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Hidden Scarab:
When you go through the door with the three green eyes before going into the room to fight the black ninjas, go to Ryu's left. In the thing that looks like a bathtub full of water, you will find a Scarab.
Windmill Shuriken and Xbox: Near Han's Bar in Chapter 4, there is an alley where you can find the Windmill Shuriken and a silver Xbox that completely refills your life and Ki. When you find it, start running towards the right-hand wall in the alley from a distance. Wallrun the first right wall then jump to the left wall and run it where it changes angles. Jump when you get to the end of the wall. The ledge directly across that wall at the top has the two items. If you need help getting onto the platform, when close in the air to getting on there, use the shuriken attack to get a little extra glide.


Hidden Scarab:
After you get the Strong Bow and hitting the green eye, go back to the ledge. Before jumping off the ledge do a wall run to Ryu's left. You should find a Scarab on the ledge.


Hidden Scarab:
After fighting the mini helicopters and you begin to go to the other side, you will notice a Scarab on top of one of the trains. Get that, but before entering the room to get the military base map and door card. Run straight up the door. On top of that little office, you will find a Scarab.

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