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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats
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Easy renown: Go the Heroes Guild and take a quest that you can boast on. Instead of boasting, walk off the platform and dig anywhere. More NPCs will show up. Try digging about eight times, then stand on the platform. The people will come running. Wait until they are all there and use a trophy. You can get about 70 people by doing this, however the game will start lagging.
Easy magic experience: Get the summon spell and have some Will Potions ready. Try to find an area with a lot of enemies, or a Rock Golem. The Arena is a good place to try. Wait until your combat multiplier gets very high. Then, repeatedly use the Summon spell. The first time you cast it, it will take off a good amount of your Will, but consecutive presses will only take a slight fraction off of it. Cast the Summon spell repeatedly as fast as possible. Each casting will give you Will experience. Use a Will Potion once your Will gets low enough. Run around to avoid getting hit by enemies to maintain your combat multiplier. It is possible to gain more than 3000 Magic experience points in one session. Note: You can also assign "Meat" to the D-pad and make sure you have a lot when your combat multiplier is high. Then, eat some to get lots of strength experience.
Easy high combat multiplier: Master the lightning spell as soon as possible. This causes the bolt to strike multiple targets at the same time. For example, at the master level it will hit four targets at once. It also is a good idea is to set the Will Potion to an assigned location so you do not have to stop using the spell. Note: Sometimes when enemies die from lightning you may want to stop casting for a moment and restart; the spell does not automatically select four new targets.
Easy high combat multiplier (2): To get a high combat multiplier, do the second to last quest (Try To Stop Jack of Blades). When you teleport to the Witchwood Cullis Gate, there will be several enemies and allies. To do this trick you will need the following: high Physique, high Toughness, high Magic Power, Physical Shield, and a lot of Mana Potions. At Witchwood (or anywhere else during this quest), you will encounter several enemies. Simply cast Physical Shield (which drains mana instead of health, so your combat multiplier will not go down when you get hit) and kill every enemy that you see. The enemies will never stop -- do this as much as you want. It is possible to get to a multiplier of 107 after doing this for about twenty to thirty minutes.
Easy stealing from stores: Make the owners follow you outside their store, then give, then tell them to wait. Give them three beers to make them drunk then run back to their store and begin stealing. This should give you time to loot everything. However, keep an eye out for when they return.
Easy stealing from stores (2): Once you upgrade your Guile to +4 (or perhaps +3) and have the expression available to steal, go to a shop. The weapons shop in Oakvale is a good example of a place, because it is inside and not too many people come in. Before going to any shops to steal, buy a decent amount of beers. Assign it to one of the D-pad buttons. Then, walk up to the shopkeeper, and use your body to push out from behind the counter and towards the door. If he starts to walk back, or at anytime, start giving him beers. At least three should be enough. Once this is done, he will become drunk and start wandering around aimlessly. Continue putting your body in front of him, and slowly walk forward and pushing him to guide him all the way outside the shop through the door. Feed him two more beers once you are a few feet away from the shop. He will now just wander around town drunk for awhile, leaving you free to steal everything from inside the store that is lying out. Make sure the eye by the map is completely black. To restock the shelves, find a bed, wait until night, then back to day. The shelves will be restocked with completely new items. You will have to get the shop keeper drunk again. Repeat this as many times as desired to get any armor, weapons, etc. Then, sell whatever you do not want for some easy gold.
Easy stealing from stores (3): Note: This trick only works in towns with docks. Get your scariness down as far as it will go (wear the bright dress suit). Then, get the shop owner to follow you to the docks. You cannot go through any locations where a new map loads. Go to one of the stairs at the docks. Push the owner down the stairs and tell him to "Wait". He will stay there for a long time. Then, go back to his shop and steal everything. You can then sell it back to the owner and get easy money.
Easy stealing from stores (4): First, find out what shop has nice items on display that you want. Then, ask the shopkeeper to follow you. After you have led him away from his shop, get him very drunk. You can do this by buying beer and giving it to him, It should only take two or three beers to get him drunk. Then, tell him to wait and go back to the shop. Make sure that no one is looking. He should not come back into the store, and instead walk around asking "Where am I?". Now, steal everything in the shop.
Continue game: Once you have completed the final battle, allow the credits to run until the end (about five to ten minutes. Do not touch your controller and your game will continue, where you will receive your Quest Reward, gold and experience. You can then continue the game, but will not be able to accept any Heroes Guild Quests or side quests.
Sword Of Aeons: At the end of the game, kill your sister. After the credits you can continue playing with the Sword Of Aeons.
Defeating the Rock Troll: Get as close as possible to the Rock Troll. If desired, you can use Slow Time or Assassin Rush. Then, hack away at the troll with regular attacks and flourishes. When the troll jumps in the air, hold Y + Back. This will allow you to do a backwards roll and you will not be hurt. Then, rush back in and repeat until it is defeated.
Defeating the Rock Troll (2): You can deflect the Rock Troll's own rocks back at him. Stand back, and wait for him to toss rocks in your direction. Time your swings correctly to send the rocks back at him, causing a large amount of damage. This is the easiest way to defeat them.
Defeating the undead: The undead are already easy to defeat, but to kill them faster, use a blunt object such as a war hammer. For best results, have an augmentation or two.
Defeating difficult enemies: During difficult fights (for example, against Bosses, demons, or a lot of enemies at once), use the mastered Lightning spell. Not only will this give you a high combat multiplier, enemies who are being electrocuted cannot move very well, and therefore cannot surround and overwhelm you.
Marrying Lady Grey: Use the following steps to find lady Grey's necklace and eventually marry her. First, you must be crowned champion at the Arena. Then, go to Bowerstone North and talk to Lady Grey. She will tell you to buy her a gift to show your affection. Buy her the black rose from the item store in the same town. Give her the gift and she will tell you that a suitor must at least have a home for her to consider marriage. Buy a home anywhere (the home in Oakvale is the cheapest, for 5,000 gold). Then, return and talk to her. She will tell you about her sister's stolen necklace. Talk to all the people of interest (green dots) in Bowerstone North. They will tell you that the necklace is in Oakvale. Go to the Oakvale Cemetery. There will be two traders talking, marked by a green dot. Hide behind the wall directly behind them. They will talk about the necklace buried between the two boats on the Oakvale beach. Go to the Oakvale beach and use the spade between the boats to uncover the necklace. Note: The spade will not be available in your quick menu; you must go to the items section in your inventory to select and use it. After the necklace is in your possession, take it to her. She will tell you that you must kill Thunder to win her heart. Thunder is not that difficult of an opponent. When Thunder is defeated you will return and she will ask for marriage. Accept, and you will have access to Bowerstone Manor, and a silver key and chest in the bedroom.
Bandit King mission: At the beginning of the mission, make sure you have the Slow Time spell. Then, kill all the guards. After that, go down the path and wait behind three large stones. After two guards pass, they will turn around. When this happens, use Slow Time and run past the last guard, staying as far away as possible. Then, just run through the door and continue the quest.
Execution Tree mission: If you pick the one where you have to help the guards, get him across. If you do not want to wait a long time, just kill the prisoner. The bandits cannot help him escape, meaning that the quest is over.
Extra manoeuvrability with Fireball magic: Hold R to access your magic, then start a Fireball with B. Keep holding B, but release R. Your hero will assume their regular stance, yet his hand will still be lit with the Fireball. If you press Y to dodge, you will now be able to, and you will still have the Fireball. Release B to throw the Fireball. This strategy works well for letting the higher level Fireballs accumulate without much danger.
Rolling and shooting as an archer: You can roll and shoot at the same time, and when you have your speed upgraded rather high or all the way, you can start charging, roll twice, and almost have a full arrow charge and shoot it. As long as you keep pressing Dodge/Roll, you will not be hit and still be able to attack as often as desired.
Increasing Evil alignment: In three different towns, marry three different people. Beat them and when you get divorced by one you will get 40,000 Evil points; two for 80,000 Evil points; and 3 for 120,000 Evil points.
Increasing Evil alignment (2): If you are standing in the Heroes' Guild, after the Will training, cast Lightning. Sometimes you will kill a sparrow and receive 1 Evil point.
Increasing Good alignment: To become a rich and powerful hero who wields the Sword of Aeons, just be evil. Kill everyone who owns a house or shop and buy them up. Then, kill your sister at the end of the game. Sacrifice the number of people to get Skorm's Bow. You now have the strongest sword and bow in the game and own all the buildings. Use the rent money from these buildings to buy Light points from the Temple Of Avo. You be a Paladin with a halo over your head in no time.
Recommended character development: This trick works best when starting the game as a Mage. Concentrate your experience on Will Power, Fireball, Enflame, Health and Toughness. When you reach the quest in the Witchwood Arena, start it as usual and buy lots of Will Potions before entering or in the arena shop. Around thirty will suffice. Then, start the arena fights. If you are well trained and have Enflame and Fireball at least on level 2, you should have no problems. Use Enflame most, knocking off several enemies in one hit and increasing your Combat Multiplier. Also do not forget to search for Will Potions that the enemies often leave behind. Fight until you kill the two Rock Trolls by constantly using Enflame close to them, then leave for the cells instead of facing the Scorpion King. You should have about 18,000 gold (in addition to the gold that the audience threw in), and a lot of experience, both magic and normal. Then, Hero save the your game and load it. You will start in front of the arena, with all the experience and money. Teleport to the guild and take your reward. With the money, you can buy new Will Potions and when you have increased the stats as desired, return to the arena and start the quest again. By doing this, you can create a character that is not only very rich but also famous (you increase your famous status when killing the monsters in the arena and can become "Legendary" at this point); and not only a powerful magician, but also a mighty swordsman and an excellent archer, when you use the normal experience. It may take some time and many rounds of arena fighting (becoming increasingly easy) to increase everything to maximum, but it is worth it. Your character will be nearly unbeatable.
Winning timed tavern games: Any tavern game that is timed (with the exception of Card Pairs in Bowerstone South) can be easily beaten with an extremely low time. Before you talk to the man running the game, cast the Slow Time spell. During the game, the time spell will stay active permanently, giving you plenty of time to finish.
Funny events: At the very beginning of the game, find the cheating husband, then rat on him to his wife. She will go and yell at him. Follow her, and listen to her read him the riot act.
Getting businesses: There are a few ways to do this. The first is to kill the owner. Another way is to marry the owner. The final way is to have the owner follow you, then leave town. Then, tell them to wait outside of town. When you go back, their store will be for sale.
Buy all buildings in town: Note: Selecting a town where you can have your weapon, such as Oakvale, is best, but this can be done anywhere. At any point while in the town, kill the owner of the building. That building will go up for sale, allowing you to come in and buy it. During the day, kill anyone that has a green aura (for example, the shopkeeper) that is inside that building. At night, smash in people's doors and kill all the inhabitants in the house. You will be then be able to buy that house. Properties can then be rented out. After one day passes, people usually will move in, paying you rent. Ignore the guards and do not pay the fine. Just keep running away while you are on your rampage, then leave and return at a later time.
Ending sequences: There are two different endings for each alignment (four total). Walk the side of good and throw the sword in the vortex or kill you sister. These endings are different if your alignment is evil.
Free hairstyles: Instead of buying your hairstyles from the barber, break into his house at night and take the desired style. Go into sneak mode by clicking the Left Analog-stick.
Developer Style haircut: When you first start the game, kill everyone in the Hero's Guild to get renown until you reach Legendary status. This may take awhile. When you have Legendary status, you will be able to take the normally "undoable" quests. Take the Snow Troll quest and go to the Hero's Guild Cullis Gate, where you will see that a Cullis Gate has been activated on the Hook Coast. Go there, then find and defeat the Snow Troll. He is just like an Earth Troll, but is white. When you have defeated him, look behind the rock near where you first fought him. You will see a Haircut Card. Pick it up. You will see that you now have the Developer Style haircut. Teleport back to the Hero's Guild, play the game, and enjoy.
Big muscles: As soon as you acquire the Berserk spell, cast it and save your game. Then, reload your game. You will have huge muscles, even though your Physique, Health, and Toughness may not be all the way up. Note: When you use Berserk again, you will return to your normal state.
Never hire anyone: Make someone in the town follow you. They will attack if they get attacked.
Specialty food items: Carrot: This gives you +3 Skill Exp. Crunchy Chick: +5 Evil Points. Fish: This Gives you +3 Will Exp. Golden Carrot: Changes night into day. Moon Fish: Changes day into night. Red Meat: This gives you +3 Strength Exp. Tofu: +5 Good Points.
Elixirs: You can only use a certain number of Elixirs before they stop increasing their respective bar. However, they will still restore lost Health or Will. Elixirs will also not carry over if you perform a Hero save, but their effect will. If you find one during a mission and decide to restart the mission via a Hero save, use any Elixirs you found on that quest (unless you have already used enough to max out your bar). You can find an Elixir Of Health almost as soon as you are able to leave the Guild Of Heroes. It is in the pond next to the barn during the Orchard Farm quest. The earliest Will Master's Elixir that can be found during a quest is in the White Balverine quest, in the pond where you fight the White Balverine. If you collect these Elixirs while on a quest and then use them, Hero save, and load that file. You can get them repeatedly until you have gained all of their possible benefits.
Potions: Ages Of Might Potion: Might experience; changes with multiplier. Ages Of Skill Potion: Skill experience; changes with multiplier. Ages Of Will Potion: Will Experience; changes with multiplier. Health Elixir: Increases Health bar. Health Potion: Restores Health. Will Masters Elixir: Increases Will Pool. Will Potions: Restores Will Power.
Day-night cycling: There are a few places in towns where you can rest without being in danger of the guards charging you with vagrancy. If a bed or floormat reads "This does not belong to you", then you might be charged for using it. Bowerstone South: Behind the Tavern is a shack with a floormat. It is against the wall of the tavern, not across the alley. Also, it is the shack just before the cellar doors. Oakvale: Run to the front of the tavern, turn left, and follow the right-hand wall down to the beach. You will find a rundown building with a chest and floormat in it. This floormat is unclaimed.
Sleeping in houses without getting in trouble: Select a bed inside a house, then run out the door before morning. You will not get in trouble for sleeping in the bed.

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