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NBA Street Vol. 2
NBA Street 2

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On the Cheat Selection screen, hold the L Trigger and enter one of the Codes below to enable the Effect you require.

Code .... Effect
X,Y,Y,X .... Unlock All Courts.
B,Y,X,X .... Unlock All Jerseys.
X,X,Y,Y .... Unlimited Turbo.
B,Y,Y,X .... Unlock the NBA Legends.
B,B,Y,B .... 85 Jordan.
X,Y,B,Y .... St Lunatics and All Street Legends Unlocked.
Y,Y,B,X .... Street Kids.
B,Y,Y,B .... WNBA Ball.
B,Y,Y,B .... ABA Ball.
Y,Y,Y,X .... Ball Trails On.
X,X,B,B .... Big Heads.
X,Y,X,X .... Classic Jordan.
X,B,B,B .... Do not display score/gamebreaker bars.
Y,B,X,Y .... Easier Two-Pointers.
B,B,B,Y .... Explosive rims.
Y,X,B,Y .... Harder Two-Pointers.
Y,Y,B,B .... No Counters.
B,Y,X,X .... No display bars.
B,X,B,X .... Small Players.

Submitted by: WayneOnDaBrain and Brendan Clary, AJ and CheatBookJon

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