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Avoid getting detected:
When you are in the path that leads to the complex (where the elevator leads to the bottom of the complex, then to the Flood) move slowly (crouching makes it slightly easier) and hide in the bush next to the alien gun turret. Take out your pistol and use the scope. Snipe the Grunts and Jackals. If you shot all them fast enough, the aliens will not notice you. You may want to practice this trick a few times to increase your accuracy and shooting.
Hidden area:
This trick works in co-op multi-player mode and perhaps in campaign mode. When you are about to land in the Pelican at in the beginning of the level, start throwing grenades as fast as you can out of the ship. When you are around your fifth, sixth, or seventh grenade, you will get hit with a grenade, but not take any damage. When you are out of grenades, wait in the ship. It will liftoff the ground and fly you to a strange area with two dimensional trees. You can see the edge of the level. You can get back to the normal level easily, by jumping down from where you are.
Shortcut: Tap X to get back in the Pelican. It will fly onto a ledge. Walk along the ledge in the direction you are going to end up above the tunnel where the Marines are fighting. Jump down to the tunnel, then continue the level.
Shortcut (2): At the beginning of the short intermission sequence, hold L. At the start of the mission, you will throw a Plasma Grenade into the swamp. This is an easier way to stay in the Pelican. When you land on the high ledge, travel forward from behind the Pelican's crash site until you are looking down at the base. You will know if you are going the wrong way if you see an unarmed Marine. This is a faster way of getting to the base, and you save ammunition.
Hidden Marine: Go to the two dimensional place and keep walking straight until reaching a sort of wall. Walk along the side of it, then take a left once you get past it. Keep walking straight. You will notice a figure in the distance. Keep walking forward and it will turn out to be a Marine.
Hidden Marine (2): At the start of the level, during the opening FMV sequence press the grenade button before you get out of the Pelican. If done correctly, you will stay in the Pelican. It will land on a nearby hill. Press X to exit the Pelican. You will be able to walk around on top of the level and see a group of two dimensional trees and a marine. He will not talk to you unless you shoot him. If you look down, you can see were you are supposed to be and the structure you are supposed to enter. Jump down there and look in to see floating assault rifles.
Dead Marines: When you first enter the structure, go down the huge elevator. When you reach the bottom, kill the Jackals and Grunts by the door then go back to the elevator. Reactivate it. It will take you back up into the swamp. Exit the structure and go towards the Shade Gun. Next to it will be several dead Marines. Continue walking through the forest and you will encounter even more dead Marines. In total, you will probably find about twenty of them.
Marine identification: In the beginning of the level when you walk over the log, look at your radar. There is a yellow blip (friendly unit) from the cliff just beyond the log. When you continue up the log and over the hill, you will see an explosion from about four fragmentation grenades, followed by machine rifle rounds coming from the structure. The man on the cliff is Mendoza, the man on point for your unit. The rest could have been Keyes Squad (when you walk inside, the elevator needs to return up) or a group of rouge units set up for a suicide run.
Flood preview: When you walk across the log in the woods, you may notice a few yellow dots on your radar. If you quickly look to the right and up that hill (when you are still on the log), you will see at least one of the Flood that you experience later in the game.
Flood preview (2): When you begin the level, keep the pistol with you. Get to the part where the Jackal is standing on the fallen tree. Kill it, zoom in, run forward and look at the Shade (gun turret). Near it, you should see a Flood Elite that runs by the tree to the left then runs back behind the Shade and disappears. If you try to shoot it, it will not die but you will get a plasma grenade.
Deadly bubbles: When you get dropped off by the Pelican, run to the front of the ship. In front of the ship you well see a rock. In front of that is two trees. In front of the two trees is another rock. If you go to the left of the rock, you are in very deep water. Duck to get underwater. If you shoot, you will see bubbles. If you shoot at the lily pads, the bubbles will kill you.
Radio transmissions: Go to the front of the Pelican (dropship) to hear a radio with transmissions featuring people being attacked and hints about secret areas.
Radio transmissions (2): Stand above the cockpit of the Pelican to hear a solider reporting in, trying to contact the dropship. He will say that they were attacked by a new Covenant species and that Captain Keyes has been abducted and is on a large vessel.

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