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Instant full life:
This trick works better in cooperative mode. If you need life and you have a partner, wait until you have killed 90% of the enemies around you. Then, have your partner hit you in the back with a gun. You will respawn with full life and assault rifle ammo. In single player mode, you can frag yourself but your weapons might fly across the screen and you will need to find them.
Extra ammo:
In cooperative mode, have your friend kill you by hitting you in back with a melee attack. Then, have him pick up your ammunition, respawn again, and repeat. Have him keep killing you until he is full, then have your player pick up your ammo after he kills you. You will then have maximum ammunition. Note: this only works for the machine gun.
Extra ammo (2): In some levels at corridors, you will see an orange flash when one of team passes through a checkpoint. When this happens, get one player to stand still and hold X to reload. while other player runs back down the corridor to make the orange flash appear again. When this happens, the player who has been standing still should now empty his magazine by firing off until the gun reloads itself. When the player that held X has obtained unlimited ammunition for that level, do the same with other player. Note: Once you have unlimited ammunition, let the weapon reload automatically. If you reload manually, change weapons, press X to enter any vehicle or gun turrets, or die, you will lose this effect.
Recommended weapons: The weapons of choice are a shotgun or rifle, and a sniper. This allows you good coverage for short and long-range battles. The sniper helps you take out people that unaware you are aiming at them or in tanks. The shotgun is useful in close combat. Also, do not forget melee attacks and grenades.
Quick kill: When you are facing a partner in multi-player and you cannot find ammunition, sneak up behind him and hit him in the back for an instant kill.
Quick kill (2): This is a very interesting way to kill a player in a car. This trick requires is a plasma grenade and a human pistol. If your opponent tries to run you over, dodge him by moving to the left of the car. Try to get into the side seat of the car. Once this is done, throw a plasma grenade down. Jump out of the car and run. The pistol is used for backup. This may take a few times, and a few deaths.
Quick kill (3): In split screen multi-player mode, equip you pistol. When you see your opposition, place the aiming circle on their chest. After each shot, aim higher until you are aiming at their head. If done correctly, it only requires three shots to kill and will leave your friends wondering what hit them.
Completing under legendary difficulty: If you are playing the levels in cooperative mode under the legendary difficulty setting, have one person stay behind and the other one charge into battle. Keep doing this until the room is cleared. Have the person with the worst inventory go into battle. When they lose their items when they die, you will still have the good weapons.
Spin The Gun: Create a multi-player game with one life instead of infinite. Start the game, find a gun on the ground, and shoot it with a gun that uses bullets. The gun will spin around. Have four people surround the gun, shoot it and whoever the gun points at after its done spinning will be killed. Whoever remains after the final kill is the winner, just like spin the bottle, but with guns.
Suicide strategy: When on a difficult stage, send one of the players out to kill everybody and have the other player remain in a hiding spot with the plasma gun, shooting people. If the other player dies, go into hiding and wait for them to reappear.
Suicide strategy (2): Have your partner throw a Plasma Grenade on your back then run into a crowd of enemies. They will stay to shoot you instead of running away, even with the grenade strapped on your back.
Sneak up on radar: You can sneak up on the radar by crouching down when running.
Get on top of buildings: Go to Blood Gulch in multi-player mode (set vehicles on all). Put a Tank close to one of the buildings, then put a Warthog and a Ghost next to the Warthog. Go to the other base, pick up the Warthog, and jump the Ghost, Warthog, and Tank.
Fly in Ghost: Go to the multi-player screen with the Slayer, King Of The Hill, and other options. Select "Create" Allow all vehicles in multi-player. Go to either Blood Gulch or Sidewinder. You can find Tanks, Ghosts and Warthogs. Set up a Tank in a strategic place for some fun, then get out, get in a Ghost, and go as fast as you can at the tank, towards the front. When you hit it, you will fly into the air and land hard.
Stuffed in hole: In the second level in multi-player mode, when you get to the light bridge have one person activate the bridge as another one is about to drive off. The second person (in the vehicle) will be warped to the light bridge switch, but the Warthog is nowhere to be found. You cannot really do anything now. However, if you walk about halfway across the light bridge, you can see the metal "arms" that came out. It is difficult, but possible, to jump down onto the arms. If you have good balance, you can walk on the narrow arm to the wall. Once there, you can duck down and crawl into the hole. Have the second player kill himself so that they are in the hole with you. There is a small drop off that leads down a hallway, then a wall. If one person is against the wall and kill the other one, the other one will respawn on top of their head. The player that just died can duck, jump forward, and land back on the arm. You can either kill your friend or leave him there. Crawl out of the hole and jump back onto the bridge.
Block teleports: Take two vehicles and place them over the teleports. This will make it impossible for anyone to escape through the teleport from sniper shots.
Fun with plasma grenades: Create your own multi-player settings, and set infinite grenades and all vehicles. Start the multi-player game, then kill yourself. You will get plasma grenades after you have died once. Go to kill the other player. Throw a plasma grenade "under" his body and he will fly all over you. Throw more grenades on him for more fun.
Ambush in Sidewinder: In Sidewinder level, go to the blue base. Jump up on the cliff to the left of the base. Then, stand directly outside of the hallway that slants down. Look down, throw a human grenade, and jump. Immediately before it explodes, shoot a rocket down. Hold Back when in the air, and you should make it to a glitched location, with no scenery. Walk around a bit, and you should see a hole that leads to one of the level's tunnels. Stay there until someone comes under the hole. You should be able to jump down and ambush them unexpectedly.


You can easily snipe the other players with a tank. Go to the end of the two parts where there is a large hill. Drive up there in a tank and aim at the other players. You will be able to see the entire level.
(2) There is a ramp on the blue side of the map on the wall. This place is also a good place to hide, but there is a better place up higher. With the Ghost, go up the ramp, and while holding A, go slightly higher until you have reached your destination -- anywhere works. Make sure you are facing the red side (get out on the right side). Press X to exit and you will fall slightly, but the Ghost hold you up. You can duck or do whatever us needed to stay behind it. You can see the whole map with this sniping position.
(3) Set up a tank against the wall and keep backing up. Have a Warthog drive up it, and it will fly on top allowing you to use the gun on it and tear everyone up.
(4) When you are playing capture the flag, just get the sniper rifle, go to the top of your base, and jump on the little ledge next to the warp. From there, jump onto the warp. This allows you to see the rocket launcher location and have a clear view all the way to the other base.
(5) Get a Scorpion Tank and ride it to the creek between the bases. Park your Scorpion Tank in front of the ladder. Climb the ladder, and at the top you will find a sniper rifle and some ammunition. This will not only block player two, but will give you a good chance of killing him/her if you have good aim.
(6) Play the level with at least tanks turned on and two players needed. Have one player get in a tank and drive it to the big tree. When he gets to the tree, have him lift his turret to where the big opening in the tree is located. Next, have the second player gets on the large part of the turret. Walk on the turret very steadily. When that player is about to fall, jump forward into the large space in the tree. He can take out his sniper rifle and shoot from this position.
(7) There is a perfect sniping spot on the side of the wall by the Blue base. Get the sniper rifle and go down to the right. Walk along the wall and you will see a slant. Walk up the slant to reach the sniping location. You can see everything from up there.
(8) Near the base with the shadow to your right, you can "climb" up the wall and find a sniping post with plenty of warning from rockets and grenades. First, you need to have lots of ammunition, preferably for the sniper rifle and rocket launcher. Next, grab a Ghost. At the base of the wall is a patch of dirt with no grass. That is your mark. When you drive the Ghost, notice that you always get out on one specific side. You will have to drive toward that spot on the wall with that side facing the wall. Then, when you get to a certain point, you can get out of the Ghost and it should push you up the wall, all the way to the top. This is difficult to do. You have to be going at top speed, have to press X about one to two seconds early, and have to go straight at the wall at the patch of dirt. Otherwise, you will end up almost there, not jumping as high, or falling where there is not a decline (and take slight damage). You cannot fall off the back edge, but you can fall forward and either die or take damage.


Get up on the mountains. Set the map for all vehicles. Take the tank and drive it up the ramp near the blue base. Go into one of the corners and turn the tank around and back it up into the wall. Then, run and get the Ghost and use the tank as a ramp to get up onto the mountain/cliff/wall. This will take a few attempts. This is a good sniper location.

There are multiple sniper platforms in various places around the level. You can access the large beam in the middle of the level either from running up it from the ground near the river, or you can jump over to it from one of the sniper rifle locations. On top is the rocket launcher, which is extremely useful in this small map. If you look along the beam, to your left is a small ridge which you can land on and is also a good sniper platform. You can also access the roofs of the structures from the right side if you are looking from the front doorway to the river.


In multi-player, split screen mode, create a game type that has all the vehicles. Set up the tanks and Warthogs. Get in a Ghost and try to run into the tanks to do some really cool tricks. Your also can Get the warthog to do some tricks.
(2) Go to multi-player mode, and then to the select game type. Set the game to infinite grenades, rocket launchers for the weapon, and a Warthog as the vehicle. Choose Bloody Gulch as the level. The name of the game is "Hogball". The only objective is to blow the Warthog as high as you can by throwing grenades at it, then shooting it with a rocket launcher or any combination of the two. This gets even more exciting by hooking up two or more systems together. You can have up to sixteen players and four Warthogs. It is possible to get a Warthog to stay aloft for 9 seconds. Also try to hit it with a rocket on its journey back down.
(3) Set the multi-player settings so all vehicles are on, then choose a level such as Sidewinder or Blood Gulch. Drive a Scorpion Tank to another Scorpion Tank, leaving a small space between them. Find a Warthog and drive over the edge of one of the tanks. You will do flips and spins, and sometimes go high in the air as if they are on a hill. You can also hit into the other tank for even more air and spin time. You may need to increase or decrease the space between the tanks for this to work.
(4) This trick can take a while to set up, but if done correctly the results are well worth the effort. Get a group of grenades on the ground in one location. In single player this can be done by killing marines and having them drop their grenades. Note: Marines do not seem to drop grenades under the easy difficulty setting, but will do so under the normal setting or higher. In cooperative multi-player mode, have a player pick up grenades from elsewhere, then have the second player kill them at the desired location for them to be dropped. Park a vehicle such as the Warthog on top of the pile of grenades. Throw a grenade onto the pile. The explosion of the first grenade will set off the others a split second later, launching the vehicle on top of them high into the air.
(5) Go to the Blood Gulch level. Set the level on all vehicles. Park the Warthog's tail end touching the base in between one of the gaps of the "shields" up on top. Get the rocket launcher (or tank) and start shooting the Warthog towards the middle of where the it is above the ground. The Warthog will fly up in the air and land on the top of the base. This will not always work on the first attempt -- keep trying. You can do the same with the Ghost, which is easier. Park the Warthog as done before. Then, get some space and hover as fast as you can directly into the center of the warthog. You once again will fly up on top, usually on the first try. Either way, they both make good turrets. Note: You must be careful. If you drive incorrectly on top of the base, you could fall through the center, and thus have no Warthog for the rest of the game. The same applies with a grenade, rocket, tank shell, etc.

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