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Page Two: Greatwood to Nostro's Cemetery

Cave: Demon Door: This door asks for a high combat multiplier. Your combat multiplier must be at least 15 when you talk to this door. A good plan is to have this area as your recall. Boost your multiplier on the zombies at the Grey House then teleport back here to fight the enemies in the area. Remember, Physical Shield keeps your multiplier from dropping off and Slow Time helps you avoid damage. This door leads to the Cutlass Bluetane.
Cave: Demon Door (2): This is probably the most difficult door to enter. You need an active combat multiplier of at least 14. First, you need a physical barrier (required). Then, start outside the cave by killing an Earth Troll. He is an easy opponent if you use Slow Time. Then, run into the cave. Run to the end of the cave entrance to the door that leads to the cave's main chamber. Then, run back to the cave entrance. All of the Hobbes should be following you. With your shield on, kill all the Hobbes. Again, Slow Time is very useful. Then, head out the door and kill the troll again. The first time your multiplier may be around 13, but repeat again and it should be 14. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Cave: Easy experience: Note: This was done during the Bandit Seeress Quest. . Go to Greatwood Caves. The only enemy in the area should be an Earth Troll. It depends on where he spawns, but most of the time you can hide behind the right rock and his thrown rocks will not be able to hit you. Now that you are safely concealed, draw a longbow. Go into zoomed mode and aim into the rock where the Troll is located. You should be able to shoot through the rock and hit him. Hit him, causing as little damage as possible. With continuous little shots you should be able to clear 2,000 Skill experience points before he dies. You will also gain about 1,000 General experience points with a high multiplier. He also drops rubies and Health Potions, which you can sell for a nice profit. If he spawns toward the Greatwood Cullis Gate entrance, he can hit you while you are behind the rock -- simply kill him and re-enter the area. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Gorge: Demon Door: This door asks you to perform a deed of great evil. A murder will suffice, or if you are playing the good storyline, eat about fifteen Vrunchy Chicks. This door leads to Wellow's War Hammer.
Gorge: Easy money: After you complete the Hobbe Cave quest (or while doing it), go into Greatwood Gorge and walk past the bridge. You will encounter a Rock Golem. If you shoot at with your bow and arrow (so you will not get hit), or just kill him in whatever way desired, he will always drop a ruby. You can sell this ruby for about 1,000 gold, depending where you are at. If you go back and defeat him again you can get several rubies and several thousand gold within five minutes of game time. He also drops money sometimes. It is also an easy way to get experience points with your skill level if you use your bow. Make sure that when you are shooting him that you stay at the end of the bridge; he throws rocks and they may hit you if you are too close. He should go down after five to ten hits with your bow. Try to hit him in the stomach, where you will deal more damage.
Lake: Key: Go up the hill to the right when you enter the Greatwood Lake area.

Keys: Search her Lady Grey's bed after marrying her to find a key.
Keys (2): There is a fishing spot near the Demon Door at the Grey House area.
Easy Strength experience: After marrying Lady Grey in the Mayor quest, go to her house at night. She should be in her bedroom. Lock onto her using L and punch her repeatedly. She will not die, and you can keep hitting her. Each punch yields one Strength experience point times your combat multiplier. Your combat multiplier will go up quickly. Once it reaches 50, you will be gaining 50 Strength experience points per punch. Note: This much easier if you back her into a crevice. It is possible to get 70,000 Strength experience points in about thirty minutes.


Key: There is a fishing location in the pond in the Guild Woods.

Demon Door: Use the lantern in front of the door and it will open for you. You will receive an Elixir Of Life.

Easy experience: Go to the Hobbe Cave and kill all the Hobbes in the entrance area. Then, go back outside and kill the Troll. You should get upwards of 1,000 general experience and about 500 Strength experience if you use melee, and about 400 Skill experience if you used arrows. Try getting Ronok the Axe first, though; it kills the little Sorcerer Hobbes in one hit.
Easy experience (2): In order to do this trick well, you will need a high amount of Will energy (at about level 4), plenty of Will Potions, and Force Push. Go to the Hobbe Caves and run around doing Force Push. You will get Will experience with every hit, and since there are so many of them and Force Push is weak, you will hit them a lot before they all die. It is possible to get as much as 5,000 Will experience plus about that much General experience just in the entrance, as well as a very high combat multiplier. Alternate between the entrance and the main chamber to rack it up.

Key: Break into the lighthouse and search the cabinet near the steps to find a key.
Easy experience: On the second time you go to Hook Coast, there are Screamers flying around. You can do the following trick with whichever type of character you desire, however it is best with an archer. Go to the left towards the lighthouse. Shoot and kill the Screamer at the house you can buy, then go towards the lighthouse and kill the one there. If you go just far enough (with an archer), you can turn around and the one at the house will respawn. You can kill it, then turn around again and shoot the other one and repeat the process. It is possible to get your experience multiplier over 80, and get up 150,000 experience points from both spawns. After killing about twelve in each area, get enough to max out everything and you are set. For a melee type character, you cannot get above a 30 multiplier, but you still get around 1,800 experience points every time you kill one.
Easy money: As soon as you can get to Hook Coast in the storyline, there is a tavern game called Shove Ha'penny. Bid a small amount of gold so you can practice first, then start bidding 1,000 gold per game. After you move the coin to either side (they can bump each other) pull back on the Left Analog-stick until the arrow is just below the 2 point line. If you look carefully, you can see the grain of the wood making a line at about that area. If you put the tip of the arrow on that line, you should land in either the 5 or 10 point areas all the time, giving you 20 points or more every game. You are now winning 1,000 gold as fast as you can finish a game.
High combat multiplier: Play the mission towards the end of the game where you travel to Hook Coast to rumble with Maze. Make sure you have Slow Time, Physical Shield and Multi Hit pumped up. You will also need about 99 Will Potions. Start the mission, and you will notice ghost-like things flying around. Some of them will respawn without limit. Use Physical Shield, Slow Time, then Multi Hit them repeatedly, using Will Potions as needed. It is possible to get your combat multiplier over 100 by doing this.

Key: Go just outside of Knothold Glade. There is a fishing spot in the large lake where you fight the white Balverine for the final time.
Demon Door: Shoot this door with a bow at least as powerful as the Ebony Bow. You get an Elixir Of Life for opening it.
Demon Door (2): This Demon Door requires that you shoot it with a bow of at least Ebony quality. Instead of buying one for over 19,000 gold, complete the Arena and gain access to Bowerstone North. If you go out the northwest gate from Bowerstone North to Bowerstone Jail, you can find an Ebony Longbow in a chest in that first screen. You will get an Elixir Of Life in here, which is definitely something you can wait until you find the free one before getting.
White Balverine Quest: You can get all of the Elixirs of Life your character can use if you open the Demon Door while doing the White Balverine Quest. However, this is not necessary since you can already get them in the Orchard Farm quest. However, you can acquire three other items. If you fish in the pond immediately after killing the White Balverine, you can get a Will Master's Elixir. If you take a right when leaving Knothole Glade in pursuit of the White Balverine, just before you step on the bridge you can get an Emerald from the chest. Then, after the second attack by the White Balverine, you can get a Silver Augmentation. Granted, you can do things such as stealing items from the village and running out before you die, then when you kill the White Balverine you will have all of those items as well. When you have killed the White Balverine you can end up with all of the experience and money so far, a Will Master's Elixir, a Silver Augmentation, and an Emerald. If you already have a bow of Ebony or Master's quality when you begin the quest, you can have an Elixir of Life as well. Use any Elixirs you found on the quest, perform a Hero Save, then load that file. You will be just outside Knothole Glade before the White Balverine mission began, and will still have your Silver Augmentation and Emerald. Note: Elixirs do not carry over in a Hero save, but their effects do. You can do this as many times as desired before taking the White Balverine's head back to Knothole Glade to end the mission.
Increase Evil alignment: If you do not mind being extremely evil after you complete the game and have the Last Sword, go to Knothole Glade and go on a killing spree. After about an hour, you will have plenty of experience and Evil points.
Easy stealing: After the "break the siege" mission in Knothole Glade, before you leave town there will be little to no guards as well as NPCs. You can go to an armory or tattoo shop and steal everything from it without anyone seeing you. This includes one or two augmentations in the armory.

Key: Slash the brambles away to find a path that leads to a key.

Keys: Search the tomb of Scoran Daith to find a key.
Keys (2): Dig up the grave of Mary Sutter to find another key.
Keys (3): There is a fishing spot for a key in the center of the cemetery quest.

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