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Man Hunt

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Enter one of the Button Combos below on the main screen (the screen with the options: 'start game', 'load game' on it). The name of the cheat will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm.
IMPORTANT: These Bonus Codes will not work until you have earned a five-star rating in Hardcore Mode only and in each pair of two consecutive scenes.

Button Combo .... Effect
R, White, L, Black, Down, Up, Left, Up .... Fully Equipped.
Up, Down, Right, Right .... Headshots.
R, White, L, L .... Headshots 2.
X, X, White, Down .... Level Art.
Y, X, B, Down .... Piggsy.
X, X, X, Down .... Piggy & Cash Toy Mock-Ups.
R, L, White, L .... Trigger Scarecrow.
Right, Left, Left, Left .... Scarecrow Halloween Head Variation.
Left, R, R, Y .... Smileys.
X, Down, B, Up .... Starkweather.
White, White, L, White .... The Clowns.
R, R, Y, B .... The Jury.
White, Right, B, White .... The Lost.
L, Y, Y, Y .... Tramp.
R, White, L, Black .... Wardogs.
Down, Up, Left, Up Wardogs .... Zoo Sniper.
Black, Down, B, Left .... Bin Bag.
X, Black, L, Down .... Camheads.
R, R, X, L .... Cerberus Variant Designs.
Left, Right, Left, Right .... Clown Head Variations.
B, B, B, R T .... Esrly Innocent Hoodie Designs.

Submitted by: AJ and CheatBookJon

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