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MK Deadly Alliance

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Fatalities may be done from anywhere on screen. Note: Press the stance change button at the "Finish Him/Her" screen to change into your fatality stance, or you will have to figure out the distance range.

Fatality .... Button Combo

Bo Rai Cho (Belly Flop) .... Press Away, Away, Away, Down, B
Johnny Cage (Brain Ripper) .... Press Away, Toward, Toward, Down, Y
Kano (Heart Grab) .... Press Toward, Up, Up, Down, X
Kenshi (ETelekinetic Crush) .... Press Toward, Away, Toward, Down, A
Kung Lao (Hat Throw) .... Press Down, Up, Away, A
Li Mei (Crush Kick) .... Press Toward, Toward, Down, Toward, B
Mavado (Kick Thrust) .... Press Away, Away, Up, Up, X
Quan Chi (Neck Stretch) .... Press Away, Away, Toward, Away, A
Scorpion (Spear) .... Press Away, Away, Down, Away+B
Shang Tsung (Soul Steal) .... Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Y
Sonya (Kiss) .... Press Away, Toward, Toward, Down, Y
Sub Zero (Spine Rip) .... Press Away, Toward, Toward, Down, A
Cyrax (Smasher) .... Press Toward, Toward, Up, Y
Drahmin (Iron Bash) .... Press Away, Toward, Toward, Down, A
Frost (Freeze Shatter) .... Press Toward, Away, Up, Down, X
Hsu Hao (Laser Slice) .... Press Toward, Away, Down, Down, Y
Jax (Head Stomp) .... Press Down, Toward, Toward, Down, Y
Kitana (Kiss of Doom) .... Press Down, Up, Toward, Toward, Y
Nitara (Blood Thirst) .... Press Up, Up, Toward, X
Raiden (Electrocution) .... Press Away, Toward, Toward, Toward, A
Reptile (Acid Shower) .... Press Up, Up, Up, Toward, A

Easy money (1):
This trick requires a memory card in controller one and nothing in controller two. Duplicate the saved data from the game from the memory card to the hard drive. Load the game and the screen after the Midway logo should be that of two memory cards. The one on the left should be the one with your data from controller one and nothing will be showing in the other. Start the game and go to versus mode. Enter the profile code that you created (this information will automatically pull the data from the memory slot of controller one. Then, use controller two and input the same profile code. This will pull the data off the hard drive. Press R to make the wage bar appear on both controllers. The wage screen will appear. Wage off the maximum for whatever Koin you want to choose, and agree on both controllers. The game will then return to the character selection screen. Choose any character for both controllers. Win the matches with controller one. After you win the two matches, you win the money and the data will save to controller one's memory card. Keep betting, fighting, and winning until you get all of the money from controller two. Then, exit the game and eject the game disc. Go to memory option on the screen and delete the data on the hard drive. Note: Make sure it is the small Mortal Kombat symbol inside the bubble and not the large one on the left side of the bubble. Back out and go to the memory card. Look for your data and copy it over to the hard drive. After it saves, back out of it, close the disc tray and start again. Repeat this procedure to get as much money as needed.
Easy money (2): Create two profiles and win some Koins with both. Go to the versus screen and load both profiles. Press R to wager. Max out the bet and press A to return to the character selection screen. On one of the controllers, press L to clear the profile, then press L to load that profile again. Go to the wager screen and you will notice that the amount of Koins has changed. You can repeat this as many times as desired. The Koins will be awarded to you once you win the match.
Easy money (3): Note: This trick requires two controllers. Select versus mode and load a profile for each fighter. Each fighter must have some number of each Koin. Do a Wager then after that match is over, have only one player press R. Press Right and you will hear the sound, then press Up to bet Koins. Press R again and play that match. The winner will get the coins, but the loser will not lose any. Go back and forth with each fight to make each gain more Koins, thus making each match worth more because you can wager more. Keep holding Up until you do not hear the sound anymore to bet the maximum amount in time. Use the following to learn what Koins you are betting, as you will not be able to see. Press Right, Up: Onyx. Press Right(x2), Up: Jade. Press Right(x3), Up: Ruby. Press Right(x4), Up: Gold. Press Right(x5), Up: Platinum. Press Right(x6), Up: Sapphire.
Random character select:
Highlight Shang Tsung (for player one) or Quan Chi (for player two) at the character selection screen, then hold Up + Start.
Alternate costumes: After the appropriate costumes are unlocked in the Krypt, press Start at the character selection screen to access the new costume.
Versus mode stage select: Press R before either player chooses a character to get a screen with a screenshot of a stage. Then, press Left or Right to change it to the desired stage.
Defeating Momoloch: Use Raiden and his staff then press Black repeatedly. Note: You sometimes need to step back to be somewhat away. He sometimes fights differently.
Play as Blaze: Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Raiden at the character selection screen and hold Down.
Play as Mokap: Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Cyrax at the character selection screen and hold Down.
Play as Cyrax easier: You would have to have at least 462 Ruby Koins and open Krypt PD (to get 1056 Platinum Koins ) and get the rest of 3003 needed to open CN for Cyrax. You can get extra Platinum Koins in the following Krypts: FV (83 Platinum Koins needed for 243 platinum Koins); PK (157 Platinum Koins needed for 475 Platinum Koins); WS (44 Onyx Koins needed for 165 Platinum Koins); and NG (63 Sapphire Koins needed for 252 Platinum Koins).
Play as Raiden easier: Open the FN Krypt first to get 1800 of the 3300 Koins that are needed before opening the XG Krypt to unlock Raiden.
Acid Bath stage: Damage opponent: Get your opponent near the two giant statues in the background. The statues will spit acid out, hurting your opponent. Note: Do not get too close, or you will also get hurt.
FMV introductions: Allow the game to enter demo mode to see the FMV of the first Video Teaser from Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance with Scorpion performing a Kata. Other characters (Kitana, Quan Chi, and Frost) will perform a Kata as well.
Monk movement: Remain idle long enough during Konquest mode and the "monk" will turn around and shrug his shoulders at you.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ and Aziz K

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