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Page Three: Oakvale Cemetery to Withchwood Stones

Key: Dig under the axe of the statue to find the key and a weapon.
Easy money: After going to Oakvale for your first time, before you do the Bandit King quest, return to the Ancient Cullis Gate. The area with the white circle is a location where the Ground Troll spawns. To trigger this spawn, go to the bridge then walk back to the circle. The troll will respond every time you do this. You can only fight one at a time. After you kill the troll, go back to the bridge and walk to the circle again. The red enemy on your mini-map is where the ground troll will appear from the ground. You can get an easy Combat-multiplier and rubies which can be sold for a lot at the Darkwood Camp and the Oakvale store.
Easy money (2): This trick only works if you can get people to follow you. Go to Oakvale and get everyone in the town to follow you that the game will allow, even the shopkeepers. Take them all to Barrow Fields and tell them all to wait. Return to Oakvale, and all the buildings except for the tavern should be up for sale. If a few buildings are not, look for anyone you may have missed and repeat the previous steps. In order to get the tavern for sale, you must kill the tavern mini-game character that sits at the table after you take the owners out of town and leave them. Make sure the guards do not see you kill him, as you will get fined and thrown out of town. Then, just buy all the houses and shops and set them up for rent. After a few days of game time, people will start moving in and you will start collecting rent from each house, ranging from 225 to 550 gold. The two shops only give 68 and 62 gold, but the tavern will give you 750 gold. You can do this in any town, however there will be some buildings that you cannot buy.
Easy money (3): There is a weapons shop where you can steal items on the back shelves without the owner noticing. Steal all the items then sell them back, They will reappear, ready for you to steal them again. Chainmail armor appears here frequently, which you can sell for almost 2,000 gold. You can repeat this as many times as desired, as long as you watch for anyone who might wander into the shop.
Easy money (4): The following trick is recommended only when you have completed the game or can kill people with one hit. First, have anywhere from 12000 to 18000 gold. If you do not have that much, go to Darkwood Camp and to the blackjack table. Save your game, then talk to the dealer and bet 1,000 gold each game to win the money quickly. if you do not win, reload your last saved game and try again. Once you have the required amount of gold, go to Oakvale and kill everyone in the town so that you can buy the three barns in the bottom middle of the map. Once you buy the barns, leave and wait until your fines disappear. Then, go back to town and sleep in your martial or rented out home (not the barns) for three full days. Then, collect your rent. You will get 1,000 gold from each barn every time you do this. You will soon have enough gold to kill more people and buy more houses until you have the entire town. If done correctly, it should only take about thirty minutes to one hour to own Oakvale. You can begin owning other towns and become the richest man in Albion.
Easy money (5): First, buy the house in Oakvale for 5,000 gold and get all of the furniture upgrades. Put the house up for rent. Down in the lower left part of the city (near the location where you find the ghost asking to help find his treasure) is a vacant mat that you can sleep on. The mat is in a very bad looking house that is on the beach. Sleep on the mat for three nights. Every night or day, depending on the time of day you put the house up for sale (if you began renting it at night, it will jingle at night, and vice-versa), you will hear a jingle when the renters have paid. If you do not hear a jingle during the first three days, it indicates that a person is not renting the house. The easiest way to make sure someone is renting is to ask someone to fallow you to the house and tell them to wait next to the entrance. If you have all of the furniture upgrades, you should get about 3,300 gold every three days. The renter only pays you three payments at a time -- only sleep three days at a time. Note: You can get a lot of Magic experience points by casting non-offensive powers (preferably Heal) until your magic runs out before you sleep, because your Health and Will are refilled every time you sleep. You will get 12 Magic experience points every time you cast Heal. Also, on the way to the house to pick up the rent, use magic powers such as Assassins Rush or other speed related magic powers to move faster.
Easy Strength and Skill points: At the start of the game, before the Bandit Seeress quest, Maze is waiting for you at Oakvale. This is just after the Darkwood Trader Escort quest. Hit him with you sword down to the barn area, and hack away at him for about twenty minutes. Then, pull out your bow (if desired) and shoot decent shots for about another twenty minutes, or as long as desired. You will be able to get most of the bars on one skill and perhaps fill two or more bars on the rest. Magic does not affect Maze, and while you do this you cannot talk to him or he will leave. Save the game after you do this and continue later. If you do this more, you will most likely be able to fill in everything in strength and skill.

Frying Pan: The treasure clues will start you at the dock at Orchard Farm. They will lead you through the apple orchard and down the path towards the barn. At the first barn, dig in between the barn wall and the bales of hay to uncover the Frying Pan.
Key: Fish off the end of the dock where you fought the Hobbes.

Easy money: Go to the Heroes Guild and take the Hobbe Cave mission. Then, go to Rose Cottage. Go around the back and cut down the thorny bush. Open the chest to get 500 gold. Then, teleport out of there. When prompted to leave the quest, select "Reload" and repeat.
Demon Door: Give this door a Red Rose for it to open. You find a Will User's Bright Robes behind the door.
Demon Door (2): This Demon Door wants a gift. A Red Rose will do just as well as an Emerald, and will only cost you 3 to 7 gold instead of over 300. You will get the Will User's Bright Robes.
Key: Dig in the center of the ring of red flowers next to the Rose Cottage.
Unlimited keys: This trick requires a spade and the ability to do the Hobbe Cave mission. Go to Rose Cottage. Outside the house is a mound of dirt surrounded by flowers. Dig in the center to find a silver key. Note: You can also go behind the house and cut down some plants to find a chest with 500 gold. After you get the key, talk to the grandma in the house. She will tell you about her grandson that is missing in Hobbe Cave and give you a "hexagon key". After this, leave Rose Cottage and go to Greatwood Caves. From here you can go into the Hobbe Cave (where your mission is located) or into Darkwood. Try to go into Darkwood and a warning will appear, stating that you are trying to leave the quest area and give you the option to press A to reload from before you started the quest or B to stay. Choose A to reload. The game will put you in front of the Rose Cottage area, with the silver key and the 500 gold (if you also collected it). Go back into the Rose Cottage area. If done correctly, you should be able to dig up another silver key. This process can be repeated indefinitely.

Gaining good alignment: In the Temple Of Avo, when you give 500 gold coins you will receive over four good deeds. If you give 1 gold coin you also receive over four good deeds.
Donations: Donate 48,000 gold and you will get the Miracle Of Life. Five to ten years will be subtracted from your age. Donate 68,000 gold for the title Paladin. Have a single donation of 32,000 gold to receive the Sentinus, a legendary mace (255 damage).
Donations (2): At the Temple Of Avo, your donations must be in one donation and exact. Any more and it will be a waste, any less and you will get nothing. Note: If you want both the "Blessing Of Avo" (reduce age by five to ten years) and the Sentius Great Mace, you can only get one at a time. Your Good/Evil level also affects how much you need to "donate". You will spend less if you are 100% Evil and a lot more if your Good. For example, sacrifice four to five people at the Chapel of Skorm, then get the Bow Of Skorm, Then, donate to the Temple Of Avo and get whatever desired. Then donate 1 more Gold for the Title and another 1 Gold for the Blessing (non-specific order).

Key: Go across the lake in the first area, then dig in front of the chest against the wall.
Demon Door: The door outside tTwinBlade's Camp has poor vision and wants to see three friends. Dress up in these suits to fool it: Bright Plate Armor, Dark Will User's Outfit, and Thief's outfit. The Bright Plate Armor can only be bought in full in the Arena. Behind this door is the Dollmaster's Mace.
Free followers: Make one of the bandits giggle twice then tell him to follow you. They can only teleport with you if you have hired a henchmen. They will fight for you at no cost. Note: If yo accidentally hit one, they will turn you. However, you can go back and get another.

Keys: Dig in the center of the ring of flowers next to the abandoned farm house.
Keys (2): Dig in the center of the ring of flowers next to the windmill.

Keys: There is a fishing spot across from the Demon Door for a key.
Keys (2): When you teleport to Witchwood, you should see a statue somewhere on your left side. Gig at the left bottom corner when you are facing the statue to find it.
Removing sword from stone: In Witchwood, there is a sword stuck in a stone. To remove the sword you must have 5 more Physique, 2 more Health, and 3 more Toughness than the first time to tried to remove it. The sword that is removed is the fourth hardest hitting and the fastest melee weapon in the game.

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