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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb

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On the 'Press Start' Screen, hold L + R and press:
Up, Up, Down, Up, A, X, A, B, Up, Down, Y, Start
You will hear a song to confirm.
You will now be invincible and have unlimited ammunition.

Get two grenades and you will find out that this is all you can normally hold in your pack. However, if you jump into water while holding a third grenade, you will put it in your pack. Repeat this as often as desired for unlimited grenade capacity.
Avoid falling damage:
Press R just before you hit the ground to enter combat mode. You will not get any damage from falling.
Pistol whip: Press X button to pistol whip your adversary. Note: This works for all guns, not just the pistols.
Skip all poachers: In the level where you start out in a room enclosed by a vine door, cut the door and walk forward. It should start a short intermission sequence of Indy running towards a little window. Skip through it and when it is over, select the whip and jump. While in the air press A. If done correctly, you should now be swinging above a courtyard. Swing to the other side and continue the mission.
Drink from canteen: To drink from the canteen, hold A. If you instead tap A, it will take longer. Holding A also helps when you fill your canteen.


Picture Gallery: Collect all 30 artifacts throughout the game to unlock a picture gallery.

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