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During gameplay, hit pause and hold L + R and enter one of the Button Combos below to enable the Effect you require.
You will hear a sound to confirm.
Remember to read the notes about the cheats marked with a '*' at the bottom of the list

Effect .... Button Combo
Restore health .... Y, Down, A, Up
Restore ammunition .... A, Down, Y, Up
Add 1000 experience points .... A, Down, Down, Down
Level 2 skills .... B, Right, B, Right
Level 4 skills .... Y, Up, Y, Up
Level 6 skills .... X, Left, X, Left
Level 8 skills .... A, A, Down, Down
Invincibility* .... Y, X, A, B
Unlimited missile weapons* .... X, B, A, Y
Devastating attacks* .... X, X, B, B
All combo upgrades* .... Y, B, Y, B
Small enemies* .... Y, Y, A, A
Slow motion* .... Y, B, A, X

*The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled.
*Devastating attacks: Hold Y during battles to do devastating attacks. The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled.


Tower Of Orthanc level:
Successfully complete the game with any character at level 10.
Fangorn and Tower Of Orthanc background photos:
Successfully complete the Fangorn's Forest level with any character.
Rohan and Helm's Deep background photos: Successfully complete the Plains of Rohan level with any character.
Fellowship Of The Ring background photos: Successfully complete the Balin's Tomb level with any character.
John Rhys-Davis interview: Play as Gimli and get him to level 5.
Orlando Bloom interview: Play as Legolas and get him to level 5.
Viggo Mortenson interview: Play as Aragorn and get him to level 5.
Play as Isildur: Successfully complete the Tower Of Orthanc level with any character to unlock Isildur as a playable character on most levels. Once you play the Tower Of Orthanc level as Isildur, he will be available at level 10 for all levels of the game.

Easy "Excellent" rank:
When you can play levels over again, use this trick. It will take several attempts, depending on your skill. In all of the levels (excluding Weathertop, Amon Hen, Plains of Rohan, Breached Wall, and the Helms Deep), you can complete the level with an "Excellent" rank, just by killing one or two Orcs, and getting "Excellent". Kill a few Orcs at the beginning of the level (five or more), getting an "Excellent" rank. Then, run near to the end of the level. For example, in the Gates of Moria level kill off the first few Orcs with your Linked Move until the intermission sequence with the arrow and the Orc and Gimli. Then, run to the part where you need to kill the Watcher, and do not kill any Orcs on the way, unless you have to. No orcs will follow you to the Boss part after you have started it. Kill the Watcher. When your kills get counted, as you will see, you will have more "Excellent" kills.
Putting out fires: Many parts of the game will require you to put out a fire or save people in order to move on to the next area. Look for a barrel in the area of the fire. Smash it with a speed attack and water will flow out, extinguishing any fires it can.
Avoiding Warg charges: To avoid a Warg charge, stand in the water.
Defeating Lurtz: When you get to the end of the Amon Hen mission, you will fight Lurtz. He will take out his bow and fire at you. Deflect the arrows, hide behind a statue, and use a projectile attack. Once he takes out his scimitar, try to get him to follow you to one of the statues. He will try to slash you, but his scimitar will go into the statue. While his scimitar is in the statue, fierce attack him as many times as possible. Another Uruk-Hai will try to help Lurtz kill you while his scimitar is stuck. Kill the Uruk-Hai while Lurtz is stuck.
Defeating the Orc Overseer riding the Warg: Take care of the Wargs and riders that are present when the battle starts. The Wargs charge, but just step out of the way. Fierce Attack as they pass and stop. Soon, you will be facing just the Orc Overseer on his Warg, who deflects every arrow with his sword. Close attacks are similarly foiled by the Warg biting you, lifting you into the air, and the Overseer slashes at you. He also charges, and the Warg swerves to hit you, and succeeds virtually every time, so take care of him as soon as possible. The Overseer regularly calls another Orc and Warg into the battle. Dispatch it in the same way as the others, but try to stay close to the Overseer. When you kill the summoned Orc and Warg, the Overseer's Warg rears up. When it does, run in behind it and Fierce Attack the Orc. You can usually get three good hits on him this way. After the third hit, he will slash you -- go back and wait for the next Orc and Warg to be summoned. Dispatch them and wait for the Overseer's Warg to rear again. Repeat this three to four times to defeat him.
Defeating Trolls: Run up to a Troll and use your fierce attack. When he is about to hit you, jump back. Continue this to defeat it...When battling Trolls, first rush in and fierce attack. Depending on your character, you can get up to two attacks in (Aragon and Legolas). Then, jump back. This will put you out of the range of their clubs. This works well against the Cave Troll in Moria. but can fail against the two Forest Trolls in Fangorn because one will just throw logs.
Defeating strong Uruk Hai: The strongest Uruk Hai have a sword, no armor, and have only white on their faces. Shooting them with arrows and setting them on fire works well.
Defeating enemies: If you are having problems killing some of the Berserkers, Urk Hai, etc., try one of the following two tricks. First, let the archers target you then run. Have another enemy between you and the archer. The archer will now hit your opponent instead of you. Second, allow a Troll to spot you and have it come towards you. When it does, run on the other side of a group of enemies. The Troll will knock them out of the way so it can get to you. This can also be useful when you have to fight more than one Troll.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Martin Jukes, AJ and Leighton Glazby

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