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Crazy camera: In the level 2, "Halo", under the easy difficulty setting, play through the sections normally but make sure that the last lifeboat you find is the one obtained by entering the building to find the marines. When the Pelican arrives for you to get on and fly away, go to your Warthog instead. Drive it up close to the Pelican, making sure that the side seat is facing the opening of the Dropship. If done correctly, the Pelican will fly off, but the camera will not know which vehicle to follow. The camera should fly around and go haywire. Note: This does not happen all the time.
Bodies fall through Pelican: Play normally until you reach the first lifeboat survivors. Save the Marines from the flanking Covenant forces. when Echo 4-19 arrives to deliver your valuable warthog, Marines and engineers holding pistols will start boarding the Pelican for immediate dust-off. As soon as the majority of the men are seated quickly toss in one or two frag grenades and rattle them with assault rifle bullets. The bodies and weaponry will fall through the aircraft and appear on the floor. This can also be done on every other lifeboat survivor area on that level. Note: Do not wait until everyone is in the Pelican. Start killing when there are enough Marines in it. Most of the time one or two Marines will be left behind and will start shooting at you. Also, take note that if the Pelican leaves with four survivors and you actually killed three people in it, Marines in the pelican that are taking off will attempt to kill you, but will not succeed. This action can get you killed -- if you need to kill more than one Marine or engineer, make sure you have enough health to kill them all.
Pass through ship: After you destroy all the enemies that came down from the Dropships, a ship with your Warthog will arrive. When it drops the Warthog, the ship will descend all the way. When it is about to reach the ground, go under it. You will be half way inside the ship. Jump up and you will be inside it. Note: You will not be able to stay in the ship for very long.
Shorty: On the Halo level, during the FMV sequence when you turn on the bridge, you can make yourself shorter by breaking the glass below the activation of the bridge machine.
Killer laser beam: You can man Master Chief, fly up in the air and sometimes go out of the level. You will need two players. Go to the farthest one out (the place where you have to save the marines, where there is water when you can jump of the level). You will see a blue laser shooting in the air. Have both players go up to it. One player should get inside of the little opening, and the other player should jump on top of him then jump up on the platform. You can stand where the laser is (and float there). The laser will appear and hit you, sending you flying up, Sometimes you are sent flying sideways. Try this at different angles. There is also another little platform above that one. Jump off it when the laser appears and it will send you up far.
Switched weapons: When you go to the light bridge control panel, your weapon switches to an assault rifle when the intermission sequence starts. It changes back when the sequence ends.
Paralyzed character: Cross the bridge at the start and you reach the first outpost, where you have to rescue some marines and go through a series of attacks made by Covenant forces by dropships. When done with that, Echo 4-19 will drop a Warthog to you. Get in the vehicle and turn 180 degrees. Drive forward and go up the grassy/rocky hill. The location you need to drive to is the area where the rock part of the hill and the grass part of the hill meet. If you drive on the rock part, next to the grass part, you will drive up faster than you would have on grass. When you get to the top, you can drive into the treeline a bit until your control of everything except your view is rendered. If you are still in the Warthog, you cannot get out. You have to let yourself slide down the hill to regain full control of your character.
Stuck after falling: When you crash and get out of the escape pod, go to the bridge. When you get to the edge before you go over the bridge, go to the left edge. Start to walk over the edge. Just when you start to fall, walk backwards. You should land with two bars of health gone. If you go to the other side, the Banshees will appear and you can kill them and then snipe the covenant with the pistol. Note: The only way to get back up is to jump off and die. You start again at the very beginning of the level.
Keyes: Super speed Banshee: When you go through the level, pull the implants from the Captain and head out to the shuttle bay. When your last objective in the game is to head to the shuttle bay to find a ride, you can get the "Super Speed Banshee" fairly easy. Shoot or run though the Covenant forces and the game will trigger a Drop Ship and two Banshees to enter the hanger. You are on the third floor. Jump down to the middle divider where a Covenant turret is located. Then, jump down to the hanger floor. You must do this before the Banshees have landed on the hanger floor. You should be directly beside the Banshees before they land. When they land, the Elites jump out. Immediately when they jump out, get in. The Banshee should be yours and it will go faster than it normally would. You can fly outside and look at the Covenant cruiser. However, sooner or later the game triggers the ending sequence for level.
Floating gun: As soon as you start the level, the first door on your left has a floating gun in front of it on the ground. It is standing perfectly still on its side.
Flying Warthog: Get a Warthog with seven Marines on it. Kill the marines and they will drop grenades. Drive the Warthog under the grenades, then throw one or two plasma grenades and watch it fly.
Third person view after teleporting: Park a Warthog directly in front of one of the teleporters near the rocket launcher points. Be the driver when you go through the teleporter. You get teleported, but instead of it being a flash of green and your there, the screen goes wild and your view point shows the map in third person view, as if you were still driving.
Fall to death: In level 5, the section "I Want To Be Your Daddy" is the first that you see. In order to do this trick you have to be in single player mode. When the Dropship is about to let you out, quickly press X button to sit back down in the seat. You will fly down the pit and go around in circles as the Covenant tries to shoot you down. Once you wait long enough, the Dropship disappears from sight and you will float down to your doom.
Floating Covenant: Throw a grenade and kill a covenant. They will sometimes land on top of the shields that you can hide behind. There are many of these in The Pillar Of Autumn level. After they land on top, destroy the shield. They will float in mid-air instead of dropping to the ground. Note: This does not happen very often.
Stupid Grunt: Find a Grunt in the easy difficulty setting (preferably on his own) with a needler. Walk directly up to him. He will fire needlers in all directions and will barely hit you. When he reloads, he will hit and rattle his weapon as if he does not know how to use it.
Extra explosion: Throw a grenade next to your foot. Get killed by the grenade, but time the explosion. While you are being killed, quickly tap the grenade button twice. If done correctly, the rest of the grenade will spread and explode.
Living dead: In multi-player mode after someone dies, throw a plasma grenade on them. After it explodes, the corpse will fly in the air and flail its arms as if it was still alive.
Master Chief vs. fiery Phantom: Go to any level that has Phantoms. Reduce the Phantom's life to one red bar. Go to a high location where you can land and stick a plasma grenade to the inside of it. Quickly get into the Phantom and fly forward. The grenade will explode and Master Chief will fly out in front of the flaming Phantom looking as if he is running from it
Master Chief flies: If you have one or more plasma grenades, try to find a patch of them grouped into one area. Throw your grenade directly below you. When it explodes, it will cause a chain reaction that sets off all the grenades. If done correctly, the Master Chief will fly extremely high in the level.
Double Master Chief: In either the Pillar Of Autumn, Assault On The Control Room, or 343 Guilty Spark, immediately before the level ends, stick a plasma grenade to yourself. In the intermission sequence, you will see one Master Chief blowing up and another either jumping into a life boat, walking into the control room, or meeting the Monitor.
Light from Master Chief's head: Start a multi-player game in any mode where you can see yourself on someone else's screen. Go someplace dark, turn on the light on your gun, and aim it at the other player's face. You will see the light appearing from the Master Chief's head, and not the gun.
No head: On the first level when you get out of the tube, press X when prompted to exit the cryo tube. Watch your character get out. The screen will be white and coming into view. After you take control finally, turn and jump in the cryo tube before it closes. When you get in and it closes with you inside, you are stuck. When you cannot move in the tube and look up in a certain manner you will see yourself, but with no head.
Wrong hand: Play a cooperative or versus multi-player mode game with two players. Have the first player get a plasma pistol, and have the second player stand in front of the first player. Have player one swing the pistol. Notice that on player one's screen that he is swinging it with his right hand. However, on player two's screen, he is swinging it with his left hand.
Face orientation: This trick requires two players. Have player one look directly towards the sky, then have player two look at player one. You will notice that his face is facing you, but on his screen it is pointed to the sky.
Shotgun misfire: You can do this in any level where you get a shotgun. Walk up to a wall or something where you can see where the shell hits. Fire once, and keep aiming at that spot. Reload, then fire while reloading. The shotgun will fire upwards, but will still hit where you shot the first time. This is very effective in multi-player mode.
Skip FMV sequence: On any level before a FMV sequence, throw a grenade. Most of the time the game will skip the FMV sequence.

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