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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats
Future Tactics: The Uprising

Future Tactics The Uprising

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Level skip: Press L, X, R(x2), Black, X, L, R, Black at the game selection screen in story mode. 
Unlimited turns and movement: Press Up(x2), Down(x2), Left, Right, Left(x2), R, L during game play. 
Big heads: Press Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Up(x2), Left during game play. 
Disco mode: Press L, Left, L, Left, R, Right, R, Right during game play. 
Low gravity: Press Up(x6), Down, Right, Up during game play. 

How to unlock the Level Select Option: To do this you must successfully complete the game twice.
How to unlock the Team Power Option: To do this you must get two head shots in a row.
How to unlock the Custom Option: To do this you must get a 100% hit head shot status twice in a row.
How to unlock the Defeat Leader Option: To do this you must have all team members complate an episode with 100% health.
How to unlock the Humans and Creatures Option: To do this you must have a character on your team that gets their weapon fully upgraded in single player mode.

Submitted by: Alex V and CheatBookJon

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