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Assault On The Control Room
Cheats, Hints, Strategies and Playing Tips

Hidden ammunition stash:
At the room where there is a bridge on one side and a half broken bridge on the other side, there is a ammunition stash on the far left side, near the broken bridge. Note: It is the giant room once you enter the tunnel. There is ammunition for the sniper rifle, assault rifle, pistol, and rocket launcher and is very useful when fighting the Hunters and Elites on the other side.
Easy completion:
Go to the area where the Goliath tank is located. Take out the tank, but do not go past the pond that it sits on. After you take it out, look up on the wall until you find a ledge sticking out with a light on it. Shoot the middle of the pad on the underside. This may take a few attempts until you get the Banshee that falls off the ledge. Get in and fly down the tunnel. Take out the Hunters at the bottom, then get out and open the door. Fly to where the bridge is broken and take that enemy out. Get out of the Banshee and snipe the enemies on the other side of the gap. Get in the Banshee and fly to the door. Open it and fly through. Keep going in the Banshee until you get to the area with the second tank. Go to the ledge and grab the other banshee on the large middle island. Take it and keep flying in the same direction until you see two bridges. Go to the one next to the one above the door on the ground. Go until you come out on the bridge where the "I wish I had a super weapon" message appears. Take one of those and fly to the top of the pyramid and finish the level. This is a good way to easily complete this level under the legendary difficulty setting.
Shortcut: At the part where you have to leave the Marines to carry on, continue on and fight more Covenant. When you get to an elevator, go up and you find a Jackal at the top when the elevator stops. After killing him, continue until the part where there are two bridges. When you get on the first bridge, you will find some sleeping Grunts. It is best to leave them sleeping. Immediately get on the bridge, turn right, and you will reach some sort of glass wall. Just to the left of the glass wall you will see what appears to be a small pillar or stone. There are other stones to the left of that particular stone your looking at. Jump on the stone pillar. You may need several attempts to do so. Once you are on the stone, the glass will be to your right, the other stones will be to your left, and the other bridge will be in front of you. Turn right until you are facing the glass wall. You can now see the top of the glass wall. Turn to the right so that you can see the top of the glass wall, then jump on the glass wall. If you miss, you either safely fall back onto the bridge or fall off the bridge and down to your death. After making it onto the top of the glass wall, turn slightly to your left and try jump on to the other bridge. By this time the covenant should have already discovered you and will start shooting. Once you are on the other bridge, continue on to complete the level. This is useful when playing under the legendary difficulty setting to avoid fighting all the Covenant, especially the Elites and Hunters.
Shortcut (2): Get to the point where there are two Banshees outside on the bridge. Use a Sniper Rifle to kill one of the Elites that pilot them. Take off in it and go to the "control room" on the building next to the bridge (or you can simply jump onto the "spine" and walk down to the ground). If you go under the spot where the spine is located, there is a med pack and supplies. When you get to the ground, you can go get a Ghost and drive it up the ramps (you must drive on the sides), or just walk up the ramp. Open the door and kill everything. If you used a Banshee or a Ghost, take it all the way inside and it will show you in it during the FMV sequence after the level is completed.
Shortcut (3): On the part where you go over the snowed over bridge, grab the Banshee and kill all the enemies in the area. Then, take the Banshee to the pyramid type building. This way, you will not have take on any enemies in the chasm or on the pyramid.
Sniping location: As you exit the lower door into the valley, head to the large vertical support for the pyramid. There is a large crack where this support is anchored in the ground. Jump in -- there are weapons and health located here. After arming yourself with the rockets and sniper rifle, go to the beginning of the vertical support. Hop on it and start walking up. You cannot go all the way to the pyramid, but you will be high over the enemy, who you can pick off at will. The tank is the only weapon that can hit you. However, if you go to the correct location the snow bridge that you crossed will block the shots. This will work going in and when you exit later.
Sniping location (2): Get a Banshee from the snow covered bridge (near the pyramid building). Fly up to the pyramid and open the door. Get back into your Banshee and fly up the pillar directly in front of the building (it goes straight up). There are walls coming out of the pillar. Land the Banshee on top of the bottom wall. Get out carefully and walk to the right side of the wall. If you do not have a sniper rifle or pistol, there is a spine coming out of the pillar; go down it to find is a stash with a sniper rifle, pistol and rocket launcher ammunition. Also, in the bottom of the ditch is health, if needed. Go back to the bottom wall again. Get out of your Banshee and walk to the right side again. You should have an easy shot at the Grunts and Elites. They will not be able to shoot back. After that, fly back down and continue into the building to finish the level.
Spinning ring: At the Halo start up screen, choose multiplayer mode. Choose cooperative play at the next screen, then choose your profiles at the next. Choose the level where in the beginning it says, "I would have been your daddy" (Assault On The Control Room). On the difficulty screen, choose legendary. When the level starts after the introduction sequence, have one of the players quickly press X when the "Press X to get on the Pelican" message appears. That player will re-board the ship and start flying with it down the hole. The other player will quickly die because of the aliens, and will be respawned on the spinning ring. Make sure to jump where there are gaps. If you are good enough, you can even jump to a nearby ledge. Additionally, once you are respawned on the ring, quickly jump off and fall to your death. Sometimes you will be respawned on the lowest ledge in all the blue haze, and a "Press X to flip the Pelican" will appear that the top of the screen very briefly.
Move turret across bridge: When you are on any part of the bridge that has turrets, keep using a melee attack against it. It will slowly move across the bridge. Move it down the bridge a short distance. You can now kill all of the enemies on that bridge with the turret weapon.
Fun with weapons: Where you cross the bridge, and all the little guys are sleeping, press B to hit them and quickly kill them. Leave one on the left or right still sleeping. Throw a plasma grenade on the turret. They will scream and sometimes get in the turret. Get back and watch the him fly out of the turret and fall to the ground very far below. Sometimes the turret will fall on him. When the dropship flies over and the other people with the shields start shooting at it, go up behind them and throw a plasma grenade on his head. He will run around and explode. Sometimes, he will fly all the way down to the ground below. Finally, when you get to the Banshees (flying alien vehicles) fly as high as you can. Then, floor it to the ground and hit people on the ground. Press L to shoot missiles and R to shoot lasers. Also, you can fly as high as you can and jump out. You will fall for a while, then hit the ground with a big "ch-wunk".
Fun with Ghost: Kill all of the surrounding Covenant so they do not get in the way, then get in the Ghost. Keep jumping the tank at different angles. You can do various tricks, such as 360 degree cartwheels. Note: This is easier to do in open spaces
Fun with Hunter: After you cross the bridge with two Hunters, continue on. When you meet the next batch of Hunters, kill only one of them. Run through the rest of the level. Kill everything on the bridge, and make sure to take one of the two Banshees. Kill everything on the bridge, structure, and ground. Then, fly all the way back to where that Hunter was located. Stand in front of him, and let him swing at you. His melee attacks will force him to go forward. Do this for a long time, and take him across the bridge then on to the elevator. When at the bottom, lure him all the way up the structure. Kill the Covenant that appear from the doorway up there (where the gold Elite is located). Keep going, and lead the Hunter all the way to the doorway. Open the control room doorway, with the Hunter close by. In the intermission sequence, the Hunter wants to fight more. He will knock Master Chief off the edge, kill him, or do something similar.
Early Banshee: Get the rocket launcher and sniper rifle from the area where your men are fighting near a flipped Warthog. Play the level until you get to the Scorpion Tank. Take the tank through the cave. There will be a small hill after the cave. Kill the Wraith Tank from on top of the small hill. Take any enemies out without passing the small hill. Get out of the tank and turn around to your right. Look up and you should see a platform with a blinking light. Note: if you move past the little pond that the Wraith Tank was on, there is an elite guard there that will pilot the Banshee, thus costing you to lose the chance of getting it. Take the rocket launcher and fire at the center of the platform (underneath). This may require a few shots. When you hit the correct location, you will see the Banshee fall off the platform and to the ground. The Banshee is now yours for the taking. You can find another Banshee on top of the large pillar in the center of the canyon after the caves.
Later Banshee: At the end of the level when you begin crossing the snow covered bridge, after the "...If I had a super weapon" message appears, run straight ahead until you see the first controllable Banshee. Shoot near either the first or second Banshee with your rocket launcher. It will fall off the bridge and be available when you emerge from the ground floor door when you have to climb the pyramid structure to end the level.
Steal Banshee: Get a rocket launcher during the second time you get attacked by a Banshee in the level (under the easy difficulty setting). After you kill the second Banshee, go past the two Hunters then kill the rest of the enemies. You will encounter two more Hunters after you meet up with about six of your men on the ice patch. Kill them and you will reach the next big outdoor area, where you fight a group of little Convenant on top of the cliff with one tree in the middle of some rocks. Do not go past that battle area or the rocks that the Convenant have taken cover at. After you defeat them, go to the wall on your far left, directly above the cliff. You will see a little rock. Stand on it. It should be sitting just at the base of the large cliff wall. Stand directly on top of it. You should now how the third Banshee attacks. You must know where he appears (before he takes off in order to get it. Try and spot the Banshee just laying around in the far background of the outdoor field. You can jump and try to spot the Banshee if necessary. After seeing it, equip your rocket launcher, use the scope to get the best aim, and fire at it. Jump and shoot in order to get a good shot. Keep firing until you have flipped the Banshee on its back. Then, go over there. Ignore the Convenant shooting at you until you get to the flipped Banshee. There will be a tall Convenant just standing there. Kill him, flip the Bashee over, and it is yours. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the level with it, including getting to the ground at the bottom of the bridges.
Steal Banshee (2): You will come out onto a land bridge near the end of the level. You are supposed to go across and then down the other side, then up the "S" shaped path to the completion of the level. There are many enemies at the start of the bridge. Ignore them and try to run by as fast as possible. You will see an Elite running for a Banshee. Quickly snipe him or shoot him with the rocket launcher. Shoot away from the Banshee so it does not fly off the bridge. Shooting the Elite repeatedly with a pistol may also work. Once he is dead, jump into the Banshee and fly off. There is a second banshee on the bridge farther across. It is better to defeat him first, but sometimes if you get over there quickly you can defeat the Elite before that one gets into the Banshee; and a second player can get into it in co-op. Going back to when the first person gets in the Banshee, you can either go down to get ammunition and kill all the enemies (be easy because you are in a Banshee) or just skip all the enemies and go to the door.
No Banshee shortcut: From the bridge at the end of the level, jump to the concrete slope part of the pyramid structure. To live, you need a full shield and at least four bars of health. To get down, just walk down the slope to ground level.
Blow bodies sky high: Go to an elevator during a cooperative multi-player and ride to the bottom. Make sure you have a lot of grenades. Take turns falling into the hole so there are bodies all over the floor at the bottom of the hole. Make sure your partner respwans before you fall. When you are done falling, there should be a lot of bodies and grenades. The more grenades lying in the hole, the better. Then, have someone throw a grenade into the hole. When the grenade explodes, it should detonate all the other grenades with it, making all the bodies fly sky high.
Kill Master Chief: When you get to the end of the level, just before you press the switch to open the last door, get a Ghost. Line it up with the center and get out. Press the button and quickly get back into the Ghost. Just as the door opens, drive forward. When the intermission sequence starts, the Master Chief will be killed by the Ghost. The sequence continues, but there is no Master Chief. When the camera shows a certain angle, you can see him laying at an angle, propped up on his gun.
Dancing bodies: During a cooperative multi-player game, go to any elevator in the level and ride it to the bottom. Once there, take turns killing each other on the elevator. Make sure you wait for your partner to respawn before you die. When you have killed each other (no limit of bodies), send your partner on the elevator with the bodies while the other person remains next to the elevator switch. When the elevator is about halfway up, have the person that is standing next to the elevator button rapidly press X. The person on the elevator should see the bodies dancing on the elevator. Sooner or later everything on the elevator slips through the bottom and falls. Look at the player next to the button to see the green bodies fall to the bottom of the hole.
Killing Hunters: When you enter the big open room, get the sniper rifle from the corner with all of the dead people. Then, go to the end of the broken bridge (where the turret is located) and zoom in. You will see two Hunters. The easiest way to kill them here is to shoot near them to make them run. As they are turned to run, aim for the small orange spot on their back. If you shoot them there, it will almost instantly kill them.
Killing Grunts: When entering a room, move slowly. If any Grunts are sleeping, look down at them and hit them with your gun. Make sure you are close enough -- if you stay next to them they will wake up, then the other Grunts will wake up, making the Elites attack you.

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