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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats

NFL Fever 2002

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Effect .... Name
All teams and stadiums .... broadway
Chromides .... Regulate
Commandos .... Camo
Cows .... Milk
Crocs .... Crikey
DaRulahs .... Tut
Gladiators .... BigBacks
Hackers .... Axemen
Monks .... Robes
Pansies .... Viola
Samurai .... Slasher
Skeletons .... Stone
Spies .... Target
Tumbleweeds .... Dusty
War Elephants .... Horns
Wildcats .... Kitty
Abyss stadium .... Odyssey2
Millennium stadium .... Odyssey
New Seattle stadium .... SeaTown
Practice stadium .... Dome
Roman Coliseum stadium .... LionPit

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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