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Get into Orchard Farm house after doing all the Orchard Farm missions game glitch: After you do all the missions for Orchard Farm, the couple there disappears and their house becomes locked. The only way to get back in there is to stand to the right of the door, then put your back against the fence. Start digging, and after awhile you will be in the floor of the house. Then, move around and you will teleport into the house. This is useful if you did not collect the book from the bookcase, or if you want to get some sleep in the bed upstairs. The only way out is to teleport, or save, then load.
Get into Fisher Creek house game glitch: You are not supposed to be able to get into this house, but you still can. First, stand on the opposite side of the house (the side that is opposite the entrance you enter Fisher Creek through). Then, put your back against the wall and start digging. After awhile you will find yourself backed up into the floor of the house. Next, simply walk around and you will sort of walk up some invisible steps into the house. There is nothing special about being inside. The only way out is by teleporting or saving, then loading.
Make houses for sale without getting Evil points game glitch: Go to the Grey House area off Barrow Fields, then rapidly run back and forth between Grey House and Barrow Fields until no enemies appear in the Grey House area. Once this occurs, teleport to any town. Notice that the Cullis Gate in the town has no sparks, and that everyone in the town is frozen. Also notice that every house in the town is for sale. If they are not but the people are still frozen, just leave town through a normal door and reenter. Once you have made your purchases, world save and reload your game. Everything will be back to normal, except you will own any houses you bought and be able to collect rent on them. This works best with Knothole Glade. You can get as much as 21,000 gold per week in rent there. Note: If you are having trouble getting this to work, try Assassin Rushing between the areas to increase your speed.
Headmans Hill silver key and Headmans Cave silver chest without marrying Lady Grey game glitch: Go to Headmans Hill and stand close to the edge of the cliff that Thunder knocks you off of. It is directly to the right of the separated area on the map. Then, have your character face away from the drop off and start digging. After a few digs you will find yourself backing off the cliff. Once you are far off it, move your character and he will fall to the bottom. There is no gravity, so he kind of "teleports" down. You might be in an invisible wall. If you are, face the cliff you just fell from and start digging until you are out of the invisible wall. You can now fish in that creek to get the silver key, and enter the cave to get the silver chest, all without ever marrying Lady Grey. The only way to get out of this area is to either teleport, or save then load. The reason you cannot get out is because you are supposed to beat Thunder down there, then the Demon door will let you out. However, because you did not fight him you must get out another way.
Freeze game game glitch: Have Berserk and the Steal option (Guile must be at levels 3 to 4). Go into one of the high priced shops. Cast Berserk and try to Steal something.
Freeze game game glitch (2): Go to a town and commit a crime. The guards will come after you. Quickly press D-pad Down to teleport before they can talk to you. When the map appears, teleport anywhere and it should return to the game with you teleporting out. If done correctly, the dialog box that tells you that you have crimes to pay for will appear. If you are low on money, the game will instruct you to just press A, but it will not respond because the game will be frozen.
Wood barrier game glitch: If you get up to a magical barrier, like the one before you fight Maze, and hit it with your melee weapon, it splinters like wood.

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