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Three weapons:
When you get to the part where the Marine you are following stops and waits for you to enter the bridge, take off as fast as you can the way you came. Pick up two guns of any kind and go back to the bridge. Talk to Keyes, and he will still give you the pistol. If done correctly, you will have three guns for the rest of the level. Note: Getting away from the bridge fast enough to not see the intermission sequence is difficult and will probably require a few attempts.
Warthog with no driver: When you start the level, watch as the Marines are being assembled. A Warthog should drive by with no one steering. Note: This may only work under the easy difficulty setting.
Appearing Grunt: Under the easy or normal difficulty setting, when your motion tracker turns on immediately run to the clear opening and break open the door. If done correctly, Cortana will not mention anything about the door, the pop-up description of melee will not appear, and the Grunt will not be there. Run forward slightly, then walk back towards where you came from. The pop-up will appear, and after that, the Grunt will mysteriously appear.
Long distance explosion kill: Play the level in cooperative multi-player mode. At the very first part of the level, keep the man inside the first room. Normally, he runs out and eventually dies down the hall from an explosion from a door. Have one of the players block the door to keep him inside the first room, then have the other player run down the hall to activate the door explosion. You will then see the man fly backwards, still being killed by the explosion from down the hall.


Walk through bars:
Use the following trick to walk through the bars where you get the invisibility and overshield. Park a vehicle directly next to the bars. When you are on the opposite side of the vehicle, press X to climb in and go through the bars. This works especially well in capture the flag games.
Invisible snow: On the Sidewinder (snow) multi-player level, take a tank and put it on a ledge that you can walk on. Park it in the corner of the wall. Take a Ghost and ramp up it. When you make it, the screen will turn white and you will be on top of the level. You can also fall down into the rooms from above.
Get on top of cliff: Have the game set on all vehicles. Start the level at the Blue Base. Get in a Ghost and go to the cliff to your right. Ride the Ghost up the side of the cliff. You will pass a location where you come from a teleporter. Pass by it and go to the second one. Turn sideways beside the cliff edge, then use the Left Analog-stick and go right sideways and accelerate. Press X and exit the Ghost just before you hit the cliff. If done correctly, the Ghost will hit you up the side of the cliff. You should end up on top. Note: This requires practice. Once on top, there is an invisible barrier where you cannot shoot people unless you are on the edge, and grenades do not explode.
Get above the map: Use the following trick to get into the other team's base quickly, and with little notice. It only works if you are playing with at least three players. If your at red base, stand out on the edge on the top floor on the side with the teleporter. Have one of your teamates jump on your head and move forward slightly, creating a little set of steps. If done correctly, the third player and any after should be able to jump up the first two players and on top of the red base. You can now simply run to the blue side, drop in, and steal the flag.


At the top of the world:
Take a Warthog directly to the part before you first fight Hunters (the part that opens when you complete that level). Park it by the rock that you squeezed through. Make the gunner point up at the rock wall. Climb up it to get on top. At the beginning you see a silver/gray ledge. You will be on top of it if you walk over to it on the ledge.
Dead on the other side: When the door locks there is a window in it that you can shoot through and kill the Covenant swordsmen. Go through the level until the FMV sequence in which the swordsmen walks out begins. He will be standing on a dead version of him.
Explore level: When you get to the blocked door, drive the Warthog into it before it closes. If done correctly, the Warthog will be stuck in the door. Press X to exit the Warthog and you should be on the other side of the door, free to run about the level.
Rocket at sea: Once the Pelican crashes, get the rocket launcher. Shoot it in the direction of the sea. It will go for quite a while, then explode.
Bouncing water: Go into the ocean and shoot the water with the assault rifle. Go where the bullets are bouncing off the water. This will hurt you. If done correctly and long enough, it should kill you.
Waiting for you: Take the Warthog down to the floor where the door locks. Make sure you have marines in the Warthog. Park it in front of the door and leave them there. Do not go too fast before the door shuts, or your wheel will get stuck in the door. Play the game through until the FMV sequence showing the covenant swordsmen running out begins. He will run right into the warthog and start shooting. The marines will also shoot at him. However, when you go back the marines will still be there,and the swordsmen will occur later as normal.
Walking on water: When they give you a Warthog, the marines will try to get in. Slowly drive backwards toward the ocean. The marines will follow you. Stop where you want them. They will walk back and forth in the ocean.
Invisible underwater wall: Progress through the level until you get your first Warthog jeep. Aim the Warthog at the ocean and keep driving. You will eventually hit an invisible wall. Underwater, there is no air supply and your guns short-fuse. You cannot see the bullet and will just hear the gun firing and the invisible bullet hit the ground. You will be so deep underwater that you will get lost..
Fly high: Play the level in cooperative mode. Fight until the Covenant at the beginning are eliminated. Next, kill off the Marines and take all of the grenades that you can find. Have one player kill the other and a pile of grenades will be formed. Wait for the other player to respawn. Have him kill the other player in the same spot, making the pile even bigger. Next, have both players search the entire island for more grenades. The original pile will remain through loading points. Make the pile progressively larger by repeating this. When you finish piling the grenades, get one out of the pile, go to the nearest checkpoint, and blow yourself out of the level.
Warthog through door: In the room where the door locks, it is possible to get the Warthog through it before it locks. You can then drive the Warthog into the next big room. You have to hit the opening at top speed and be perfectly aligned for this to work.
Get Warthog to the bottom: Start the level in cooperative mode. Get two Warthogs (one is dropped off and the other is on the other side of the island.). Then, first go to the security override structure and disable the security locks. Next, go to the Cartographer structure and drive both Warthogs inside. They should easily fit until you get to the room where the locked door would be. Then, simply ram one Warthog through the entrance. It should go partially through. Then, use the other Warthog and ram the other one completely through. This will cause a glitch and both Warthogs will go through. In the next room are some Covenant. Dispose of them. You will now see that there is a door that is very small. Line one of the Warthogs up at the door, then ram it with the other one. Continue ramming it until it goes through. Be careful here, as there is a ledge that is very narrow on the other side. Keep the Warthog as close to the wall as possible. You will have to leave the other Warthog behind. When you get the first Warthog to the next door, try to go through at an angle. Keep driving and it should slowly force its way through. If you have any Plasma Grenades, use those to force it through faster. After this, it should be easy to go the rest of the way.
Warthog vs. Echo 4-19: Take the second Warthog on the island and put it were the Echo will crash. Resume playing the level through. When it crashes, look at the Warthog. It should be stuck in the Echo.
Flip a flying Pelican: When you get off the Pelican, go in between both of the Pelicans and run straight out to the sea. Both pelicans will turn at the sea. You should be under the Pelican. If you jump, a "Press X to flip the Pelican" message will appear, but will not allow you to actually do so.
Zombie men: Take a Warthog with men in it down into the place where they lock the door. Before they lock the door, press X to get them out. Leave them and the Warthog down there. Go and unlock the door. After that, return and they will be zombies that do not respond to anything.
Double swordsman: Go to the room where it locks. Do not go near the door. Try to throw grenades in the door to kill the swordsman. The door should close. Later when you press the button to open the door, you see the same swordsman you killed.
Three drop ships: When the level starts and the Marines get out of the drop ships, start running in and out of both drop ships. In a little while, Foe Hammer will appear with the Warthog. This may require a few attempts.
Watery start: Drive into the water for about one minute and turn around. You will not be able to get out of the water will have to restart the level.
Get Warthog into first hall: After unlocking the door that leads to the map room, you can get a Warthog through the door and into the first hall. You need two Warthogs to do this. Drive the first Warthog into the open doorway at high speed and, if you hit it square-on, the front half of the Warthog will go through the door and get stuck half-way. Then, use the second Warthog to ram into the back of the first one. This will push it all the way through the door. You can then drive the first Warthog into the first hall. If there are Marines on the first Warthog, you will witness the strange behavior of Covenant and Marines totally ignoring each other. The Covenant will only attack Master Chief. You can also use this two Warthog technique to get a Warthog past the tree that leads to the security override, and have fun running over Hunters.
Get through security door: This trick must be done in two player cooperative mode with a Warthhog and one or two grenades. Go to the doors that lock when you get too close to them. After they lock, have player one get out of the Warthog and have player two as the driver. Put the player one exactly in between the door, where the line is located. Start running forward, but stay exactly in between the line. Player two must line up exactly with player one, who is still running towards the door, and drive slowly at him and hit him. If done correctly, player one should end up behind the door. Make sure that player two has a grenade. Player two must kill himself. Then, both players will be on the other side of the door.

View screen:
When you get to the bridge and the FMV sequence starts, quickly skip it and the main view screen will still be there. If you watch the sequence, the view screen will be shattered and the Sentinels will have a clear shot at you. This is especially useful under the legendary difficulty setting.
Grunt dialogue: After you see E4-19 shot down, continue on until you see the Grunts running away from you. Turn sharply to the right and go through the tunnel. Halfway through it, there will be a path leading from that tunnel to another one on your right. At the very end of the tunnel is a Grunt that will not attack you-- he just stands there. After a couple screams of terror he will say "Good thing that food nipple's waiting for me at the starship, cause man, have I worked up a big grunty thirst!"
Land in barrel: Towards the end of the level where you have to ride the Warthog to the escape ship, several barrels will hinder your progress in the Warthog. Cortana will tell you to stop and run to the ship. Instead, gun the engine and throw the Warthog sideways into one of the barrels on the right. This will turn the Warthog on its side and you will be thrown to the left. This may take a few attempts. If done correctly, you will land in one of the barrels. The barrel will be semi-transparent, allowing you to see what lies around you, but you cannot move, fire, or jump. If you land in a flaming barrel you will eventually die.
Shoot through glass door: When you reach the part of the level where the Covenant, Flood and flying robots go on an all out melee, take a left through the dark halls on your way to get there. You will eventually end up in a room with lots of dead Grunts and Elites. Look to your right as you enter to see a large glass door with a burning box or two on the side of it. From here, you can watch the fight or shoot through the glass without breaking it. Be careful -- sometimes outside explosions can cause all of the plasma grenades in the room to explode.


Shoot through door:
Go to the landing where the two Hunters are after you. Kill all the men there, then go to the bottom. You will notice that the Elite has closed the door, but you can still kill him. This works well when playing with a friend. Jump up and when you see him, fire through the glass. A clip or two may be required. This trick works in any location where the doors are part glass.
Forget Captain Keys: As soon as you press X to lower the Covenant dropship, hurry and kill Captain Keys. Instead of showing the FMV sequence, the game will take you directly to the next level.
No second chance: Board the ship and work your way to the brig with the captain in it. When you get there, open the cells when Keys' deactivates. Run over to it and through a plasma grenade. It will bounce off nothing, land on you, then explode and kill you. The intermission sequence will play, but it will get cut short and show you exploding. However, it will not restart and will continue as if nothing happened. Note: :You will have to restart the level if you do this.


During this level, you need to go in and run into the blue streak to make the explosion. In cooperative multi-player mode, it is easier to send one player in to hit the blue thing and the other to stay back in the hallway where Flood spawn in front of his face after the explosion. If you stay back in the hallway and wait for the Flood to appear, try throwing a plasma grenade onto them as soon as they spawn, when the screen is shaking and going blue. The grenade will stay on the Flood and not explode and the Flood will not move. All 10 to 15 of the Flood, and the one with a rocket launcher will totally freeze. Then, if you shoot them, they will explode and disappear.
Pass through flame poles: Go to the part where you get the first Banshee. Find the purple poles with a blue flame on top of them. You can walk through them as if they do not exist. You can also shoot at them, and the bullets or plasma will go through it.
Get Ghost through crack in broken door: In "The Tunnels Below" section, you will open one of the doors which breaks and only leaves a vertical crack to get through. You can get a Ghost through that crack and massacre the Flood in the bridge area. To do this, reverse the Ghost so that its back end is through the crack. Then, get a Banshee, and while hovering directly on top of the Ghost, press X to exit the Banshee. It will force one of the Ghost's wings through the crack. It is now easy to get the rest of it through.
Frozen Flood: In cooperative mode, get to the part where the second reactor is located (with all of the Flood around it). Have one player stand out in the hallway just after you cross the loading point, and have the other player run out and destroy the reactor. Immediately after that, have the other player cross over the loading point again, causing your partner to respawn safely next to him. The Flood in the hall will be frozen. Do not cross back over the loading point or they will resume moving. If you have a rocket launcher and shoot them while they are frozen then cross over the loading point, the Flood's bodies will fly up into the air.
Frozen Flood (2): This trick only works in cooperative mode. Make sure that you have either frag grenades or a bazooka. After your get the Banshees, fly to when you have to knock out the blue generators. Land your Banshees and go into the hallway the leads to the generator. When you go down the hall, one of the Master Chiefs will spawn you next to him twice. Take one of the Master Chiefs and place him directly next to where the first spawn point is located. There are two choices for the other master chief; either run into the other room and run into the blue generator while the Sentinels give you cover, or kill everyone in the room. Exactly when his shield is taken out, have the other Master Chief run or jump over the spawn point. If done correctly, when you turn around there will be a large number of Flood standing frozen. Throw some frag grenades or a rocket to blow them up. You can also throw a plasma grenade on one of them, but it will not explode when it touches them. Instead, it will be as frozen as them (until you unfreeze them). When you have had your fun killing them, try jumping over the first few; if you blew them up they should fly everywhere without you getting hurt.

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