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Defeating Enemies
Cheats, Hints, Strategies and Playing Tips

When Covenant dropship is getting ready to unload a group of Covenants, throw a grenade into the door as it opens. The blast will kill several of the enemies since they are all in one area.
Two: When trying to kill Covenants, jump over them (so you can look at their back) then shoot or hit them with the butt of your gun.
Three: When playing in legendary mode, have a plasma weapon (Plasma Pistol recommended) and a Human Pistol. First, use the plasma weapon to blow off the Covenent's shield. Then, use the Human Pistol to kill them.
Four: There are places (especially in the first level) where a groups of Covenants are, waiting for you to barge in and start shooting. If you can, sneak to the aliens and throw a grenade into their midst. It is best when a plasma grenade sticks to a Grunt, because he will run behind the rest of his companions. One simple grenade can take out five Covenants.


Find a needler and waste a clip on an Elite during the early levels. This will take out the Elite and the gathered needles form grenade-like explosions, injuring if not killing anything near the target.
Two: Hold R to fully charge a Covenent energy pistol. You can continue to hold the charge indefinitely. Find an Elite and blast him. Depending on the distance to him, he will sometimes flex and get angry. When he does this, walk up and punch him with the pistol. On the easy difficulty setting, he will die immediately.
Three: Use the plasma pistol and charge up or use a different plasma weapon to lower the shields. Plasma lowers shields faster than bullets. Then, switch to the assault rifle and kill him. Bullets will kill everything except shielded enemies faster.
Four: Equip the assault rifle and aim at an Elite. When they start running towards you, tap R lightly to get short bursts of fire from your rifle. About five bursts will take down their shields. You can now use bursts or melee attacks to finish them off. If you fire your bursts fast enough, they will hardly move or fire back.
Five: Get a plasma pistol, charge it up, and fire at the elite. The blast will completely remove his shields. Then, take out a human pistol, zoom in, and take him out with a single head shot. This is almost the only way to take out Elites under the legendary difficulty setting, as they can remove your shields and kill you with about five shots of their plasma rifle. If they are in the open, get a Needler and empty an entire clip in the direction of the Elite. If at least twelve hit, the Elite will die under the legendary difficulty setting.


Do not try to take out any Flood types with a sniper rifle. It will simply go through their bodies without killing them. The weapon of choice is the shotgun. You can take them down with one shot. Remember, the closer they are, the faster they fall.
Two: On the small crawling Flood, use your assault rifle in short controlled bursts. Once one pops, it will also pop the ones nearby. Save shotgun and pistol ammunition for the working class Flood to drop them fast. It is also a good idea to hit them with your gun after they fall to make sure they are dead. On the fat Flood, use the shotgun to pop them, then clean up with rifle.
Three: When you first meet the Flood, they will outnumber you in groups. For the large Flood, use a shotgun, rocket launcher, or most importantly, a fragmentation grenade. Do not use a plasma grenade because they will run towards you and kill you.
Four: When you get attacked by the Flood, after you make them fall down the first time, shoot their head off while they are on the ground. They will not get back up.
Five: Most of the Flood attack you with weapons and strong melee attacks with their arms. Some of the combat form Flood are harmless. They may chase you, but they cannot inflict any damage. You can tell that they are harmless by noticing that they have no arms. Do not waste ammunition on these harmless flood -- just melee attack them. Be careful not to mistake the harmless for the harmful types.
Six: To end all Flood types quickly under the easy difficulty setting, crouch down and shoot their legs with the shotgun. You do not have to crouch yet when they are swarming on you -- it seems to confuse them. Stay crouched, pivot, and fire. Also try to alternate shooting, crouching, and shooting, etc.
Seven: Melee any Flood that are too close. This will buy time to shoot other Flood and save your Shield. This also works against jumping Flood.
Eight: When battling the Flood, use human weapons such as rockets, frag grenades, pistols, assault rifles, and especially shotguns. After you have knocked one of the enemies down, hit them with the butt of your gun to kill them permanently.
Nine: To kill the little Flood heads faster,. use a Needler. Shoot one needle at the heads. This needle will blow up and cause others around it to die. Also, the head that has the needler stuck in it will blow up. The combined force of both explosions will take out a lot of them without using much ammunition.
Ten: The small flood Are easiest to kill with the MA5B assault rife. The pistol also works, but the assault rifle has more ammunition. The larger ones (infested Elite type) are easiest to kill with shotgun and pistol. The rocket launcher can also be used, but they can often dodge the rocket. The smaller ones (infested Marine type) are the same. They are faster and jump higher than the Elites, and more often carry human weapons. The good thing is, especially under the easy difficulty setting, they will run over to you, hit you, then just stand there. This is the best time to kill them. For the big balloon types, the plasma pistol works surprisingly well, as does the pistol and shotgun. Sometimes if you kill one of the Elite or Human Floods, they drop grenades. This is very useful if one of the balloon types is behind them. Blow him up, and the grenades also will explode, killing the little ones that appear and anyone around.
Flood infection forms: The Flood infection forms (the small ones) are deadly when you do not have a shield. Normally they pop, but without a shield, they drain your life slowly away. The only way to get rid of them is to run away, then shoot. Do not always shrug off the infection forms, as that can get you killed.
Making sure Flood are dead: After you shoot a Flood and it is on the ground, move your crosshairs over it. If it remains blue, the Flood is dead. If it turns red, blow it to bits.
Fun with the Flood: Use the human handgun to shoot the weapon out of the Flood's hand, without shooting off the limb. The Maw is a good place to try this.
On the second Assault On The Control room, there is a room that has only the smaller, more human-like Flood. You can shoot their arms off and they cannot hurt you. They will only chase you around. To have more fun, you can try to blow off the top of their head. Most of the time this does not kill them, and you can see their brain.
Shoot off the arms of any flood and it will follow you around like a dog. Weapons that can shoot off arms are the assault rifle and human pistol.
On any level with the Flood, kill one of the bigger ones. If you look down at it, it may have one of those messed up arms. You are able to shoot the arms and the head off.


In the later levels of the game you will encounter new enemies called Flugs. These enemies will be small at first, but they will attack and control anything alive. Use a shotgun on these baby Flug as they tend to group in large numbers. By using the shotgun it will send a storm of bullets and kill most of them that are around. Use a shotgun on the possessed Flug, and it will kill most of them in one shot. This is made easier by the fact that most of them carry shotguns.
Two: If you use a shotgun on the Flugs, it is much easier to kill them. They do not run away from grenades, which work very well against them.


When the Grunts are sleeping you can beat them to death with the butt of your gun without waking up any of the other Grunts. You can usually kill a four to seven of them before an alien spots you. They start sleeping in level 5, Assault on the Control Room. Just remember not to shoot or they will wake up.

Normally Hunters are the hardest Covenant to kill, due to their powerful armor and shields. However, even the strongest armor has weak spots. If you look at their necks or backs, you can see an orange spot. Aim for it. One shot with the human pistol, sniper rifle, and shotgun will kill them if you hit them there.
Two: The best way to kill a hunter is to use a sniper rifle to zoom in on the orange spot.
Three: If you are playing cooperative multi-player mode, have player two run in front of the Hunter until his back is turned to player one. While the Hunter is trying to turn player two into mush, have player one run up to the Hunter's back and melee attack the orange spot. The Hunter should die with several hits.
Four: You can kill the Hunters in a head-on assault. Get in close and use the pistol or shotgun. Aim for the head holding down the trigger. Your first shot(s) will knock back the head, exposing the unarmored neck. One shot in the neck and they will die.
Five: If you are being chased by a Hunter or an alien with a sword, run backwards while facing the alien. Jump when they try to slash you. Throw a plasma grenade at the alien and it will stick to him. Turn around and run in a zig-zag pattern to make sure he does not catch you in the explosion.
Six: An easy way to kill a Hunter is to hit them with a vehicle. If you chase them with the vehicle, they will try to dodge.
Seven: If sniping Hunters is not fun for you, try this. Approach a Hunter, being sure to avoid any blasts from his fuel rod cannon. Shoot him a few times to make him charge, and as he starts his melee attack, quickly sidestep around him until you face his back. If done correctly, you should be looking at his back before he finishes his attack. When you are looking at the back, shoot it as many times as you can before he turns around. For even more fun, charge as you are shooting his back and press B when in range for a melee attack. The best gun for this attack is the shotgun, but the assault rifle also works.
Eight: Throw plasmas grenades on them. It may take a some practice to get them stuck on a Hunter, but with two grenades, he will probably be dead (depending on the difficulty setting). Note: Do not stand too close or you may be blown up, and the plasma grenade will not stick to his shield.
Nine: Hit Hunters with a melee attack. They will put their head down and the orange spot there can be seen. Melee attack that spot to kill them faster.
Ten: Shoot a Hunter in the orange spot in his midsection with a shotgun at point blank range. This will kill it on every setting, including legendary.
Eleven: Notice that Hunters are left-handed and uses that side to melee attack. To dodge the attack, jump above him on his right side. He will completely miss you. While in the air, turn around to face him. He will still be looking that way, giving you the chance to kill him without being hit by his melee attack. To do so easily, crouch down and melee or shoot him in the bright orange spot.
Twelve: Once the Hunter is in your sight, depending on the distance from him, he will either charge his weapon at you or begin to run at you. You will have to get close enough so he starts running at you. As he charges at you (make sure you are running backwards and facing him), fire your weapon (assault rifle, plasma rifle, or shotgun recommended). Once he gets close enough, he will swing his shield at you, exposing his chest. At this point, he will slow down and give you a great opportunity to unload your weapon and get some distance from him. This may require some practice under the normal difficulty setting, and it may take more than one swing of the hunter's shield. Also, make sure that you have plenty of room in the area before you begin this strategy. Avoid from cliffs, corridors, and rocky areas.
Thirteen: After you get close enough to make them charge at you, sidestep, turn around, and shoot them in the back with the pistol. This is the easiest way to kill Hunters with just one or two shots.
Fourteen: Wait until Hunters charge you, then step back so they hit air. Shoot them in the stomach with a pistol once their arm is in mid-air. This should kill them.
Fifteen: Although Hunters are equipped with the strongest armor, shield, and a plasma launcher, they are very slow and can never catch you if you keep moving. Hunters are can be easily out-run, but do not try to do so. Close-ranged battles with Hunters are wiser. Step to your left when one tries to melee attack and it will miss. You can now attack him in the orange spot (pistol does a one shot kill) when he is facing the other way, or make him fall to his death. Note: Because of their body armor, Hunters can survive a fall three times more than you can. However, if you try to fight from far away, they can shoot you with a plasma launcher. If you want to fight from a distance, use a sniper rifle and snipe the orange spot. Make sure that he does not see you. Hunters cannot be easily killed by explosives because of their armor and shield. Be careful when two or more Hunters are on you -- dodging both can be difficult and sometimes they can really hurt you.
Sixteen: On levels with Hunters in a building, do not run up and attack. First, get the little aliens out of the way. Then, get the Hunters' attention in any way you can to get them to chase you. Go to one of the far walls. Jump on to the higher part of the wall. The Hunter will try to punch you, but cannot. Shoot the Hunter from this position.
Seventeen: Wait until a Hunter gets angry and uses his melee attack (when he hits you with his shield). When his arm and shield are up, he is completely defenseless. Use your melee attack with the assault rifle to his stomach.
Fun with Hunters: If you are a skilled player, you can kill a Grunt and lure a Hunter over to it. Wait until he melees and move out of the way. The hunter will hit the Grunt and it will fly farther than if you hit it with a rocket launcher. For a harder challenge but farther distance, try getting it to hit a live Grunt.


Use a photon weapon to destroy a Jackal's shield quickly.
Two: When you are a far way away from Jackals and have a sniper, they will sit in the defense position and leave very little uncovered. You will notice that on the right or left is a small notch in the shield. Aim for it and the Jackal population will be severely decreased.
Three: If you are having trouble killing the Jackals because your ammunition deflects off the shields, just get close enough and melee attack them from the front. This can save parts of your shield and a lot of your ammunition.
Four: When you encounter a Jackal, run up and hit it with your weapon or get out a gun that uses bullets, not energy.


It is much easier to defeat Sentinels if you use a Plasma Rifle. They will go down in about five shots.
Two: Charge up a Plasma Pistol and aim at a Sentinel. It will die in just one shot. Another good thing about this is that the Plasma Pistol burst will sort of follow them to hit.
Three: There are only a few levels that you have to deal with the Sentinels, and most of them are in confined areas. The easiest way to destroy them is to throw a Plasma Grenade on them. Since most of the time there close together, you can take out two or three at a time. If you do not have a Plasma Grenade, then fire a couple shots with the Shotgun or shoot a blast with the Energy Pistol.

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