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Midnight Club II

Midnight Club 2

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Follow the steps below..
1. First of all, on the main menu, highlight the 'Options Mode'.
2. Press Down, then press Left or Right until 'Option: Cheat Codes' is highlighted.
3. Press A.
4. You can now enter one of the passwords below to enable the Effect you require.
5. Finally, highlight 'Accept' and press the A button.
Note: The passwords are case-sensitive, so enter them exactly as written below. 

Effect .... Password
Difficulty setting 0 (easiest) .... howhardcanitbe0
Difficulty setting 1 .... howhardcanitbe1
Difficulty setting 2 .... howhardcanitbe2
Difficulty setting 3 .... howhardcanitbe3
Difficulty setting 4 .... howhardcanitbe4
Difficulty setting 5 .... howhardcanitbe5
Difficulty setting 6 .... howhardcanitbe6
Difficulty setting 7 .... howhardcanitbe7
Difficulty setting 8 .... howhardcanitbe8
Difficulty setting 9 (hardest) .... howhardcanitbe9


Win all the races in Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo in arcade mode to unlock the SLFA50X. It is the fastest car in the game and can hit 250 mph with no boost. You can only use it in arcade mode.
Motorcycle: Defeat five motorcycles in a long race.
Los Angeles police car: Win all the circuit races in Los Angeles in arcade mode.
Paris police car: Win all the circuit races in Paris in arcade mode.
Tokyo police car: Win all the circuit races in Tokyo in arcade mode.

The Veloci and SLF450x vehicles have a boost option. Once you go over 60 mph, hold R to get a speed boost. Note: Handling will get difficult when this is done; using it on a straightaway may work best.
Boost (2): When riding the Cohete (motorcycle) and accelerating, briefly hold L to pop a wheelie. This will give you more acceleration/speed.
Boost (3): With any car, after you start to accelerate hold R and it will speed up your car.
Zoom on mini-map: Press Down/Left or Down/Right to zoom in and out of the mini-map at the bottom left corner.
Quick start: At the starting line when the countdown begins, hold R to peel out, and then move back and forth to sway the car. This will move you forward slightly, and will give you a better starting position.
Easy turning with motorcycles: Hold L while driving and use the Analog-stick to make any type of turn. On straightaways, hold Up to duck down to prevent drag.
Wheelies and side burns: While playing with any car or motorcycle, hold L and drive above 20 mph. Then, while holding down L, press the Left Analog-stick Left or Left Analog-stick Right with a car and they will turn on their left or right, enabling them to drive sideways. With a motorcycle, press Left Analog-stick Down and you will pop a wheelie. However, you can also press Forward and Forward/Left or Forward/Right to bend down more and be able to do tremendous turns.
Graffiti: Look at some of the graffiti on the walls in Los Angeles to find some interesting things. Near a wall by the airport is graffiti that says "Vice City", referring to the fact that Rockstar made both Midnight Club 2 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There is also saw a wall that had "Rockstar" on it.
Easy wheelies: Get a motorcycle and do a wheelie for at least three seconds. Then, pull back all the way on the Analog-stick. If done correctly, you will be perfectly balanced.
Flip the finger: Choose the motorcycle and go into any mode. Remain idle without moving. After about thirty seconds, the man on the bike will turn around and flip the finger.

Submitted by: Jake R, CheatBookJon and SixthFJ

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