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Please note: The Frying Pan and Sword Of Aeons are both made of an unknown material.
Longsword: Name: Harbinger. Damage: 198. Class: Light. Value: 44,100. Location: Pulled out of the stone by the Temple Of Avo.
Katana: Name: The Katana Hiryu. Damage: 215. Class: Light. Value: 47,775. Location: Found in Bowerstone Mansion if you marry Lady Grey in her bedroom in a 15 silver key chest.
Cleaver: Name: The Cutlass Bluetane. Damage: 165. Class: Light. Value: 40,425. Location: Greatwood Cave Demon Door.
Axe: Name: Ronok the Axe. Damage: 165. Class: Light. Value: 36,750. Location: Inside Grey House Demon Door.
Mace: Name: Dollmaster's Mace. Damage: 135. Class: Light. Value: 33,075. Location: Inside Abandoned Road Demon Door.
Pickhammer: Name: Wellow's Pickhammer. Damage: 120. Class: Light. Value: 29,400. Location: Inside Greatwood Gorge Demon Door.
Greathammer: Name: The Murren Greathammer. Damage: 270. Class: Heavy. Value: 66,150. Location: Found in 20 key chest at heroes guild.
Greataxe: Name: The Murren Greataxe. Damage: 240. Class: heavy. Value: 58,800. Location: At the top of lighthouse in Hook Coast in 15 key chest.
Greatsword: Name: Solus Greatsword. Damage: 314. Class: heavy. Value: 69,825. Location: Purchase at Bowerstone North
Greatmace: Name: The Sentinus. Damage: 225. Class: Heavy. Value: 62,475. Location: Awarded by the god Avo when you donate 32,000 gold at one time.
Longbow: Name: Skorm's Bow. Damage: 264. Class: ranged. Value: 54,720. Location: Awarded by Skorm when you sacrifice enough people.
Crossbow: Name: Arken's Crossbow. Damage: 220. Class: ranged. Value: 50,160. Location: Found in 15 key chest at Darkwood Marshes.

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