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NASCAR 06: Total Team Control

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Go to the main menu, select Features, then select Create-a-Car.
You can now enter one of the case-sensitive Names below to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Name
Master code .... Gimme Gimme
Upgrade fan level .... Super Star
Upgrade prestige .... MeMyself AndI
Upgrade team prestige .... One ForAll
Max team prestige .... All ForOne
Get $10,000,000 .... Walmart Money
Walmart driver and course .... Walmart Exclusive
Dale Earnhardt Sr. .... The Intimidator
All Dodge cars and stadium track events .... Race Dodge

How to get easy money:
After your first year in the Fight To The Top mode, you should have enough money to buy a team. Buy a team, then go to get a sponsorship. Accept the one with the best signing bonus. Go back to team management and sell the team. It will be worth the same amount of money as you bought it. This works best with a team with low prestige, as they will get less money per race but more as a signing bonus. You can do this as many times as desired.
Crew chief reprimand: When using a headset, your crew chief will understand the word "shit" and will repeatedly ask you in different ways to stop saying a bad word.

Submitted by: Simon Shotte and CheatBookJon

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