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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats
Halo 2

Also known as: Halo 2 Limited Edition
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Grunts Birthday Party mode: Play the mission under the legendary difficulty setting. Proceed until you reach the first Banshee section. Immediately fly straight down to the bottom of the level. Search the cracks where the large cylinders connect to the station to find a circle of Grunts dancing around a skull. Get the skull and the words "Grunt Birthday Party" will appear. All shooting weapons will explode the target on impact.

Sniping location: At the Red base, get a Banshee. Get on top and face toward the Blue base. Turn right and go over. Follow the wall up and close to the top. You can get out there and snipe from this location.

Envy mode: Play the mission under the legendary difficulty setting. Continue until reaching the area during the "push through the covenant held ruins" phase where a landing zone for the Pelican to drop weapons must be cleared. When you reach the area where Cortana says "They're pouring out of the center building", note the plasma turrets along the borders. A short distance after the turret on the left side is the outline of a sealed door in a wall. There is a rock in front of the door. Jump on the rock, then jump onto the ledge above the door. Next, jump to the ledge to the left. Then, grenade jump onto the building with the sealed door. On the roof of the building are two dancing Elites and a skull. Get the skull and the word "Envy" will be displayed. You can now use active camouflage.

Easy kills: There is normally a Ghost and Warthog on the lower level. To get one of them to the upper levels, drive it into one of the air units that makes you fly up. It is strong enough to bring up a Warthog or Ghost. You can now drive around the circle and run over anyone standing there.

Get on top of level: When fighting the Scarab, the giant supertank, after it destroys the Scorpion it will start moving towards you. Look to your right. There should be a thin ramp-like spot. Run up this area before the Scarab reaches you and stand in the big flat area, watching it get closer. When it reaches you and starts going over another wall, jump and you will follow it. Normally the wall is too high, but when under the Scarab you can jump about twice as high.

Blind mode: When you begin the mission, your vision will get blurry. When it returns to normal, you will see a blinking door. Enter it, then stop. Look up to see a fluorescent light over the door you just used, and another one on the opposite wall. Jump and duck at the same time to get on one of thos lights. Do the same thing again to get onto the ledge next to the lights. Look to the left on the ledge and you should find a dark passage. Follow it to find some grenades, a skull, and a camera at the end. Take the skull and your HUD will disappear and the word "Blind" will be displayed. You will not be able to see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or HUD. You can use the skull as a melee weapon, which does good damage to opponents. However, using a grenade, firing a weapon, trying to drive, or using a turret will drop the skull. However, you can be a passenger in a Warthog and still keep it. To return to normal vision, save and quit the game, select the Cairo Station mission in campaign mode, save and quit the game, then return to the Outskirts level.
Extra Warthog: In campaign mode, when you get to the tunnel, get a Marine to drive your Warthog and hop out. There are a couple of Ghosts nearby. Get in one and drive off. If you look back, there will be not one, but two Warthogs, both with Marines on the gunner's seat tailing each other.

Assassins mode: Play the mission under the legendary difficulty setting. Enter the structure after getting off the gondola. Jump on the large stone block to reach a ledge leading out to the Covenant turrets. Turn around and face towards the structure. Then, jump up to another level around the right side of the structure. Continue to find a skull on a ledge as you make it around. Take the skull and the word "Assassins" will be displayed. All enemies in the game are permanently cloaked.

Sword: To get the sword in the middle (if it is on) go to the Ferris wheel-type object in the middle. Line up with one of the blades. Let it push you up the circle until it is parallel with the floor. Then, run forward to the center of the circle. Jump down so that you can see through the center of the "Ferris wheel". Wait until a gap appears in the floor, then jump down and forward to the sword.
Sword(2): You can get the energy sword faster by shooting a rocket or grenade at the front or back of the bridge that is standing up. It will fall down and lead you directly to the sword.
Walk into middle of 'Ferris wheel': There is a platform by the "Ferris wheel" that has an object that resembles a switch. Melee it or shoot it, and it will blow up after a few hits. The platform will fall, and you can now walk into the middle of the "Ferris wheel".
Hidden message: In multi-player mode, locate the gate in the level. When you find it, face it, then look to your right. There should be a rock. Go around the rock and follow the walls of the building. When you reach an opening on the left, go through it. You will now be in a tiny room with a pillar in the middle. Behind the pillar is another door. Go through it. When you enter the room, there is a ramp in front of you. Go up it and take a right. Keep following the path until you can take a right. After taking the right, follow the path until you can take another right. When you get in the room, there should be a keypad and a screen. Press X and the gate will be opened. On the blue screen, it reads: "A total FU exception has occurred at you location. All system functionality will be terminated. Press any key to power cycle the system. If system does not restart, scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad. If you need to talk to a programmer press any other key. Press any key to continue_".
Get on top of building: Go to the back left of the map. You will see two awnings over two jut outs of the building. Go on the first jut out and jump on top of the second awning. After you are on the awning, throw a sticky grenade at your feet (make sure it is not on you), and jump just as it explodes. If done correctly, you will get on top of it so you can run around the top of the building.
Easy kills method one: On defense, go up the slope with the needler next to it. Keep going to the right, then right, and right up the stairway until you see a rocket launcher. Get it, then go inside the spinning wheel and wait for their Ghost or Warthog.. This is a very easy way to get kills, and triple kills from the Warthogs. Be on alert for snipers. Zoom in with your rocket on the left side if you suspect one.
Easy kills method two: On offense, go up to the control tower. An easy way to find it is by the plasma gun and three plasma grenades next to it. There should be a camouflage. Grab it. Next, there will be a huge machine directly next to you. If you climb up and go in the spinning wheel you will find a hole. Go in it and wait until it spins you to the energy sword. If you get the sword first, then go for the camouflage, you will get many kills if you slip into the defensive base.
Easy kills method three: When you are on offensive, go up the stairs to your left. There should be a sniper with some grenades next to it.. This is a great way to kill people on turrets, grabbing the rocket launcher, and people trying to get the energy sword. If you take out the man with the rocket launcher, you can jump into a Ghost and be ready for some massive kills.

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