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Also known as: Halo 2 Limited Edition
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Extra ammunition with dual wield weapons game glitch:
Have two dual-wieldable weapons (for example, a Needler and an SMG), but do not have them out at the same time. The Needler would be the weapon that you want extra ammunition for. Have the SMG out and find another Needler to dual wield with it. Then, find yet another Needler and trade that with your SMG. You will now have three Needlers, and have three times the ammunition.
Fall through floor game glitch: On the second level near where the Elites come out of the coffins, there is this support object coming out of the ground. When a Grunt is shooting you, jump on the floor support and you will fall through.
Gravity effects Banshee more game glitch: In the levels where you can take a Banshee, fly up until you cannot get any higher. Look straight down, then shoot the rod gun cannon. Let the banshee free fall you will eventually pass the blast. This flaw has no strategic use.
Separated energy sword game glitch: In levels with shallow water you can step in, such as Zanzibar, toss an energy sword into the water. It may become separated from the hilt, and has a much longer range.
See cause of Pelican crash game glitch: On the last level when you play as Master Chief, and the Flood crash the Pelican, go up to the Pelican and enter through the back. Then, go through the door. You will now be in the pilot's seat of the Pelican and see the Flood who crashed it.
Shoot into space game glitch: Shoot the machine gun turret on level one in a phantom tube. Instead of ricocheting, they usually go into space.
Stand in mid-air game glitch: In multi-player mode, stand on someone that is holding perfectly still. Crouch down and shoot him dead. After the person that was remaining still respawns, have him to walk over to where you killed him. He will be able to see you standing in mid-air.

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