforms and use the Y attack to kill them.
Spirit Doku: To defeat Doku the second time you fight him quickly and without getting hit, simply use the Ninpo attack "The Art Of The Inferno". If it is level 3, you can kill him in about six hits.
The Dragon Boss: To defeat him, try to level up your Lightning Ninpo to the maximum. Constantly run left or right. When he flaps his wings you will take a little block damage. The only way to hit him without getting in the lava is to hit his head when he lays it down momentarily. Try using the Flying Air Dash attack. He will try to grab you immediately afterwards; throw in a Ninpo just after that attack. If you need to use a Great Devil Elixer, it will be useful.
The field of flowers Boss: When Ryu enters the field of flowers then chants to make a stone circle holding him fly into the air, the Boss is easy to defeat if timed correctly. If you have maxed out Art Of The Inferno, use this to inflict severe damage on him. It might require between five or six hits for him to go down using this Ninpo.
Spirit Piranha: These enemies can kill you very quickly and are extremely difficult to get away from. They tend to leave a high amount of red Ki orbs. Simply use the Fire Wheels Ninpo and run through them. You should get enough red orbs to replenish your Ki. Also, use the Bracelet that enhances the red orbs.
When at the core of the place, after each room you will go upstairs. Instead of burning up all your Ninpo attacks, equip the Vigorian Flails (maxed out) and the Armlet Of Tranquillity. Usually, you have to face 25 to 30 on each stairway. Wail away using the Vigoian Flail and you will be rewarded with a lot of Essence. Rest afterwards if needed to replenish the life bar. This also keeps you from using up all of your Spirit Elixirs.
Hint: Defeating the Vigorian Emperor's second form (Giant Skull Spider):
In order to defeat the final form of the Vigorian Emperor, you must have at least two Great Devil Elixirs and your projectiles maxed out. Equip the Ice Ninpo. Wait for him to start shooting out skulls at you. As soon as you see those fly out of him, hit your Ninpo attack. This will protect you and damage him at the same time. As soon as the skulls are done flying, he comes in for a grapple attack that causes instant death. If you time the Ninpo correctly, this will be blocked. After each Ninpo attack, hit him with either explosive shurikens or arrows, which will also inflict some damage. Keep alternating between these attacks. After about five times of doing this, he should be defeated.
Worms: You will fight several of these Worms. They can be cheap if you do not know what to do. Using the Whirlwind Shiruken is the key. Throw out a maximum of three when they appear from the holes, then block or dodge. Repeat this for an easy victory.
Zombies: Use the diving Y attack that takes off their head. It will not kill them, but they will be blind.
When facing the zombies under the cathedral and one of them happen to lunge at you and starts biting, press X + A as quickly as possible to kick it off and reduce the amount of damage that you receive.

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