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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats

Max Payne

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Press Start during game play.
Hold L and press:
Black, Black, Black, Black, X, X, X, X, X, X, Y, Y, Y, Black.
Now, when you are at the Main Menu, go back and a sound will confirm that the current chapter has been completed.

Press Start during game play, then press:
White, White, Black, A, B, X, Y, Y, Y, R.
You will see 100+ next to your health bar to confirm.


On the Main Menu press and hold down both thumb-sticks and both L and R triggers.
With all this held down, now press:
White, Black, Black, White, White, Black.


One the Main Menu, hold L + R + click Left Analog-stick + click Right Analog-stick, and quickly press:
Black, Black, White, Black, White, Black, White
Various cheat options will appear.
Note: Most cheats must be unlocked during game play.


Additional difficulty settings:
Successfully complete the game under the "Fugitive" difficulty setting to unlock the "Dead On Arrival" and the "New York Minute'' settings.
Bonus level: Successfully complete the game in "New York Minute" mode to unlock a new bonus level where you have to kill a lot of enemies, all in bullet time.
Last Challenge bonus level: Successfully complete the game under the "Dead On Arrival" difficulty setting to unlock the Last Challenge bonus level.
Secret programmer room: Successfully complete the Last Challenge level. The doors in the back of the room will open up to the Remedy Room.

Defeating the first Boss in the bar:
Enter the bar, and after the graphical comic, the coward will run to the back room and leave the fighting for the woman and the other goons. Forget about the woman for now, as her aim is terrible. You should have a Molotov cocktail. There will be about three henchman on the left side of the room. Throw the cocktail at them for three quick kills. Then, charge at the woman with either the dual Berettas or the Desert Eagle. Once she is dead, kill the coward using the dual Berettas. Do not use the shotgun, since you can only fire once per bullet time dive. As soon as you open the door, do a bullet time dive and fire at him rapidly. As soon as Max completes his dive, do it again. Repeat this until he is dead.
Secret tutorial room: Play the tutorial until you reach the end, where you can practice shooting enemies. Jump up on the big van located there, then over to the ventilation fan on the wall next to the van. From the fan, jump to the stairs and climb them to the top. Break through the window. You will find an Ingram in the room.
Painkillers: When you see a small box in some of the chapters, shoot it. Sometimes painkillers will be inside.
Painkillers (2): When you get a painkiller(s), do not use them immediately. Wait until someone starts shooting you. This will help save health.
Opening boxes: When you find boxes that are not very big or steel, swing your baseball bat or lead pipe at it. This will open those boxes easily without wasting bullets.
"Shut up" comment: Shoot two junkies (that sit down with their legs crossed in the white T-shirts) at the same time with dual Ingrams or dual Berettas. You will hear Max shout "Shut up!".
Slow motion dive: Press A to shoot, then press L to do a slow motion dive.
Ghost Policeman: On the Part 1, Chapter 1, go down the stairs, kill the three men and grab the dual Berettas. Walk to the door where you save the policeman, but do not walk in yet. First, burst in and shoot the last enemy like mad. While it shows slow motion, do not stop shooting. In slow motion, kill the policeman. It will show him dying in slow motion, but wait about a minute. Max will start talking to the policeman even though he is dead.
Baby Maze: You will have to go through a maze where you have to find a baby. To get through this maze easily, just stick to right wall. You will end up in your house. After this, you will come to another maze that is not as difficult, but us easy to fall off of. 
Blood Maze: When you get to the blood trail in the dark, you can jump across to the end of the maze. Run to the end of the straight trail, and at the first turn, jump across. You can now see the second door. Jump across again and you will be there.
Second Blood Maze: To get to the end of the second bloody maze easily, follow the trail until you see the first trail off the to the right far below. Jump down there and follow it right and you will see the candle platform in the distance to the right.

When you reach the part that where hear "The Flesh Of Fallen Angels", go into the room where you have to fight all of the henchman, but do not go into the circle. Run around the edges behind the curtain and pick up all the ammunition and painkillers. You can go to the parts that are not covered by the curtains but do not go anywhere near the circle in the middle of the room until you are ready to fight.
Prologue (2): At the part of the "The Flesh of Fallen Angels" when you have to defeat all the henchmen, use your sawed off shotgun. Run around the wooden stairs on the side, and hide there. The henchmen will go there, and you can pop out and shoot two of them without reloading. When you have defeated all of the ground henchmen, run around to the other side of the stairs but take the long way around because the henchmen on top have one moltov cocktail. Let them throw it at you. If you are running, your chances of getting hit by it are very slim. Be careful, as each one of the top henchmen have one moltov cocktail. If you just stand there you will die -- move around to avoid this.
Chapter 1: Secret ammunition room: When you get past the first part of the chapter with the men shooting the transit cop, go down the steps to the left. Kill the man with the shotgun. Then, go down the steps to the left and kill all those men. When you are finished there, look under the benches with the lockers on them. You will see some gas tanks. Shoot the top off them. They will explode and reveal a secret room down the hallway.
Chapter 1: Kill man with shotgun: When you go downstairs, there will be three men waiting; two with pistols and one with a shotgun. In order to kill them, you must kill the main with the shotgun first. He will take your health down quickly. Jump and dive down the stairs then kill him.
Chapter 2: Secrets: Play Chapter 2 (Live From The Crime Scene) to find a secret lies in the center of the bank where you answer the phone. The alarm will be going off. Look up to see the alarm on the ceiling. Shoot it and Max Payne will say "Thank you."
Chapter 2: Rats with guns: When you start Live From The Crime Scene, throw a grenade in the hole directly in front of you. Then, keep going until you hear a bomb go off. Go up the stairs and wait, but watch the rats. If you wait long enough they will pull guns out of their fur.
Chapter 2: Ignored by enemies: On the Live From The Crime Scene level, when you get the detonators, go to the door that you put them on but do not kill the men. After you put the detonators on the door, stand back and watch it fly. Kill the men, then walk in. Go up the stairs were the men are supposed to surprise you. They cannot see you, allowing you to shoot them. Note: Be careful about dying in the explosion on the door..
Chapter 3: Hidden ammunition: After you find Muerte's room, keep going to the where the bathrooms are located, at the end of the hall. There are two windows covered with dry wall. One of them will crumble if you shoot it. After you destroy the dry wall, you can walk outside of the hotel on a small balcony to another "dry wall window". Destroy that, then jump into the room. You will find a plethora of Molotov Cocktails, grenades, and ammunition.
Chapter 3: Soap opera fan: Once the level starts, kill the man in the first room you see then go down the hallway until you must take a left turn. Once you get to that turn, go slightly down the hallway until you can hear the television that is in the little room off the hallway. Listen to the ridiculous soap opera, and after it is done you will hear the man who was watching ut say something that you will hear almost every soap fan say at least once.
Chapter 5: Secret: After the shootout in the laundry, get into the elevator and you will hear music playing. Look up and shoot the speaker. The music will stop and Max will say "Thank you."
Chapter 5: Avoid damage: When you go on the street and go past the newspapers, you will see a van in the road. Shoot it so that the alarm goes off, then hurry near the stairs that go down to enter the building. Stay above the stairs, and off to the side. Three men will run out. Pick them off as they come up. This can help you avoid damage.
Chapter 6: Secrets: There are two secrets when you get to the basketball court. Look up in the basket. There is a Beretta stuck in the net. Then, go to the chain link fence next to the street. Wait briefly and an SUV will pass by. Shoot it, the car will screech to a halt, and a man with a shotgun will get out and shoot at you.
Chapter 6: Soldier Of Fortune II room: After the room where the thug is in the washroom with a lead pipe, jump out the window onto the roof of a building. Walk around on the roof for a bit, shooting at windows. When one of the windows (in the top left corner) you shoot breaks, jump in. There are posters labeled "Soldier of Fortune II" and about three shotguns in this room.
Chapter 6: Secret room: At the very beginning where the man is whistling while he goes to the bathroom, go outside of the window and immediately turn left. The last window on the side where you came out of has a room with a some shotguns and ammunition.
Chapter 6: Bathroom message: When the level starts, go through it as usual. After you get on to the elevator and go to the next floor, get out and go through the door. Once the door opens, there will be a door directly in front of you. This is a bathroom. If you walk into the door and try to open it, the man inside will give you a message. Back up slightly and shoot at the door. He will give you another message.
Chapter 6: Jumping to train: When chasing Vinnie, eventually he will jump on a train. Max will say that he has to do the same thing. Go to where the hill starts and with the correct timing, do the Matrix-style jump. If done correctly, you should land on the train.
Chapter 7: Secret room: When you are chasing the man, go behind the satellite dish then jump onto the ledge. Go onto the fire escape. Make sure you do not fall. Try to jump on the fence or the side of it without losing a life, then jump down. You will see a door. Enter to find molotov cocktails, grenades, and ammunition. Then, get out of the other door and you will end up under the staircase where the men who were shooting at you on the roof are located. You can kill them quickly.
Chapter 8: Ammunition on the balcony: When you get past the room with the three men, there should be two more as you enter the room to your right and one man across the room to your left. This is the room with the music. Go upstairs to where you can look down on the music room (you should be able to launch fireworks). Go to the right side, towards the speakers. You may want to save the game here. Jump onto the ledge and then towards the speaker while moving left. There is Ingram ammunition and more over there.
Chapter 8: Play the drums: Go through the level until you reach the drum set. The drum set will be near a sign that says "Choosers of the Slain". Go behind the drums and pull out either a bat or lead pipe and Max will play the drums.


Chapter1: American flag boxers:
After you enter the lounge with the green neon light you will encounter three men. After you kill them, go to the bathroom. There will be a man with his pants down, wearing American flag boxers.
Chapter 4: Secret intermission: You will reach a kitchen area where it is safe from the fire. It is possible to trigger a secret intermission sequence by throwing a grenade into the open service hatch in the wall.
Chapter 4: Easy completion: To see the doors among the flames and darkness in the restaurant easily, increase the brightness to the maximum value until you are past the flames and explosions.
Chapter 5: Hidden area: There is a crane about halfway through this level that you have to turn on to get past the big crate. You can get to a secret room by first jumping up to the cab of the crane, then jumping onto the door, then the roof. Jump on the arm of the crane, then run to the end and jump to the crates to your left. There are some grenades and ammunition located here.


Chapter 1: Laser grid: There is a laser grid at the very beginning of this area. To get past this, simply shoot what the laser comes out of, but stand back because the explosion is big.
Chapter 1: Secret ammunition room: There is a door which appears to go nowhere. The room has the big container pouring hot liquid metal in the middle, on the first floor in the corner is a sliding door, and some liquid metal in a pit. Use the cooled metal to jump across the pit and reach ammunition and pain killers on the other side.
Chapter 3: Killing all the enemies: In the start of the section, you will hear a group of soldiers planning to escape. You can take them all out by using the gas tank sutting on the shelf above. Shoot the valve off the end of the tank to send it off like a rocket.
Chapter 3: At the end of the section is a tower that you must shoot off a building. Take out the wires on the pole, then just shoot a grenade at it.
Chapter 4: Secret room: A secret room can be found on parking level 6. When you are starting to go down to parking level 5 you will see four gray barrels, jump on top of them. Next, jump onto the air vent, then jump to the roof. You should see a sort of a hut up there to your right. Shoot the light colored part of the hut and it should fall down. Go inside and you will fall through a vent in the floor. You can get ammunition and other items.
Chapter 4: Programmer message: At the very start of the section are some green-blue barrels stacked up along the wall. Use them to get on the roof. Shoot at the metal shed up there and the wall will fall off, allowing you to jump down into a room. Turn on the radio to hear a secret message.
Chapter 5: Hidden staircase: In Woden's office, their is a room after the one that has the blueprints. In here is a small picture behind the desk. Shoot the picture down to reveal a button. Press the button and the couch in the corner will lift up, revealing a staircase. Go down the stairs open the door. You will be able to watch Star Trek on the television. Also look in a cabinet to find other items.
Chapter 7: Easy elevator ride: To get up the laser-bomb elevator shaft easily, get in the elevator but do not push the button. Use the sniper rifle to aim up the shaft and take out all the bombs before going up.
Chapter 8: Easy completion: After chasing the woman up the stairs and she gets in the helicopter, turn to your left and go up to the wire that connects to the red-lighted structure. Shoot it at the bottom and some enemies will attack. Shoot and kill them. The farthest enemy will have sniper ammunition. Return to the wire that you shot before, get the sniper gun out, crouch, aim, and shoot at the bottom of the wire on the other side. Then, shoot the red-lighted structure a few times and it will fall over.

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