Microsoft Xbox XBX Game Cheats
The Incredibles
Also known as: Mr. Incredible (Japan)

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Pause game play, then enter one of the Codes below at the 'Secrets' option to enable the Effect you require.
Please note that some of the codes are only available in specific levels.

Effect .... Code
Shoot beams temporarily .... GazerBeam
Destroy all nearby enemies and items .... SmartBomb
Level select .... ILIEMIAOW
Level select(2) .... SpringBreak
Faster game .... SassMode
Refill 25% health .... UUDDLRLRBAS
Health remains constant .... PinkSlip
Temporary unlimited Incredi-points .... Showtime
Superspeed Incredi-power while running .... DanielTheFlash
Temporary unlimited Incredi-power while playing as Dash .... DashLikes
Fast Running and Ramming Incredi-power .... McTravis
Findtrails and Superpunch .... Kronos
Fire Trail .... AthletesFoot
Unlimited Elastigirl powers .... Flexible
Dash not hurt when running into objects .... Gilgendash
Temporary unlimited Incredi-power while playing as Violet .... TonyLoaf
Slow motion player .... BWTheMovie
Horizontal camera control switched .... InvertCameraX
Vertical camera control switched .... InvertCameraY
Big head mode .... Einsteinium
Small head mode .... DeEvolve
Toggle HUD .... bHUD
Reverse movement with Nomansian Island turret .... InvertTurret
Some objects flash different colors .... DiscoRules
Brightness/bright colors .... EMode
Introduction sequence .... Hi
Credits sequence .... YourNameInLights
Easier game .... BoaPlace
Henchmen always launch death shrapnel .... Dandruff
Battle mode .... RotAIDalg
Beat levels with Bombvoyage .... Labombe
Deactivate all active codes .... TheDudeAbides

How to defeat the second Omniroid:
When fighting the second Omniroid, enable the Showtime and Kronos codes. it will only take three shots to finish the battle.
How to get faster dash runs: When running with Dash, tap Y and he will reach 167 mph.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, DT and Wayne C

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