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Jade Empire
Also known as: Jade Empire: Kawasemi no Teikoku (Japan)

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How to unlock the alternate title screen:
Successfully complete the game for a Dirge-themed title screen.
How to get the bonus dialog: Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to continue until the end to hear extra dialog from various characters.
How to unlock the Dragonfly mini-game: Always select "Attack" between each chapters and complete the Dragonfly missions to unlock the Dragonfly mini-game at the main menu.

Method 1:
After talking to Master Li, enter the other room. You will find a chest that has three small statues in it. Take them. Then, go to the large statue of a lion. Approach the altar, and whatever color his palm glows, place the corresponding statue there. After you have placed all three statues you will receive one silver coin. You can do this until you receive 17 silver coins, and you will keep the small statues. If you decide to destroy the alter, you will be given 24 silver coins and will lose the small statues.
Method 2: Instead of getting the maximum number of coins from the altar, get a coin, then explore the tomb of the old master of the school. Put a coin in the bowl. You will then get the symbol from the tomb. Go back to the lion altar, place the symbol in the lion's mouth, and the test will change. Complete the new test (yellow + blue = green, yellow + red = orange, and red + blue = purple), and you will receive the Gaze of the Lion, which will give you a few bonuses.
Method 3: Instead of foisting your essence gems off on the Magical Abacus or random merchants, save them until you reach the Imperial City. Make your way to the Arena and fight through the ranks until Lucky Cho and Sweet Poison Lyn make their "offer." After either refusing or accepting, sell your gems to the poisoner. She will pay twice the amount for the gems that the Abacus will pay. This is an extremely useful tactic to stockpile money.

How to regain health: If you are running low on health in battle, hold B (block) and hold White (heal) to heal yourself without receiving damage from enemies. Note: This drains Chi energy.
Paralyzing Palm support style: When you visit the Black Leopard School at the Imperial City, you will fight four students. Defeat them and you will talk to the first brother. Agree to join the school and support the Open Palm Master. You will end up fighting the Closed Fist Master. Afterwards, the Open Palm Master will teach you Paralyzing Palm and give you the items that the Closed Fist Master promised you.
Imperial Arena reward: When fighting in the Imperial Arena choose not to poison Crimson Khana. If you manage to defeat her fairly, she will reward you with a powerful weapon.
How to get easy bounty: When you get to the Imperial City, you will encounter an officer who is offering bounties. Go to the Scholars Garden to find Scholar Kongyu. If you have Sky with you he will ask a question and confuse Kongyu. He then reveals his plight to you. He claims the bounty is unjust. If you decide to help him leave the city, you will see just how much a fool he is.
How to get all endings easily: Save near the end of the game. You can then choose to complete the game as desired and view each of the three different endings.

Sun Li:
Before fighting the final battle with the Glorious Strategist on your second trip to the Imperial Palace, check in with the Magical Abacus. He will have three books for sale. One will add +50 Health, another +50 Chi, and the final one will add +50 Focus. Each book costs 50,000 silver, but can provide that extra edge to defeat Sun Li.
Sun Li (2): Close to the end of the game, you will obtain a power called Jade Golem. It is very strong but uses a lot of Chi. Work up Spirit evenly throughout the game, and when you get the Jade Golem, get the stat on it that makes it not us as much Chi. Then, max it out. After that you will go to Dirge and then back to the palace. When you face him, freeze him if you started out with Ice Shard or bought it from the Lotus trainer. Use your X attack because being hit does not stop it unless he is using Paralyzing Palm. He will probably lose about a quarter to half his health, depending on if you have Chi Strike on or not. Do this two to four times and he should be dead. If not, just hit him with the regular A attack until he falls.
The Ravenger: Block in front of him by holding B. When you see him turn blue and hold his axes up, quickly roll beside him and attack him with a combo. Then, switch to block and repeat. He should not do the three step combo he has, because every time he sees the shield, he should go for his strong attack which will give you time to perform a combo. He may also try and perform an area attack, which you can block and fit a few hits in before blocking again.
Enemies that block: For enemies who continue to block after every time you break their shield, simply jump behind them and use a normal combo at their back: press A, A, A. This will send them falling forward. They will start attacking again, but eventually will start blocking. Repeat this as many times as needed.

The move while standing game glitch:
While in Chapter 3, take the side quest from the gravedigger. Kill the elder Fong and talk to his son. After that he starts to walk away. Quickly talk to him before he leaves and keep pressing A. Instead of walking, you will just stand there when you move around.

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