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Method One: To get the most experience out of your food items (for example, red meat, carrots, fish, etc.), use them after building up a high combat multiplier. Set the food item to a quick slot to use them fast.
Method Two: Find a location where skeletons respawn. With a good weapon and silver and sharp augmentations, they should be no problem. Once you get the B attacks, try to use them. They build your multiplier faster. Then, just keep killing them. They will drop Heal Potions so you should not have to worry about life.
Method Three: When you start the game, you will have the Guildmaster instruct you in the various forms of combat. After you complete each of the lessons (Melee, Archery, and Will), you will have the option to take the tests for a "grade". An "A+" in the Will test earns a Will Potion and a Resurrection Vial. Note: Be careful to choose to play with Whisper after your will lesson, or you will be unable to be graded. After you get the potions, save your Hero and load the file again. You will have returned to childhood, but have kept all the experience, gold, and potions you acquired. This will allow you to start the game with a bit of experience, some better weapons, and a few extra lives. This is very useful, especially for new players.
Method Four: In the early stage of the game, when you are put into the melee pit to practice blocking Whisper's attack, instead, attack her to get your flourish powered up. Then, smash her down with it. While you have her target locked with L, you can move around behind her and land a few regular attacks. The trick is to use this tactic to get her cornered, facing the pit gate pillar with the gate on her right-hand side and you standing directly behind. By doing this, you can hit her indefinitely without her backflipping away, or you circling around out of position. Make sure to have the vibration for the controller turned off, as your hand will get sore. The best part is you can release L when you have her in the correct location and just keep tapping X. You can easily pause and go do something else or rest. Doing this will net 3 Strength experience points for every hit.
Method Five: In order to do the following trick, you will need magic spell Summon level 2 or above and lots of Will Potions. Go to a place and that will allow you to get your combat multiplier to 12 or above and do so. When everything is clear, use your Summon spell. The first time it will use about 1.5 of your mana, then after that it will take barely any. Keep using it until your combat multiplier gets to about 3. If you have your mana bar high and are quick, you can get bout 6,000 to 9,000 Will experience points. It is possible to get 60,000 Will experience points in ten minutes.
Method Six: As soon as you can go out, go to Bowerstone. Enter the village and activate the teleporter. Go outside and do not kill any kind of monster. You must remain at neutral alignment. Next, go to Skorm's cathedral in Darkwood. Teleport back to Bowerstone and sleep in the hotel. If you need money, sell your resurrection items for 300 gold each. When you awake your at 6 p.m., go downstairs and take the mercenary evil with you and teleport back to Skorm's temple. You must use the teleport cause the mercenary needs to be at full health. The money will go down each hour. When the night side is perfectly up on horizontal and you see the money going down, select a priest, and as fast as you can sacrifice the mercenary. If you sacrifice at the perfect hour, you will get about 700 Evil points and get the Legendary Bow. Even if you play a good game, do this because you wil; maximize the Good side at the end. Then, continue your way to the Grey House at the end of the Darkwood way. At the Grey House, kill skeletons and get Good points, general experience, and skill experience until you see the strongest of skeletons. You will recognize it because he can summon other skeletons/ When you will get two of these skeletons at the same place, you will get unlimited summoned skeletons until you kill the summoner. However, just pay attention to the target skeletons to get a large amount of experience points and a high combat multiplier. Note: Your punch will not do too much damage.
Method Seven: When you fight Jack of Blades, the game auto-saves just before you do it. After you defeat Jack, you will get a lot of experience. Instead of killing your sister or destroying the Sword of Aeons, Hero save the game. You will keep all your experience, but can fight Jack of Blades and get the experience again. Repeat this until you have reached the desired amount of experience.
Method Eight: In order to do this you will need to do the "Unlimited keys" hint. Do npt do the the Hobbe cave mission until you have twenty keys. Once you have that amount, go to the guild and open the silver chest outside the entrance of the guild woods. You will get the Murran Greathammer. It has an Experience Augmentation. Do the Hobbe Cave mission and kill any Hobbe you encounter. The higher your combat multiplier gets, the more experience you will receive. By clearing out the cave all the way to the end without clearing the side rooms, it is possible to get over 25,000 general experience points each time.
Method Nine: Once you reach the final quest (Defeat Jack), stock up on lots of Health potions. Defeat Jack with a high combat multiplier, the higher the combat multiplier points and the more experience you get for defeating Jack. When you defeat Jack, you will get the Sword Of Aeons and get to decide whether to kill your sister. Do not make the decision. If you do, you will complete the quest. Save during the quest to save your character's attributes, which also saves your experience and items gained during a quest. Load your data to start the quest over with the experience gained during your last battle with Jack. Repeat this to gain quick and vast amounts of experience to max out your stats, if you plan to continue to play the game after the credits. The health potions are very important, because you will not be able to access any shops during this mission, and is helpful when repeating this battle; or you could just have a health augmentation with your weapon. You can also use this trick on other quests throughout the game for early experience and items.
Method Ten: When you are sent to Maze to finish your apprenticeship and are told to attack using your sword, move far enough away that you can still see him, but not so close that he can block the arrow. Equip your original bow and activate the scope feature. Hold X long enough to make the bow groan once or twice then release. Repeat this for as long as Maze stays in one spot. When he teleports, just reposition and start again. Doing this will net about 100 to 130 Skill experience points each time that he stands in one location.
Method Eleven: Complete the game and maximize Physical Shield. Get about 50 Will Potions. Travel through Lynchfield Graveyard and through a few more areas to the area where you have to save your mother. When you find some undead, put on physical shield and hack away with your sword. Keep your shield up so that you can keep a high multiplier. It is possible to get your multiplier to over 350 by doing this. Keep checking on your general experience bar in statistics. Once you max it (999,999 experience points), go to the guild. You will be able to max all spells or almost max all magic, strength, and skill. If you cannot, return and do it again.

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