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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats
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Method One: If you do things in the first part of the game, be it all good things or all bad things, you will be credited with an extra gold coin at the end of the mission.
Method Two: Buy the house in Bowerstone South, renovate it completely, then break the door down. Next, go to the trophy plaque, put your most expensive trophy on it (make sure to hot key it -- to do so, press Up, Right, go up to "Trophies", press Right, then go to "Assign to" and press Right; to use it, hold R, then press the D-pad direction you assigned it to). Go up to the plaque, hold R, then press the D-pad. It will place the trophy. Sell the house, get your trophy, then buy it back for instant money. Do this until you have approximately 150,000 gold. You will make about 30,000 gold every five to ten minutes with this technique. Then, kill everyone in Oakvale. Buy every house. It will cost you about 140,000 gold. Renovate the house that is for sale by default. Sleep six times (three days), then collect the rent. You will make about 14,000 gold every few seconds, depending on how fast you get through town. When you get enough, buy out Knothole Glade, which will earn you about 18,000 gold per round, all together about 32,000 gold. Keep doing this and buying out towns for very fast money. It will be possible to make 300,000 gold every fifteen to twenty minutes.
Method Three: Before the archeologist quest, buy a few houses. Then world save and load that save again. When you load, teleport to Witchwood and start the quest. Then, teleport back to the town you bought the houses at. Sell them, then hero save and load. You will still have the houses and the gold you obtained by selling them. After you load, you can just teleport to Witchwood and do it again. Note: When this is done, you cannot marry Lady Grey.
Method Four: Buy a house (for example, the one in the ice town for 56,000) and put your most expensive trophies up in the house. Sell the house for an increased value for quick money. The trick here is twofold -- if you have level 6 Guile and can Picklock, break into the now sold house, take your trophies back, and go back outside. The house will sell for the lower value again, and you will pocket the profit. If you do not have level 6 Guile, there is another way. Using the home in the ice village, you can stand inside the doorway to access the sign that allows you to sell your home with the trophies up. Once you do, the door will stay open (because you are in the doorway), allowing you to take the trophies back without having to pick the lock. Using the Champions trophy (at 2,000 gold each time), with the trophy spot sitting near the door, and having the trophy mapped to a hotkey that saves you from navigating through all the menus, you can get 2,000 gold about every ten seconds. This works faster with higher paying trophies. You can also put a trophy upstairs in this house for more money, but it is much faster if you do not have to run up and down the stairs.
Method Five: Play the game until you get to the Arena. Make sure that you have Physical Shield spell at rank 2 or higher, Magic Power rank at least rank 5 or higher, and 30 Will potions. Fight in the Arena with Physical Shield on and recharge it with will potions if you take too much damage. The shield will allow you to keep your combat multiplier and increase it while you hack away. It is possible to get it to 60 by doing this. Having a weapon with the Silver Augment on it is recommended, as one of the combat rounds has Bauverines and two White Bauverines, and another combat round is all undead. The best weapon for this is a Master Greatsword with Piercing, Steel, and Silver augmentations if you can afford it, and have the Physique to wield two handed weapons. Stay in the Arena and fight until after you kill the second set of Rock Golems. After the fight, choose to go back to the cells to rest. Use the Hero Save option then go to the Arena exit to leave. You will fail the quest, but just reload the game to start at the beginning. You will retain all the gold, experience, and renown gained from fighting.
Method Six: Once you have earned your first trophy (for example, Queen Wasp Head, etc.) and have at least 1,500 gold, go to Bowerstone South. Buy a marital home, then live in it. Wait until dark, and when nobody is around, break down the door. Place a trophy on the trophy plaque on the wall. When you sell your home, the value should have increased by at least 200 to 300 gold. Go back inside and remove the trophy. When you buy the house, the value should return to normal and you will keep the extra gold. Repeat this to get as much gold as you desired. Try other trophies and marital homes for more gold.
Method Seven: Be completely evil. Marry the mayor's daughter of any town then kill the mayor somewhere in the woods, where you trick him into going. Most mayors are loaded with gold. Because you are married to the daughter, you will inherit all the money. Once you have the money, kill your wife then leave town. Note: If the mayor has any sons you must kill them before you kill the mayor, or else you could be sentenced to death, so to speak.
Method Eight: The easiest way to get money is to become evil. Kill people and get the gold from their money bags.
Method Nine: First, buy a house (for example, at a cost of 5,000 gold) and upgrade it a lot. Then, place your most expensive trophies in there (for example, Champion Seal and Bandit Seal) and sell the house. It should have sold for 8,000 gold. Then, break into the house and get your trophies back. The house should cost 5,000 gold again. Repeat this to gain 3,000 gold in profit each time.
Method Ten: First, complete the game and save a lot of money (about 50,000 gold). Then, go to Oakvale and slaughter the town. Purchase a few houses and rent them out. Sleep a few days and collect rent; preferably six times asleep for maximum money. Buy more houses and repeat the steps. After owning all of Oakvale, rent it all out. You can collect around 25,000 gold in about 5 minutes doing cash runs.

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